10 Best Dual Extruder 3D Printer in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

We are all more than aware of what a 3D printer is. This magical machine can create 3D structures or prototypes for you out of thin air, just with the help of melting plastic or filament. Within no time, you have the magic dream of yours in an unavoidable reality you can use any filament to touch and feel and see with your own two eyes. The best dual extruder 3D printers are genuinely a gift to the general public by makers.

The problem that people face when buying and investing in a 3D printer is that often they will settle for a 3D printer that has only one dual extruder meaning that only one type of filament can come in handy for usage with it, which does not only limit the person from the endless possibilities but also the lesser quality of prints and prints that could potentially stop you from wowing people.

In a hurry? Feel free to check out our top 3 best dual extruder 3D printers:

The best investment, in this case, is a dual extruder 3D printer, which can allow you to use two types or two different materials of filaments to print out anything you desire. It can bring your aesthetic dreams to life, as well as add the content of agility, durability, and a rounded, perfect prototype produced at the end. Dual extruders are far better than mono extruders.

That is why you must take the correct steps not to buy a printer that you will end up massively regretting. So, therefore, we have saved you the hassle and instead given you the top 10 best dual extruder 3D printers. Otherwise, you can also look at our highest-rated printer, the Sindoh – 3D1AQ 3D Printer which comes paired with the best materials and the best features.

Best Dual Extruder 3D Printer 2022

Now we can move on to the comparison chart made by us for you so you can choose the best dual extruder 3D printer for you.

Best Dual Extruder 3D PrinterFeaturesPrice
Flash Forge 3D Printer6.3 mm thick metal plate Check Price
Geeetech A10M 3D PrinterMarlin branded firmware Check Price
BIBO 3D PrinterDuplicate print Check Price
TENLOG TL-D3 3D PrinterSilent motherboard Check Price
Flash Forge Dreamer 3d PrinterSlicing software comes with it Check Price
Geeetech - GIANTARM A10TComes 95% assembled Check Price
Sindoh - 3D1AQ 3D PrinterOpen Source filament feature Check Price
Ultimaker S5 3D PrinterPrint Core system with it Check Price
HICTOP Tenlog D3 3D PrinterAny filament can be used Check Price
Monoprice 130526 3D PrinterAuto resume feature Check Price

1. FlashForge 3D Printer

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

We will kick things off slowly by introducing you to the first 3D printer on our list, the Flashforge 3D printer, a perfect combination of durability and the ideal 3D printer that money can currently buy you. It comes paired with some of the best features that you cant find in some of the other conventional printers present in the market.

The first feature that we will talk about is the longtime warranty that FlashForge provides you with, which means endless hours of support supplied by Flash Forge support, as well as their online 24/7 assistance supporting you and being by your side the entire time, is just what a beginner 3D printer enthusiast needs. This feature will make sure that you never run into any problems and have an excellent experience.

The second element that we will discuss is the metal frame with which the Flash Forge 3D printer got built. As they claim, it is even more potent than the last frame that they used to make the original printer, meaning it will last you an even longer time if this is the second product that you are buying from the flash forge company. It is sure to make you a satisfied customer and have your side.

Another great feature that this Flash Forge Printer holds is a plate that is 6.3 mm thick, which means that even after a lot of heating, your dish will not warp, which results in a perfectly symmetrical print of yours, and one which is safe from any bending or warping and potentially ruining your profit in the long run otherwise.

  • Excellent tech support.
  • Easy to sue.
  • Perfect product for beginners.
  • Needs help of Simplify 3D.


In all essence, we can safely say that the flash forge 3D printer is one that you should invest in and will be highly worth it in the long run.

2. Geeetech A10M 3D Printer

Geeetech A10M 3D Printer

The second product in our list of reviews is one of the best dual extruder 3D printers ever. Have you ever had the problem of going to the market and settling for the first printer you see? Well, this printer is for purchase. If you see it at first glance and buy it, you will never regret it. Therefore it is a perfect printer that we will tell you about.

Taking into account one of the first features that we will take part is that the dual extruder which comes embedded inside of the printer allows you to use two different types of filaments with it, allowing you to produce four different types of finish, including single color, as well as a gradient form of finish with your final prototype, which brings the idea of aesthetic to life.

