Best 3D Printer Under 5000 for the Year 2022

Do you have a budget of 5000? Wondering which 3D printer should you buy? So you know which printer can serve you with the highest resolution? Go ahead for the answers!

Yes, it is frustrating when you have no idea from where and which brand you should buy. Particularly with 3D printers because it is not easy to lock the purchase of a 3D printer and of course every printer is not your cup of tea. Right?

A wrong investment is not only a headache but it tends to be a downfall for your professionalism and reputation, so no need to show any negligence in selection.

Anyhow, we are here to help you out because we have a reliable collection for you that falls on the list of 5000 or under 5000. So cheer up, review our list, and hook the one for you and enjoy 3D printing that is completely fun, dreamy, and futuristic.

If you are running out of time and don’t want to review the entire list, no need to get into trouble, simply read our top-pick, R QIDI i Fast 3D Printer because we are sure you will like its award-winning features. The features of this best 3D printer under 5000 include great build, less setup time, faster speed, comfortable use, user-friendly design, and whatnot.

Here we also have a comparison table for your assistance and you can crack the table to overview the quick features of 3D printers under 5000 dollars.

Best 3D Printer Under 5000 – Comparison Table

Best 3D Printer Under 5000FeaturesPrice
R QIDI i Fast 3D PrinterDual-extruder print size: 330×250×320mm
Weight: 93.5 pounds
Check Price
Dremel 3D45-01Leveling system: 9-Point
Touchscreen Size: 4.5-Inch
Check Price
MakerBot ReplicatorPower requirements: 100-240 V
Camera Resolution: 640 x 480
Check Price
LulzBot TAZItem Weight: 43 Pounds
Temperature For Hot End: 300-Degree
Check Price
Robo R2 SmartScreen Size: 5-Inch
Print speed: Up to 16 mm3/s
Check Price
Snapmaker 3D PrinterPrint size: 230 x 250 x 235 mm
Weight: 34 Pounds
Check Price

1. R QIDI i Fast 3D Printer – Best FDM 3D Printer Under $5000



This top-notch R QIDI TECHNOLOGY is a fast, industrial-grade 3D printer that is why it is our top pick. This superbly built printer gives you the printing speed like no one else has. The printer support for almost every type gives you an excellent user experience.

This printer is not only cool in looks but also capable of printing with all kinds of filaments which are suitable for FDM 3D printers. The materials include PLA+, PLA, PETG, Nylon, ABS, and so on.

The style and elegance of this printer are matchless; its sturdy build makes it unique from others.


This remarkable I Fast 3D printer also features a heated chamber, which is capable of heating up to 60 degrees. with this much heat, it produces excellent robust manufacturing-grade parts.

The printing speed is increased up to 2% more than previous models, and prints comfortably at 100cc in an hour. You are free to manufacture the complex part as Qidi iFast is packed with an automatic dual extruder, which adjusts left, and right extruder to up and down as per the software requirement.

With its PVA water solvent support, it is perfect to print manufacturing level parts having complex structures, and also realize precision manufacturing without much difficulty. One amazing thing is that i Fast is also equipped with a single ruby extruder.

This 3D printer is durable and smoother when compared to stainless steel nozzles. The dual extruder is already installed in it, giving you a print size of 330×250×320mm. You print the print size of 360×250×320 mm by switching it to the single extruder. Choose according to your needs.

  • Provide two modes.
  • Support various filaments.
  • Superbly built.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • No cons.

Final Verdict:

You can choose from normal mode or either expert mode because of its QIDI slicing software. Normal mode is best for novices, and expert mode is ideal for experienced users. so we suggest you don’t miss this printer that has this many facilities. Spend some money, and make 3D printing like never before. Indeed, it’s the best 3D printer under 5000.

2. Dremel 3D45-01 – Best 3D Printer 2020 Under $5000

Dremel 3D45-01 Direct-Driver Filament Extruder 3D Printer


To enjoy hassle-free and convenient 3D printing, this Dremel printer will be your best partner. The award-winning design, user-friendly style, and sturdy construction are the never-missed products. The straightforward style of this best 3D printer is great for beginners as well as professionals.

