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Many decorators and hobbyists use the water slide decal papers to add detailed and unique graphic designs to a wide variety of items into the most practical printers. Waterslide decal paper is extremely decal paper; on its backside, it has water-activated adhesive. Printing on this paper is easy as you can print any image on waterslide decal paper using your home printer. Targeted customers often ask about the different types of Best Printer for Waterslide Decals for printing. In this guide, I have tried to add details of the top 6 best printers for water slide decals, with their over review, key features, pros, and cons and buying guide. 

So without waiting, let’s dive into the product reviews of printers used for water slide decal paper.

5 Top Printers for Waterslide Decals Reviews 2022

Here we listed the best printers for water slide decals reviews, features, pros, and cons to provide you information. So that you can get the best printer at reasonable prices with great features.

Best Overall
Workforce WF -7710
Workforce WF -7710
  • Features: The printer has borderless print shop quality up to 13″ X19.â€
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Best Performer
Epson EcoTank ET -2750
Epson EcoTank ET -2750
  • Features: Its working is based on average monthly print volumes and can print up to 150 pages.
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Best Rated
HP Office Pro 8025
HP Office Pro 8025
  • Features: This unique printer has a unique and sustainable design made from electronic components and recycled plastic 15% by weight.
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Best Smart Printer
 HP Office Pro 8025
HP Office Pro 8025
  • Features: HP Envy works with dynamic security, which can be modified over time by firmware updates.
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Best Creative Printer
Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Wireless
Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220
  • Features: The Pixma TS 6220 features connectivity technology with Bluetooth and USB.
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1: Workforce WF -7710 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

Best Overall
10/10 Our Score

It is the best printer, for wide format, for large brilliant borderless prints and large scans. It is a versatile inkjet printer that comes with a 259 sheet tray and a rear feed for special paper, also ensures the additional products for the use of the office. It uses the 4.3 color touch screen for easy control and navigation.

The printer features complete wired and wireless networking. The printer is made for the use of Epson Cartridges but not for third-party ink or cartridges. WF-7710 technology can easily print from smartphones and tablets and has Ethernet, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

Key Features of the Workforce WF-7710 Wireless Inkjet Printer

  • The printer has borderless print shop quality up to 13″ X19.”
  • The printer can easily scan up to 11X17 with a two-sided Auto Document Feeder
  • An Inkjet printer is economical as it uses 80 % less power as compared to a color laser printer.
  • Anyone can get performance beyond laser with the workforce Pro WF7710 powered by precision core.
  • Easy to use
  • Print quality
  • Touch screen
  • Technical support
  • Wide-format
  • Not for creative work

2: Epson EcoTank ET -2750 Wireless Color All in One Cartridge –Free Super tank Printer

Best Performer
10/9.0 Our Score

Epson commits to deliver the high-quality and most reliable inkjet printers to your printing experience. The company also provides outstanding service, support, and warranty programs for its products. Epson also suggests using Genuine inks to bring quality to the printing experience. Because inks and non-Epson inks are not formulated for your specific type of printer, it may cause damage that is not offered in the company’s warranty.

Eco tanks are big tanks of ink used to replace ink cartridges, thus saving your time and money. The expression ET 2750 EcoTank Poreless printer gives a revolutionary cartridge-free printing process with easy filling and supersized ink tanks. It features two years of ink in the tank that can easily print up 5200 pages, as it is great ink.

Key features of the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Printer

  • Its working is based on average monthly print volumes and can print up to 150 pages.
  • Savings are based on the replacement of the ink tanks when this printer is purchased.
  • The printer saves up to 50 % of your paper supply as it is two-sided auto printing. It has a maximum print resolution.
  • It is a Wi-Fi-certified printer. Its level of performance depends on the range of routers used, and Wi-Fi Direct may require printer software.
  • Easy to use
  • Tech support
  • Touch screen
  • Print quality
  • Wide-format
  • Photo quality is not good

3: HP Office Pro 8025 All in One Wireless Printer

Best Rated
10/8.0 Our Score

HP Office Pro, all one printer, is a revolutionary type printer manufactured from recycled plastic with automatic two-sided printing and operated with mobile. You can elevate your productivity in printing with the features such as scan to email through the HP smartphone and automatic document feeder. You can upgrade your office equipment and replace it with the HP office jet printer as it is a faster printer that can print 20 pages per minute.