The next feature that we will talk about is easy usability. It has a marlin branded firmware meaning that you will face near to no problems with accessing your print design online, and the printer also claimed to be highly stable and support an auto-leveling feature, which allows it to self-automated, allowing it to stabilize itself, saving you from any extra human effort put in.

Another great feature that the printer boasts is the filament detector. This feature allows the printer to figure out when your printer has run out of filament and inform you with a sudden beep, telling you to either order a new one or figure out another way. This feature saves you any further hassle of ruining your print in one way or another, which could be a potential issue with traditional 3D printers.

  • Claims to have excellent adhesion.
  • Pretty easy to use.
  • Promotes safety.
  • Difficulty in assembly.


All in all, this is a worth it purchase that you won’t ever regret buying, and therefore it is worth it to head over to its website and check it out and consider buying it.

3. BIBO 3D Printer

BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Sturdy Frame

The following product on the list that we will discuss is the 3D printer with a dual extruder included in it; this product is sure to bring a smile to your face as you see your print come to life. The features that it supports are sure to make your photos come to life and make the entire purchase worth it in the end, with near to zero cons stopping you from going out and making the big step.

The first feature that we will talk about is a touchscreen that comes included with the 3D printer, which fully allows you to customize and access all the endless settings that the 3D printer supports, and this will enable you to access any dimensions of your 3D prints and change them if you feel the need to, in the end making the print utterly personalized and unique for you.

Another great feature that this 3D printer supports is the obvious dual extruder that we have mentioned in this entire article; it’s the main title. But yes, this feature allows you to use two different kinds of filaments for your printer. Therefore, if you own a small company or even a large company, this can increase sales as customers prefer different and unique designs.

If you are the owner of a business in which you need a lot of inventory at one time, often, then the next feature will blow your mind. The quality is the dual print method, which allows you to print copies of your print at the same time, which will split your time in half and reduce extra time spent in your office and more time spent bonding with your children or your family, meaning more money in the end.

  • High print quality is guaranteed.
  • Promotes safety.
  • Easy to use.
  • None really.


So to say, the dual extruder should be reason enough for you to buy the product, as your company could massively benefit it and you could make more sales, so make sure to check it out!

4. TENLOG TL-D3 3D Printer

TENLOG TL-D3 Pro Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The following product you will read is the TENLOG 3D PRINTER, another great item on this list that promises to deliver on all of its claims, making it one of the highest-rated products on amazon. Looking away from the small cons that it may have, it is normal for any 3D printer to have minor issues; other than that, this is easily one of the perfect 3D printers available under 2000.

The first feature that you will see is that it comes equipped with a glass bed that comes made of borosilicate; this allows you to remove the prototype in the end properly. As well as this, the glass bed heats up quickly so that heat transfers across the entire print of better quality, as well as adhering to the bed even better so that it doesn’t move during the process.

The next feature in reading is the motherboard, which is utterly silent, which means that no one in your family will interrupt you during printing, as it will ensure that it will not produce a lot of sound during the actual printing process. And low noise levels essentially also make it a lot safer to use the 3D printer as it won’t produce many sounds.

The metal scraper paired with the 3D printer is perfect for scooping the final design after you come done fully completing the 3D printing. It allows for safer removal of your final print and, therefore, also allows you to clean up any extra filament that may have split on the side, saving you time as well extra hassle in the long run.

  • Easy on your wallet.
  • Perfect buy for beginners.
  • Saves you time.
  • Safety issues.


If you were searching for a printer that will make your printing process more accessible, then you have arrived and read about the perfect 3D printer for cosplay in existence.

5. Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

Flashforge Dreamer Dual Extruder 3d Printer

The next feature that we will talk about is the flash forge 3D printer, a brand favorite because of how amazing the products of the flash forge are. The 3D printer that we will review right now is one of the highest-rated in its production and one of the best models to invest in. If you are looking to buy a 3D printer, looking away from the spool issues, let’s get on with it.

The first feature that we need to look at is the high-end framing work done to the printer. The body frame comes made of a rigid, durable thermoplastic, which means that it is not only durable but also means that it will hold in insulation for more extended periods of time, so if your print design needs a long time to print, you can rest assured that the machine will well warm up your print.

The next feature that we will discuss right now is the software that comes assisted with the 3D printer itself; it is a slicing software that can allow you to change the dimensions of the software of your design, as well as turn it into thousands of 2D layers, so your printer knows to build from the base up. In this way, it works for the perfect layer and gives you an overall good quality print.