This printer comes fully assembled so if you are a starter or a professional, no need to worry about it, it comes with every necessary part, which you can use in 3D printing. Specially designed for heavy-duty projects, easy-to-read guide, superb features, top-class quality. So, simply unbox this elegant machine and start printing in less than a minute.


The reliable extruder powers the engine and clog-resistance design delivers smooth 3D models. This high-end extruder can heat up to 280 degrees to show flexibility with different printing materials.

Along with this, it is also equipped with a filament run-out detection feature. Whenever your printer runs out of filament, the printer resumes printing and starts again when reloading the filaments.

For even taking printing to heights, it has a built-in automatic Leveling Sensor which adds precision leveling for making prints of top-class. The automated 9-point leveling Sensor detects variations in the print bed and resolves them to remove hurdles in printing.

The built-in high-quality HD camera gives you easy to monitor printing progress and is also helpful for remote print monitoring. You can watch print-progression on your tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. To navigate the printer settings, and functions, this one has a 4.5inches color touchscreen.

You can easily print with this best 3D printer under 5000 and can place it even at sensitive places as this is a quiet printer that does not create noise even when you are doing heavy tasks.

  • Provides a built-in camera.
  • Includes RFID tagging.
  • Support number of materials.
  • Do not accept more aftermarket filament.

Final Verdict:

The Dremel 3D45-01 brings you the best value to the table to make it a perfect 3D printer under $5000. This award-winning printer is surely trustable, so close your eyes and pick this one, which is providing you with reliable and excellent printing.

3. MakerBot Replicator

MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer, with swappable Smart Extruder


Introducing another class of printing which is known as 3D printing. So, if you are also a 3D artist then surely looking for a reliable, professional, and powerful printer, what should be the better choice than our MakerBot Replicator.

This beautiful machine allows you to keep it on your desk, but it is not suggested to work in an office, as it is a little loud and annoying. The Replicator open-framed 3D printer is packed in a glossy casing, equipped with an onboard camera on one of the pillars, and also carries a built-in spool holder at the back.

This machine is supported with a colored LCD interface, which is operated via a knob and gives it a stylish, and cool look.


Specifically designed by keeping engineers and designers in mind, built with sturdier construction, 25% bigger volume, and better print adhesion. This printer is equipped with all ease to use features, and Smart Extruder.

The printer is also compatible with MakerBot’s Slate Gray Tough PLA filament bundle, which is mostly used by engineers. The build plate is not heated and is limited only to PLA, and tough PLA filaments. Professionals can create durable, high-strength prototypes using its slate gray filament bundle.

This 3D printer is a house full of technology that allows you to spend most of the time focusing on part design, not on the printing process. supported by Wi-Fi connectivity, camera,z-homing build plate, this is what all 3D printing needs.

  • Tested by CDC NIOSH.
  • Front-facing filament drawer.
  • Detects jams.
  • Support only PLA and PLA filament.

Final Verdict:

Printer from the recognized brand, ready to fulfill all your 3D printing needs. available at a reasonable price and shape, so fix it in your large office, and start printing to give 3D a real shape. This sturdy build device comes with all necessary MakerBot workflow tools.

4. LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer


So you are a tinkerer who needs a 3D printer of top-quality. One of the popular 3D printers for tinkerers is available at this price range making it the best. What makes the LulzBot TAZ 6 printer easy-breezy, is the integrated power supply, self-cleaning, self-leveling, and tetherless printing.

You know what, this 3D printer remains steady while printing just because of its aluminum frame. This remarkable machine is built with an onboard interface, present at the top of the power box. You don’t have to expect too much from this LCD interface, as it is just a basic LCD.


