Best Inkjet Printer for CD DVD Printing in 2022

Best inkjet printer for CD DVD printer is an important need nowadays for everyone. A CD DVD printer is a fabulous choice for high-quality printings with a clear image, from small personal printing to heavy industrial tasks.

These printers make you able for CD and DVD or blue rays labels for highest quality printing. It is mostly used by filmmakers, music creators, or video makers. Business owners require it, and if you want to make such printing, we suggest buying your printer then hiring an agency.

The reason is that purchasing your printer is much more beneficial than hiring an agency. It saves your cost on basic terms and makes it able to print documents according to your need and requirements. Using it, you can create your labels and select the most attractive one at the end. So, buy the best inkjet printer for a CD DVD printer and catch beautiful memories.

In a hurry? Feel free to check out our top 3 picks:

5 Best Inkjet Printer for CD DVD Printing Reviews

Best Inkjet Printer for CD DVD PrintingPrice
Canon Office and Business MX922 Check Price
Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Check Price
Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 Check Price
Canon TS9020 Check Price
Epson XP-830 Wireless Check Price

1. Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer

Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer


  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology: USB
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Color: Black/sienna
  • Dimension: 4 x 9.1 x 15.6 inches

When it comes to knowing about high performance with affordable budget printers, this Canon Office and Business MX922 is an excellent choice. With a 35 sheet auto feeder feature, you can easily print on CD DVDs in minimum time. Its connectivity options make it one of the ideal brand-enhancing its flexibility. It means you can connect it with Google Drive, Google docs, apps, software, and dropbox without security and privacy issues. In addition, you can also connect it with social media platforms. Here are some more features which make it an ideal choice among many other computers of the same price and size.

Important Features

Ready to Use Printer

Due to auto feeder and memory card slots, this device is just ready to use for everyone. You don’t need to spend hours installing. Its CD and DVD blue rays make perfect printing images. In addition, it facilitates Wireless LAN and Google cloud print. Even a newbie can use this printer without facing any issue due to the eye-catchy and easy-to-read interface.

6 Color Ink System

Its six-color ink system is one of the outstanding features customers like the most. These inks include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, which all in one produce a clear image. Also, the image produced by the ink is crystal clear and free of ink spread issues.


The printer with a mono screen option has a resolution of up to 2400 x 4800 dpi, making it able to offer a vivid image of your choice. Even it can print razer sharp documents and cardstock papers. Additionally, you can scan and print documents quickly without losing quality.

  • Affordable to buy.
  • Auto duplexing and auto feeder saves cost.
  • 5 inches mono screen.
  • 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution helps to produce crystal clear images.
  • Speed is slow as compared to other printers.

Bottom Line

Hence, if you need a durable and high-quality printer, this one could be an excellent choice. It can support windows, Bluetooth, Apps, Software, Dropbox, and multiple options. This feature, including quality, urges us to mention it in the top 10 lists of best inkjet CD DVDs printers.

2. Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Wireless Color Photo Printer


  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-fi
  • Print media: paper (plain)
  • Weight: 81 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 15 x 16.5 x 8.5 inches

Due to its compact and small size, this Epson brand is liked by people who don’t have enough budget to buy a highly pricy printer. Yes, this is one of the affordable printers for those who want to start their career in the printing industry or those who want to use it for personal use. You can print your photos, personal projects, and high-quality images on CDs and DVDs without any hurdle due to its smooth working. This printer is easy to use and is recommended for students and small business owners.

Important Features

Connectivity Options

The printer comes with multiple connectivity options, including social media profiles, apps, software, dropbox, and other options of daily usage. Hence, you don’t need to buy an extra extension to connect with mobile or USB devices. Its wireless features work very well and help to support multiple connectivity options. Additionally, it has a built-in wifi option which helps in free printing anytime you need.

6-color Claria Photo HD Inks

It is the most reliable feature of the printer, which makes it a favorite among professionals and successful business owners. Due to these HD inks, the printer offers smooth gradations and borderless images. In addition, its amazing skin tones make high-quality printings in a short time interval.


Its 4.3 inches touch screen offers a user-friendly interface. This screen is a printer-free screen that has a built-in USB system and memory card slots. All in combination, it makes printing easy for everyone without making much effort.

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  • PC free screen.
  • 3 inches screen is easy to use for everyone.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and memory card slot.
  • The auto feeder is absent.

Bottom Line

Hence, it is best based on its user-friendly screen. However, the drawback is that there is no auto feeder or duplex feeder. It would help if you didn’t worry about it as the printer is not expensive when we talk about other features. Overall, it’s good due to its compact design and crystal clear printing.

3. Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 Wireless Color Photo Printer


  • Printing technology:  Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi
  • Print media: paper(plain)
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 8 x 5.39 x 2.2 inches

The Expression Premium XP-6100 is an intermediate inkjet multifunction peripheral (MFP) intended for daily and creatively home users’ uses. It can print, scan, duplicate, and be shared among cordless network operators. There is help for automatic duplex (double-sided) printing, but you will need to search elsewhere if you want to fax.

Important Features

Elegant Design

The all-in-one unit is small and elegant enough to modify most setups, whether as an expert printer or a household printer. The two trays for paper brackets hold A4 and photo paper, respectively, and double-sided printing is a choice. Overall, it’s a simple, classy style that makes the most of the space available to it, occupying only a small portion of your work areas.


The iPrint app is simple to use, with standardized functionality and specific directions, making printing a breeze. The 6100 also includes various connectivity options, such as SD card and USB endorse, which isn’t always standard at this price.

Print quality

Print quality was excellent throughout, with sharp black text and solid visuals. But there was some fade; duplex prints looked bold as only one side print: you could modify the ink storage capacity in the driver or use denser paper than we used to.

Print speed

Photocopies were quick, taking nine seconds in black and white or nineteen seconds in shades, and their media coverage was accurate. 6x4in photos took seconds each, and two 10×8 photos took only about ten minutes.

  • Excellent cost-per-print for black-and-white printing.
  • External storage device support.
  • Photo printing quality is adequate.
  • Excellent mobile app.
  • The color print is expensive.
  • Photos appear grainy.

Bottom Line

The Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 printer isn’t wrong. It prints black and white files quickly, accurately, and clearly; it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, and it supports SD and USB, which isn’t commonly experienced at this price. Its wireless networking is also excellent, with the simplest setup we’ve seen and a consistent connection via a simple app that produces printing effortlessly.

4. Canon TS9020 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Canon TS9020 Wireless All-In-One Printer


  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Print media: paper(plain)
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimension: 8 x 14.7 x 5.6 inches

The Canon Pixma TS9020 is a proficient six-color all-in-one printer with excellent performance and excellent photo output. It also has excellent connectivity, with NFC and hooked up Ethernet, in addition to basic USB and Wi-Fi. The tiny 100-sheet volume paper drawer restricts if you print frequently, and it gets stuck out weirdly when using classic letter-sized paper. Furthermore, the absence of an ADF and, to a smaller extent, fax may rule out the TS9020 for certain users. However, the large touch-capable LCD panel and the unit’s sleek design. The TS9020 is a good buy for the cash.

Important Features


The convenient all-in-one is stylish with its two different, shiny black and white outer layers. The front panel features a 5-inch color LCD that is touch-sensitive and readable. The control panel includes a power switch and near-field communication (NFC) mark for cellphone printing. A single SD card slot is hidden behind that panel. You can remove the SD card from your digital camera, look through the pics on the printer’s LED display, and print the ones you prefer.


The TS9020 is simple to set up. We needed about 10 minutes to complete the printhead orientation and ink plating setup. A wired Ethernet linkage will provide the maximum speed for performance monitoring.

Print quality

One of the main reasons for purchasing a six-color (or more) printer over the traditional four CMYK rule is the improved photo output quality. The PIXMA TS9020 has six different inks, including a grey ink that produces accurate black and white photos while also helping to stabilize color inks to produce the best color photos possible. The PIXMA TS9020 can also print fine art papers and Canon’s new square 5″x5″ Shiny paper.

Print speed

Canon scores the TS9020 at almost 15 pages per minute in monochrome and ten ppm in color printing. An output speed of 16 ppm when printing a mostly black and grey four-page Word doc fell to 7.3 ppm when printing an almost-colored Excel workbook.

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  • Excellent performance.
  • Duplex printing.
  • Amazing color output.
  • Several connectivity options.
  • Without an automatic document feeder.
  • The Paper tray extends out.

Bottom Line

Yes, you get a high-quality photo printer with copy and scan capabilities for the cost. The paper folder has less potential than we want, and it is weird, but these aren’t deal-breakers breakers – especially when you’re getting great results and outcome quality.

5. Epson XP-830 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson XP-830 Wireless Color Photo Printer


  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity technology: WiFi, ethernet, USB
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimension: 4 x 19.1 x 16.8 inches

The Epson XP-830 is a wise option for both the home and the office. This well-rounded, compact inkjet involves office- and photo-centric functionalities, as well as a good selection of connectivity options. It has decent acceleration and works quality, though it is nicer for pics than text.

