Top 10 Best Shipping Label Printer in 2022

Let’s get one thing out of the way, our life has gotten a lot simpler since the introduction of printers, as they not only allow for easy document printing, but they also allow you for finer detail. Therefore, they can increase the chances of eligibility for your document printing. It gives for a more result, and therefore printers are now used not only in offices but also in homes.

Let’s say you own a shop, and there you need a label maker. But, unfortunately, usual printers produced in the markets don’t give the same efficient and precise ink results as what we will tell you about in this recent article. So, therefore, you should buckle up, so we can tell you all about them now.

But how do we figure out the best printer to buy? Or what brand to invest in? Or even what kind of price do we need to keep in mind? That is why you need to know that the article you will read in just money will not only give you the best shipping label printer, but it will also ensure that your business booms in business.

So whether it is organizing your home that you need to do or a label that you need to invest in for running a personal store, you should buckle up for the reading of this article. However, you can also look at our top pick, which will give you all the information you will require for the final best decision.

List of the Best Shipping Label Printer 2022

Here is a small comparison chart to make the perfect final decision when it comes to buying the best shipping label printer.

Best Shipping Label PrinterFeaturesPrice
DYMO Label PrinterBig size Check Price
ROLLO Label PrinterThermal possibilities Check Price
MUNBYN USB Label PrinterAuto-learn labels Check Price
Brother VC-500W VersatileBuild quality Check Price
Brady BMP41 PrinterClarity of words Check Price
Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label PrinterUltra lite label software Check Price
Brother QL-1110NWBGreat Compatibility Check Price
ZEBRA GK420DSafety tested Check Price
K Comer Shipping Label PrinterCool Customer service Check Price
AOBIO X4 Shipping Label PrinterFuturistic design Check Price

1. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer – Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer


We will first look at the DYMO label maker, which deems itself one of the best printers that money can buy. Combined with many features that make it one of the perfect printers, let’s look at the features and the advantages that the printer will display itself with.

Big size

One of the most significant cautions regarding label printers that you could typically find in any supermarket is that they don’t print more comprehensive labels. Still, this label printer can print up to 4 x 6 inches of printed labels, therefore allowing for a detailed and sharp print that can fit on any sized package.

Fast printing

Another one of the best features that the DYMO label printer can fulfill you should take is that while usual LabelWriter can only give a few label prints per minute, this one can provide the fastest of them all, therefore beating all the typical printers in the line, as well as more than six lines per minute.

Famous labels

Yet another great feature that the DYMO label maker can perform is that it can also easily copy and print labels from any popular website such as Amazon or eBay or any that supports the printing process, making the more OK tags a lot more seen.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Instructions are easy to follow.
  • Perfect for use for beginners.
  • Compatibility issues.


All in all, we can highly recommend the usage of this label writer as it gives you not only security but also the highest quality of prints ad to accomplish makes for a perfect fine detailed print. So we say that you should go to the website and check it out.

2. ROLLO Label Printer

ROLLO Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer


So let’s get started on the review. Let’s get into the next label printer that we will talk about now. Let’s introduce you to ROLLO label maker, which is yet another excellent form factor and a company that knows its way around label-making art, giving you one of the highest quality label makers.

Thermal label

A great feature that the ROLLO label printer boasts about is that it can gain compatibility with thermal labels, as thermal labels are high in quality and build; they give you the best overall outcome for label making and ensure that you get the best of the best. It can also work with UPS labels, which provide the best overall result compared to usual titles.


Have you ever come across the issue where you want to print a label to stick on the package you are about to ship out, but only to realize that you’ll end up waiting for minutes on end for your one label to print? Well, with the ROLLO label maker, you get the reassurance that you won’t have to sit around and wait for nearly half a day to print out a couple of hundred labels, or as it will do the job for you.

  • Compact.
  • It saves you time compared.
  • The build quality deems outstanding.
  • You get printing labels in the pack.
  • The website shows how to use it.
  • Issues with settings.


Let’s end this on a positive note; if you have the heart to look over the few settings issue that this label maker comes with, let’s be, every label maker will have one minor inconvenience. Let’s not forget the advantages that this label maker gives you over the regular ones. Therefore, this product is worth buying and proper investment.

3. MUNBYN USB Label Printer

MUNBYN USB Label Printer


Let’s kick things off by talking a bit about the MUNBYN company. They are a pretty niche department in the market when it comes to the art of printing and label making; therefore, they don’t have a lot of experience, but with the bit of that they have spent in the label making industry, they have surely busted out some high-quality machines that they deliver on all the oaths that the made.