Starting the 3D printer takes about just 30 minutes, but it takes an hour to come out of the box. Load the starting filament by attaching all the parts, go through the initial configuration. The start-up time is less than the previous device. The bed leveling is just a piece of cake and software installation is as cool as a cucumber.

Have you ever seen the detailed instruction manual in this price range? certainly No, Guess what? This LulzBot 3D printer provides installation like a walk in the park because of its manual which shows detailed steps of installation. there is no need to go through the Youtube videos.

Enjoy the clean, superb, convenient, and reliable printing of the same level as you can experience in other 3D printers. The TAZ 6 is compatible with a number of filament types which include, PL, ABS, PVA, Nylon, HIPS, and others.

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Less noisy.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Superb print quality.
  • No Wi-Fi support.
  • Not best at maintaining temperature.

Final Verdict:

Although it looks like a DIY printer that is made for professional printing also, still there is no need to mount it from the ground, as it comes assembled fully. It needs little tinkering at the initial process and enjoys long-lasting trouble-free printing through its sturdy components.

5. Robo R2 Smart 3D Printer

Robo R2 Smart Assembled 3D Printer with WiFi


This best-in-class printer is from award-winning makers and is so good that even people are ready to pay for more. With Robo R2 you will experience a reliable, smart, and easy printer as it has a nozzle temperature of 290 degrees.

So if you want bigger prints, be ready to receive them as this printer can easily print up to 8” x 8” x 10” (197 x 197 x 254 mm) build volume. This 3D printer has cool looks and is 25% bigger in size than normal printers.


The print layer height ranges from 300-20 microns making the Robo R2 the best printer or print quality that touches the skies. This exceptional printer is enclosed on all sides but not from the top, where the filament comes in from the spool holder at the back. The temperature regulating the ability of this printer is matchless no matter if the top is covered or not.

To make 3D printing convenient and hassle-free this has a 5-inch touchscreen interface at the base. This interface is a one-stop hub that allows you to do a number of other things, just use your fingers, and give commands, for instance, start, stop, and monitor the print jobs easily.

You can also store up to 500 3D models as it has 4GB of storage. This much storage space makes it an ideal choice for professionals who have huge tasks to finish on time. Besides all this printer also has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can download the Robo app. simply connect your Robo 2, and here you go. Print directly to a 3D printer using a tablet or phone.

  • Removable print bed.
  • Supported with Apple, and macOS.
  • Touchscreen interface.
  • Too loud.

Final Verdict:

The next-generation Robo 2 3D printer allows you to save all your beautiful models in your google drive or dropbox, access them using the Robo app. a printer that provides a faster printing speed of 250mm per second, and also produces the largest print volume at this price range.

6. Snapmaker 3D Printer

Snapmaker 3D Printer


You will be pleased to see the 3-in-1 printer which makes your 3D models wonderful. Exerting full potential to make 3D printing better than expected. The printer is built with everything you need. From its 3 models, we are here with Snapmaker A250.

The Snapmaker 3D printer allows you to print large prototypes and numerous smaller objects on the go. A 250 is ready to make 230 x 250 x 235 mm, size print volume. A system of powerful modules is just designed for professionals, so, if you need more features, try our other models also.


The Snapmaker is equipped with a proximity sensor that gives you auto-leveling. This printer has the ability to automatically calibrate the heat bed. You can switch to manual mode whenever needed.

The touchscreen of this exceptional printer allows you to stop the printer when you face a power outage as it has a power loss recovery feature. Another amazing thing is its filament recovery runout sensor so we stop the machine when filament runs out. Put new filaments and with a touchscreen, resume your printing.

Not only 3D printing you can also do laser engraving, CNC cravings, and cutting. Snapmaker is more powerful than ever as the users are allowed to print, crave, and engrave objects in high resolution. Its homing repeatability is 0.01mm, and machine repeatability is about 0.005 mm.

The Snapmaker software Luban works with our 3-in-1, which is specially made for the Snapmaker machines. This is a powerful software to tackle all printing tasks, tutorials, and API. You can add new features to your existing modules. It also gives you the ease to develop new things.