Important Features


The XP-830, which is outfitted in a combo of matte and glossy black polymers, ends up looking small and neat, especially when not being used, thanks to its output tray and control panel that move and foldable into its front. It has an ingenious Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) constructed into the upper edge, with a foldable cover that opens to reveal the feed tray. There are two paper trays placed over the other: one for plain paper and one for photo paper sheets.

Print quality

For an inkjet, the overall output quality is moderate. The text quality is subpar, but it is adequate for most home or business uses. The graphic effectiveness is typical of inkjet printers; some thin, colored lines were nearly invisible.

Print speed

Copy speeds were decent, with a specific color page from the flat surface takes22 seconds, five pages from the Automatic document feeder taking 54 seconds, and a 10-side duplex copy taking 3 minutes because each page scan needs three passes.

  • Excellent print speed.
  • Several connectivity options.
  • Featuring automatic document feeder.
  • Amazing photo quality.
  • Paper capacity is low.
  • The operating costs are quite high.
  • Text quality is poor.

Bottom Line

The Expression Premium XP-830 is a lovely home printer because it has a range of characteristics in a small package. Only good print quality could have elevated it to the top of the list.

Best Inkjet CD DVD Printer Buying Guide

Although the above reviews are helpful to make it select the best CD DVD inkjet printing device, you still need some factors to consider while buying it to make a successful choice on which you didn’t want to regret later.

No matter how much information you have on this device, still here is a buying guide that you need to consider:

Printing Quality

Printing quality is the most important factor which is necessary to consider. It is hard to check the printing quality of a printer before using and trying it once. However, what we recommend is to check the resolution of a printer. Higher is resolution means higher is the printing quality. On average, the best resolution for a CD DVD printer is 400 dpi. However, it’s not the final value; you can read customers’ reviews about the product that you have selected to buy. In addition, read the labels of printers that are available on the printing prescriptions.

Printer Type

Another important factor to consider is the printing type. It is as necessary to consider as the printing quality is. CD DVD printers are of two types, including inkjet printers and thermal printers. Inkjet printers are those which have higher resolution. They offer high-quality printing and have replaceable printing cartridges, one of their outstanding features. Using a single cartridge, it’s dead easy to print 400 CD DVD prints at a time.

Thermal printers work on the principle of Heat Transfer Ribbon Technology. Although, they can print 700-800 CDs in a short time. However, their price is very high as compared to the inkjet printer. In addition, you need knowledge before its usage, so if you are a beginner, we highly recommend using an inkjet CD DVD printing for high printing quality at affordable ranges.


Printing functionality is another important factor that is necessary to consider. There are some printers which only allow printing on CDs and DVDs. However, some printers allow printing on all other common papers and blue rays, including cardstock. If your purpose is only printing on CDs and DVDs, you can buy these. But if you want to print your regular work on any thick or thin paper, you should consider the latter one.


It is another important factor that most people don’t consider. However, it is important to consider. Some printers support their connection only with a PC device or desktop and USB ports. On the other hand, some printers have connectivity options with Google drive app, Bluetooth, Google docs, Dropbox, and other common software for daily usage. Now, which printer you should buy is very critical. We suggest the one that has multiple connectivity options so that if one is not working, you can go for another option in emergencies.

Warranty Time

Different brands have different warranty times based on their price and the material used for their construction. The average warranty time of the best inkjet printer for CD DVD printing is one year. It is the lowest ideal time, and it could be more. Always make sure that the warranty time is enough to be satisfied buying and spending your money. If you need this device only for a short time, then warranty time is not an important factor for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any common printer to print on CD DVDs?

No, a CD DVD printing can only be made by the specific printer designed for this purpose.

What is a CD DVD printer?

It is the device that prints CD DVD rays. It may work with inkjet or thermal printing techniques. In simple words, it is a printer which can print on CD and DVD camera rays easily.

Why should I buy a CD DVD inkjet printer?

It has multiple advantages, including less cost than offered by a printer owns and here you can print as many printers as you require. Using it, you can create your music studio for professional or business sake.

Final Words

To buy the best inkjet printer for CD DVD printing is not an easy task. There are multiple factors which you need to consider. Buying this printer means you are spending a heavy amount of money. So, make sure to think about your needs and cost before buying it.

Above is a complete review of top-rated CD DVD printers and a buying guide. We hope that this information will be valuable for you in selecting the best device for your personal or business tasks.

For more information and updates on the latest printing devices and technologies, keep reading our latest blogs.

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