Another great feature that the 3D printer boasts is that the chamber which comes with the 3D printer is fully closable, meaning not only does it insulate the product well, taking lesser time to print, but there is also the safety benefit as in that if any issue does occur with the 3D printer nothing will explode. All the damage will be sure to stay inside and not hurt anyone around the premises of the 3D printer.

  • It gives a good quality resolution.
  • Assisted with perfect slicing software.
  • Easy on the wallet.
  • Issues with the spool.


Words to the wise, this is a 3D printer that will leave an impact on your life and will be your support for years to come. So it is highly recommended by us for you to check out.

6. Geeetech – GIANTARM A10T 3D Printer

Geeetech - GIANTARM A10T Upgraded 3D Printer with Three Extruders

Another superb 3D printer that we intend to tell you about now is the Geeetech 3D printer. We talked about another 3D printer by the same company before in this review too, and there is a reason the company is here again Geeetech has some of the best budget 3D printers in line. Some of the features that this 3D printer features will make you fall in love with its simplicity and complexity.

One of the best elements of this 3D printer is the ability to print even when there are sudden bursts of power outrages; for example, let’s say that you live in an area where you might experience a lot of load shedding and power outs, this 3D printer will have zero issues. It will speed up the printing process if anything goes wrong power-wise, therefore, saving your precious time.

Another great feature that this 3D printer promises and then delivers on are that the setup process is undeniably accessible, as 95% of the 3D printer already comes assembled in the factory, all you need to put together is the necessary screws, and once you read the instruction manual that should be more than easy to do, therefore reducing time wasted and more efficient 3D printing on your way.

The following fantastic feature that we talk about is the feature where it can prevent itself or burst, as 3D printers require high amounts of power to function, this 3D printer has two separate fuse boxes, preparing itself for the worst even though it is one of the safest printers out there, therefore the safety feature allows you to even bring your pets or children near it to view the process.

  • Great value for money.
  • Leveling is easy.
  • Promotes safety.
  • None really.


Therefore we can quickly tell you that the Geeetech 3D printer is a great buy and is worth checking out or possibly investing in.

7. Sindoh – 3D1AQ 3D Printer

Sindoh - 3D1AQ - 3DWOX 1 3D Printer

The following 3D printer that we talk about is the Sindoh 3D printer; the printer boasts some severe features and tells you that it will make your 3D printing process a breeze to get through and will make you happy that you tried to invest in the said 3D printer.

The first feature that we talk about is that the Sindoh 3D printer is that you are not limited to just the filaments that are provided to you by the Sindoh company; instead, you are also free, with the Opensource feature, you can use a 3rd party filament with it, therefore allowing you to use any filaments free.

Another great feature that we will tell you about is the feature that is the best; the metal bed allows your print to stay in place and not move around like it would with traditional 3D printers and therefore allowing for a more stable prototype production at the end of your 3D printing process.

The following award-winning feature that we will discuss now is that the HEPA filter which comes included prevents the small filament particles from getting into the air and instead sucks them back in, saving you any flu if you are allergic to dusty particles, saving you not only money but also on your health.

  • Not complex to use.
  • Best features included.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Issues with filament.


Let’s say that telling you that this 3D printer is only sound is an understatement; we recommend that you look at its specs and if you like it, then maybe invest in it.

8. Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

As we move down, the following product on our list, and hopefully soon on your list too, is the Ultimaker S5 3D Printer, which comes paired with some of the best features you will ever see paired with a 3D printer this compact of size. For this amount of money, this is undoubtedly a good investment.

The first feature that we’ll talk about right now is the ease of printing that it provides you with. With the heated bed that it supports, you are sure to receive a well-rounded final prototype due to the heating spreading all around the design evenly, smoothing out any imperfections.

Another feature that we ought to discuss is the print core system that comes supported with the duality of this 3D printer, which allows you to switch out the hot ends one by one, making it not only extremely safe but also the perfect use for developed, fast processed printing and therefore making your design outlet even better than before.

The water solubility feature will allow your 3D printer to figure out the complex designs of your print and, therefore, find out any fine details that would otherwise be too complex for simple 3D printers to handle. Consequently, combined with the complexity and easy usability of this printer make it is worthwhile.