Installment process

When it comes to regular label makers or label printers, the overall installment process can be tedious. It takes a lot of time to conifer and set up the connection for the labels’ maker with your laptop. Therefore, this MUNBYN label maker, on the other hand, proves extremely worthy of purchase due to the installation process, which ends up taking less than a minute of your time.


We think, in our opinion, something that makes any label maker worth buying is if it has the capability when it can auto-learn your paper or not. If it can’t, then you should take a look at another best shipping label printer. But this label maker can learn the form, whether it is thermal, the size of it, the weight of it overall in no time, and then configure it on its own.

  • Reliable label maker and printer.
  • The overall outlook is elegant.
  • Promotes safe printing of labels.
  • Perfect TOF ruse at home.
  • Offices can benefit too.
  • None really.


Combined with high compatibility features that can easily connect with Amazon or eBay, this label maker easily beats some of the best label makers to the ground and makes pulp. With this in your hand and by your side, you can rest assured, knowing you won’t get into any issues and that within no time, your small business will be booming.

4. Brother VC-500W Versatile

Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer with Wireless Networking


As we continue making our way through the list, we discover more outstanding products that are sure not to disappoint you, therefore putting your trust in us that few know the best you need. That’s why we will tell you about this, brother VC-500W versatile label maker. Brother is a brand favorite among small businesses or personal use; they know how wonderful it is.

Zero ink

We all know that whenever you invest in any printer, the biggest issue that people face is that the ink cartridges get expensive to buy over time, as their costs rack up a lot. However, not this label printer, as it uses zero ink. Yes, you hear us right; it prints full color without needing any ink; therefore, it proves one of the best shipping label printers.


Usual printers that you will find, or let’s say, if you head to the market to choose any regular label maker or printer, you’ll get into the problem where not many small printers have them where they can connect to Wi-Fi or have wireless connections, but this indeed does. Therefore, this feature again makes it another good purchase in our eyes.

  • Cartridge loads quickly without effort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design deems perfect.
  • Elegance is the main priority.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • The processor is weak.


As someone who’s had experience owning a small business, we can indeed say that investing in a good label maker is the key to our success. Customers can see what kind of effort you put into the overall packaging. Therefore, the Brother VC-5002 Versatile label maker should not only wow your customers, but it will surely be a purchase that will last you a while before it breaks on you.

5. Brady BMP41 Printer – Best Shipping Label Printer for Shopify

Brady BMP41 Printer


Now we look into the following product that shows its face towards us: the Brady BMP41 Printer, another niche company that is yet to gain more experience in label making and label printing. Still, it doesn’t at all mean that they lack any printing abilities. We will tell you more about the features that they give to you.


The easiest thing that distinguishes a good label maker or a bad label maker is simplicity or complexity. The label maker should be simple to use but ooze complexity when it comes to the features. This reason is just what the Brady label maker gives us, clean and straightforward prints but highly complex engineering and mechanisms come fitted to make this possible for our use.


Another making or breaking feature that can divert you from deciding to choose a brand of label maker to own is the existence of an LCD back panel screen or not. In this case, you are in luck as the Brady label maker indeed comes featured with a 2.4-inch LCD screen with backlit compatibility, so you can easily see what you type or erase, so you don’t make any mistakes.

This printer works great for Shopify sellers and provides good value for the money spent.

  • Unwieldiness does exist in this.
  • Smooth printing.
  • It prevents a crease of the paper.
  • Strong ink print.
  • Customer service shows excellence.
  • Set up is difficult.


All in all, we’d like to sit here and roast this printer, but apart from the set-up process that may be a slight caution, it is still not that big of an issue as patience is always a virtue. Other than that, the beautiful features it offers should be enough to convince you that you go and check out the reviews of this said Brady label maker.

6. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer


Let’s jump right into the subsequent scanning and printing label maker, which is the perfect mix of reliability, durability, and excellence combined with years of mastering the art of 3D printing. Therefore, the shipping printer will surely love to review and take out any disadvantages, so you know what a good label maker you’re getting despite the one small con.

Ease of use

One of the most prominent features that a good label maker should have is to print nearly any type of thermal paper and almost any appropriate-sized piece that you would need to print. And this is where the Ark scan printer truly comes in, as it can print as small as a few inches, up to 4 x 6 inches of paper, therefore making it a perfect competitor for use in all aspects.