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  • Built-in camera.
  • Filament runout recovery.
  • Support multi-materials.
  • Few flaws in software.

Final Verdict:

So do you want to miss this machine that provides you safety goggles, autofocus, power loss recovery feature, and much more? Surely the answer is no, as it is difficult to find everything in one machine. Why miss this opportunity, grab it now, and make 3D models a reality.

Ultimate Buying Guide to Get the Best 3D Printer Under 5000

If you are wondering for the best 3D printer under 5000 then our above-mentioned products are best for you; if you still want a few more options, the market is flooding with 3D printers under 5000. For this, you must know what are the crucial factors that you should find in your printer.

Below we have discussed the top important factors that you should always consider while investing in 3D printers.

Materials Support

In 3D printing, commonly used printers are PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid), and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which come as the filaments of printers, and are replaceable also. The high-end printers are supported by more materials such as PC, Nylon, PP, PETG, Glass fiber infused, TPU, HIPS, TPE, Metal fill, carbon fiber infused, and even Wood Fill.


3D printing is used to meet various needs of users, while prices range from 500 to 5000$. Obviously, a 1000 or 3000$ not had the same benefits as a 5000$. They are used for the production of materials, for example, metal, while desktop printers are mostly used for making simple prototypes. The 3D printers available in this article are best for professionals, and engineers, as they cover multiple possibilities.

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Print Speed

Measured in mm/second, print speed is totally dependent on the type of machine, but also on the wished print quality. So if you want to print an object with an accuracy of 10 microns, it takes more time than the printer having an accuracy of 300 microns.

Print Bed

The print bed is another thing to consider. It may be heated, or non-heated. Keep in mind that ABS filament needs a heated bed, while PLA can be operated with a non-heated bed. It totally depends on the material you are going to use to see if the bed is pliable, otherwise, there is a chance of damage to the end -product.

Single or Multiple Extrusion

The extrusion head is known as the print head of your 3D printer. A single extruder will be sufficient if you want to print in one color at a time. On the other hand, if you want to print in two colors, then go for a printer with two extruders. You can use PLA, and PVA for your object with dual extrusion. Printing in two colors or materials is more difficult to set up than a simple one where you need to do less clean surface renderings.


Remember the 3D printer works with heated plastics. They may burn your skin. The bed and extruders also can get hot, so take care of them also. Additionally, the fumes produced by the heated plastic can also be dangerous for you. To avoid these hazards, make sure to use the printer in a large well-ventilated area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have also mentioned the answers to commonly asked questions; you can also read them for assistance.

What 3D printer under 5000 should I buy in 2022?

If you are looking for the best printer for 2022, you should invest in Raise3D E2; its best-selling ratio has increased its value and success in the market. The resolution, touch screen, interface, and setup of this printer are marvelous.

What is the best budget 3D printer for 2022?

In the cheap printer industry, the most stunning printer is Flashforge’s entry-level machine, it’s a great product at the cheapest price. Do you know the price of Flashforge Finder? It is under $500.

Are 3D printers under 5000 a waste of money?

No not all, the 3D printers are not a waste of money, the features they serve the users are more than a dream. They are the most innovative printers based on the futuristic approach, so they even get old in the next few decades.

What is the best 3D printer for the price?

Da Vinci mini Maker is an outstanding 3D printer; it’s accurate even for beginners; it’d lightweight and compact size made it very convenient. it can be adjusted even at a smaller place. You can use it right after taking it out of the box; it’s fully assembled.

Final Words

3D printers are useful as you can use them to get prints of your favorite object; if you were in search of a 3D printer under 5000, this article has a lot for you. We have listed the top six 3D printers that are reliable, durable, and pay off their price.

You can also take your 3D printer to make your office, school, and daily life printing possible. Trust me these printers are truly realistic!

If you get any confusion after reviewing the products, you can also crack out a buying guide, it will surely satisfy your every confusion.

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