  • Works best with nylon, PLA.
  • The ease of use is astounding.
  • The usability of the touchscreen is easy.
  • Difficult setting up Z-axis.


We can eagerly say that this is one of the best purchases you will make considering all of its exquisite features, you are sure to fall in love with this.

9. HICTOP Tenlog D3 3D Printer

HICTOP Tenlog D3 pro 3D Printer

Let’s continue with the following product that is now officially in front of us, and it is the Tenlog 3D printer, which is another excellent, worthy opponent to its competitors, with features like multi print, as well as safety features that combine to make this a superb 3D printer under 1000.

The first printer wrought checking out is that it comes with an LCD high definition touchscreen that you can easily use to access all the different configurations present on the 3D printer, and discover all the hidden easter eggs that this company offers.

Another great feature of this 3D printer is that it can print with nearly any material that renders its way. PLA, IBS, wood, and nylon can handle everything and give you the finest of prototypes, in the end, ensuring that you will have a satisfying experience and there won’t be one moment of regret.

The next feature worth mentioning other than the dual extruder is that it offers a duplicate and a mirror prototype option, meaning that you can duplicate your prints which is highly beneficial for your small business. You can mirror your image or even use different types of filaments.

  • Excellent tech support team.
  • Relatively easy to figure out.
  • The packaging is excellent.
  • Issues with instructions.


We can say that this is one of the best printers out there and that you should buy it.

10. Monoprice 130526 3D Printer

Monoprice 130526 Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The final product featured on your list is the Monoprice 3D Printer, which is yet another fantastic product that is highly worth checking out. It comes packed with features like enclosed chambers, an auto-resume function, and a dual extruder. So let’s get started with the review.

The first feature that we will do the honors of telling you about is the enclosed chambers that come paired with his 3D printer; the inclusion ensures that insulation remains inside the 3D printer itself, making sure that even the finest of details are secure don’t get ruined.

Another great feature that this 3D printer feature is the auto-resume feature, which, as we featured in one of our other products in this review list, will easily be able to continue printing even when you are away from the house, and the power comes back on so ensuring you get your final product.

Another feature of this is the obvious dual extruders, which f you don’t know what they are. They will allow you to use two different filament materials to add details and further enhance your polypores, so if you own a business, it will boost your sales.

  • Calibration is straightforward.
  • Versatile printer for different uses.
  • Perfect for students and professionals.
  • It is highly recommended.
  • None really.


Let’s conclude this by convincing you to buy this printer. It is highly worthwhile, and the auto-resume feature should be enough to convince you. So buy it!

The Best Dual Extruder 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide

Now we will further look at the buying guide for the best dual extruder 3D printer that should convince you further if you weren’t already.


The first thing to note when deciding to buy a 3D printer is whether the print speed is good; buy a dual extruder printer with high print speeds.


Look for a dual extruder 3D printer that can duplicate your prints, as it will come in essential for your small business or a more prominent company.


Look for a printer with a more robust frame; it doesn’t matter if it is glass, plastic, or metal, make sure it’s of high quality; this will make your results better, and the printer will be way more stable.

Filament Compatibility

Make sure your 3D printer can support different types of filaments like PLA or nylon. The entire purpose of a dual extruder 3D printer is to use two other filaments to print.


Your 3D printer should have the support to produce highly durable prints and will last you a long time; if it can’t support it, then don’t buy that 3D printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dual extruders worth it?

Yes, they are; dual extruders grant you the freedom to completely personalize and increase the overall quality of your prototypes, as well as make them more durable.

What is the cheapest dual-extruder 3D printer?

There are a ton of choices for inexpensive 3D printers for the sake of your wallet, but in our opinion, the Geeetech A10M 3D Printer is the cheapest and the best dual extruder 3D printer out there.

Are dual extruder printers faster?

Yes, they for sure are, as they save you the hassle of having to load another filament over and over, and they typically have higher printing speeds, so yes.

What is a dual extrusion printer?

In simple terms, a 3D printer owns the ability to use two different types and materials of filaments to make highly detailed final prototypes.


So to say, dual extruder printers are one of the best inventions of humanity. Therefore it is better to take as much advantage as you can of them.

So, you are now officially guided enough to go out by yourself, invest in the best dual extruder 3D printer you can find, and get to printing and make your dream designs come to life.

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