It includes copy, scan, fast color, and fax to increase productivity and is 14% smaller than other printers. This printer can manage documents up to 50% faster, remove the steps in repetitive tasks, and sync google drive, short books, and many smart studies. The printer is the easiest alternative to organize and digitize business documents and receipts on your smartphone.

Key features Of the HP Office Pro 8025 Wireless Printer

  • The printer can print the documents by sitting remotely, and you can have access to your scanner, printer print copies, monitor ink levels, and scan with the high rated HP Smartphone.
  • The printer comes with the self-healing Wi-Fi feature that keeps you connected by identifying issues and undergoes the three reconnection steps to make your Wi-Fi connection reliable and stable.
  • The printer has built-in security essentials and accessories, as it can protect delicate data like Wi-Fi security, end-to-end encryption, document protection, and password protection.
  • This unique printer has a unique and sustainable design made from electronic components and recycled plastic 15% by weight.
  • The company offers a one-year warranty; it can work seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It provides easy setup with an all-in-one wireless printer downloading the HP smart app on your android device.
  • Energy-star certified
  • Automatic feeder
  • Colored touch screen
  • Productive
  • Easy to use
  • Second paper not included

4: HP Office Pro 8025 All in One Wireless Printer

Best Smart Printer
10/7.0 Our Score

If you want to help your own family be creative and productive, you can easily discover your imagination with the wireless HP ENVY 5055 all in one unique printer. It can easily print high-quality photos, print borderless, and print text in one go from all the smart devices, tablets, internet-connected PCs. The HP Smart app lets you set the photo printer, print from social media, scan documents, or the cloud as iCloud, Dropbox, and google drive.

Replace the ENVY 4520 Printer with HP ENVY 5055 printer that comes with blue tooth; improved Wi-Fi connectivity can print with fast speed all types of documents. When you enroll in HP Instant Ink, it offers you to get your first 2 months during your printer setup. You can begin with the 0.99 dollars per month after the period of trial that includes recycling and shipping.

Key features of the HP Envy 5055 Wireless Photo Printer

  • HP Envy works with dynamic security, which can be modified over time by firmware updates.
  • It offers a one-year limited hardware warranty for free HP Web support, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • With the optional HP Instant Tank feature, you can automatically order the ink from your wireless machine. 
  • It can handle an extensive range of paper size support, as this is all in one best printer for waterslide decals that can deal with the legal, letter, and no ten envelopes.
  • The printer can separately use the original HP electronic circuitry cartridges with classified or non-HP electronic circuitry that may not work or Bluetoothstop working.
  • HP Envy comes with the most powerful printing app that can connect to your mobile network, Bluetooth, reliable dual-band Wi-Fi with a stable connection for reliable performance.
  • Instant ink
  • Tech support
  • Easy setup touch screen
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality print
  • Easy installation
  • Sometimes ink comes out

5: Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

Best Creative Printer
10/6.0 Our Score

You can print and scan your unforgettable memories with canon photo printers from cloud-based social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is in one inkjet wireless printer that can meet your everyday printing requirements. You can easily print all your documents like party invitations, documents, reports, and all types of photos with the Pixma printer. This printer can be used daily with built-in Wi-Fi, a five-color individual ink system, and front and rear paper feeding.

Thanks to the wireless connection, the setup of this printer is easy; only you need to replace the specific color that runs out. You can connect the printer to the smartphone or tablet with the wireless connection; it has a built-in scanner that can efficiently make copies and scan essential documents linked to the android device.

Key features of the Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Wireless Best Printer for Waterslide Decals

  • The Pixma TS 6220 features connectivity technology with Bluetooth and USB.
  • The printer can easily install in your home or anywhere you want according to your need as it is simple to use and operate and offers quality results.
  • From detailed documents to stunning photographs, the printer can work with the five-color individual ink system and not compromise on quality and speed of work. 
  • With this; printer, you can enjoy simplicity in the connections with your smartphones and use it with various web services and supports, and applications for automatic printing.
  • It can save 10% on all types of recorders with the dash replenishment, and when activated, your printer can measure the level of inks and place the smartphone reorders when you are running at low speed.
  • Easy to use
  • Quality prints
  • Easy to set
  • WI-Fi connected
  • Expensive

Ultimate Buying Guide of Printer for Waterslide Decals

When buying a printer, you should consider whether it will be used at home, at the office, or for working from home to note your requirements and needs. You may choose either a color or monochrome printer or print family photos, essential documents, or even both.  So this ultimate guide will help you discover those factors you should consider in buying the best printer for waterslide decals.

Printer’s Speed

When it comes to printers, most printer brands claim s the best about the speed and the quality of printing. It means that printing documents’ printing yield using one cartridge or toner will be high. However, all types of printers have started to use the standard tests organized by the ISO international standard. 

The ISO standards offer brands to test their Best Printer for Waterslide Decals using the same document set and test processes that mean that these tests will enable you to compare and trust those numbers among different printers. The speed of the printer can be measured in terms of PPM pages per minute. 

As printing speed is not essential for home uses, it is necessary for offices where it is required to print and scan the documents on a higher level and on a regular basis. Thus, faster printing can lead to higher productivity. For monochrome prints and color prints, different best printer for waterslide decals come with varying speeds of printing and features. 

More Connectivity Options

Modern and advanced printers have more connectivity options and can connect to the computers, including Bluetooth. LAN Ports, Wi-Fi, NFC, Wi-Fi direct, and even with cloud connections. It is a need of time that the printer should have the ability to connect with smart devices, computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets using worthless connections. If you decide to place your printer behind your computer, switch, a router, a printer with the USB Port or LAN will suffice. 

However, suppose you want to have flexibility regarding printer placement. In that case, it is good to opt for a printer that comes with Wi-Fi or direct connectivity that offers your printer to be connected with the local network terminals by a Wi-Fi router in your office or home. Moreover, the printer should print photos or documents directly from the laptop or computer using a wireless connection. 

Ink and Maintenance Cost

If you are a professional and need to regularly print hundreds to thousands of papers and documents or photos, printing cost should be a key consideration. Yes, certain types of printers are available in the market that can be the most cost-effective options compared to other printers. Therefore, you should consider the ISO Test-based printing yield of the shortlist printers, compare these printers and the cost of toner or cartridge, and then calculate each printing cost. Normally, printing stores and offices might consider the printing cost as compared to printers used at homes.

Paper Handling

Most printers can handle and store 100 papers, but what do you think about if you have to print dozens of documents regularly. This means that a standard printer should be able to add more papers to it. To meet the requirement of more papers, the 250 feed paper tray would be the best option so that you don’t need to fill your printer with additional papers after every few days.

Quality of the Printer

In order to determine the printer’s quality, it is essential to look at the print’s DPI and color accuracy, as it is an abbreviation of Dots Per Inch. DPI defines the number of dots placed in the square inch of the space on the paper. The higher the value of DPI, the higher will be the detail in images and documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If water slide decals are to be printed with Lacquer screen ink colors, a mesh of 230 TPI suggests.

You can print the digital designs into the decal water slide transfer paper using an inkjet printer. The setting of the printer can be done according to the recommendations of the transfer paper manufacturer. Put the form into the printer with the coated side face towards the printer’s inkjet head. Then allow the printed design for dryness for a minimum of 15 minutes.

HP office jet 5255 Epson is the best printer for waterslide decals, as it is a high-quality sticker that is small, lightweight, and affordable. It is a great option for frequent scanning, copying, and printing vinyl stickers.

Get the material first, turn on your inkjet printer, and download or scan the image. Insert the decal water slide transfer paper into the printer and print out the decal sheet into the best printer for waterslide decals transfer paper. Then spray acrylic sealant and dip the transfer paper in water, and finally cut out the decal.

Final Verdict

In the last words, I will recommend that whether you want to buy the best printer for waterslide decals for your home or office use you should opt for the printers for the best features as you can use these machines for scanning, printing, and copying out photos of high quality. Because the printers come with advanced technology and no longer will they be just a device for you to print the things from. 

By contacting the printer company, which provides the managed print solution, you can check by yourself that they can offer you a real benefit to your business with the best equipment. So the decision is yours if you want to have less hassle in terms of repairing printers, you should not compromise on quality and opt for the best printer for water decals.  

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