Ultralite label software

Yet another brilliant feature that Ark scan, as a company, decided to invest and take the time to make proper software so that their customers could feel at ease further shows how much they care about their customers and promise their needs. Therefore, the software gives you the opportunity where you can easily print any needed labels for personal or business use.

  • Can configure using any printer.
  • Can recognize most famous websites.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Overall ease of use.
  • Perfect reviews overall.
  • Inaccurate scan sometimes.


All in all, who does like a label maker that can get the job done fast and give the best results anyone printer can print out? We indeed do, so that is why we highly recommend the Ark scan label maker to become your perfect guide and your ultimate gateway where you can easily give up all the worries that you may have carried all the way.

7. Brother QL-1110NWB Wide Format

Brother QL-1110NWB Wide Format Professional Thermal Label Printer


Let’s get moving with the following product on our list that we now quickly intend to review. So, what is the following product, you may be asking? Or you might have already read the title; therefore, yes, indeed, it is another Brother company production as a label maker. They specialize in label makers and 3D printers, so let’s get started with the situation.


You may have seen the problem where anything you may want the label maker to work with refuses, and it is because you are not buying the right brand of the label maker. For this reason, a lot of you may see the appeal of investing in this label maker that will let you use any windows or macOS, therefore making the entire process a lot easier.


Yet another great feature that the brother label maker distinguishes n when it compares to the usual label makers or label printers is the ease of cropping barcodes so that you don’t end up with heaps and heaps of barcodes all over your products, so it neither produces extra environmental waste nor contributes to the carbon footprint by you. So, therefore, this feature is another good one.

  • Overall better quality.
  • Takes the best precision for printing.
  • Perfect for any use.
  • Promotes safe printing.
  • The expensive printer as compared to others.


Let’s get as accurate as we get the ability to; most label makers or label printers don’t have what it takes to base off a good outcome, one label maker causes bleeding of ink, or the other doesn’t crop barcodes, this way, they all lose points. That’s where the Brother AL-111ONWB printer comes in, as it is probably the best shipping label printer you can find in the market.

8. ZEBRA GK420D Direct Thermal Desktop

ZEBRA GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer


We move on to yet another label maker in the process. We are yet to come across a printer that has disappointed us in one way or another; therefore, this printer deems no joke. Therefore before any further increments, let’s take a minute to appreciate the features like ease of use or the capabilities and connections that the printer will make easy for you.

Zebra tested

How many times have you heard that a printer let alone something as small as a label maker or a small label printer, gets through rigorous testing? Nearly none, right? We’ll look unlike them; this label maker by the founders of ZEBRA gives you extra reassurance that they indeed have gone through the needed steps for the process of different performance, as well as safety and efficiency.

Thermal technology

We hope that you know and that this was common knowledge in your mind that the label makers typically require a thermal capability paper, as the ink gets practically burned onto the paper. Therefore, it comes as no shock that the ZEBRA GK420d thermal printer deems as a superb printer due to its overall fantastic ink usage.

  • The calibration process is easy.
  • The startup routine is perfect.
  • It takes zero to no effort.
  • Overall ease of use.
  • Difficult to set up.


Leaflets end this on a positive note by telling you that the label makers get made by companies like ZEBRA get nearly zero to no disadvantages when it comes to making label makers; therefore, it gives for an even more perfect print. So, all in all, we highly recommend this product and want you to check it out at least once.

9. K Comer Shipping Label Printer

K Comer Shipping Label Printer


Let’s instantly move on to the second last item on our review list. We genuinely hope that you were enjoying the article until now. If you have, then you will again indeed love the next label marker that we have to show you, so make sure to stay seated as the overall features of the K comer shipping label printer comes featured with some of the best parts.

Print head

We feel the need to say this repeatedly; safety is the number one priority when it comes to anything electric-related. Therefore, the K comer shipping label printer ensures that it keeps you safe, so the temperature sensor on the print head provides that you don’t burn yourself, and it doesn’t overheat and cause a short fuse. Therefore, the heat protectant feature deems perfect in all aspects of printing.

Customer service

A good feature that the K Comer Label Maker comes included with is that customer service issues and needing to wait for hours on end are behind you, as the customer service of these printers gets well appreciated. As well as, the label detection system is high quality and a perfect system that saves you the hassle of needing to memorize your label printer over and over.

  • Fast-based delivery on time.
  • Nearly no complaints from customers.
  • The sleek design proves proper elegance.
  • Makes sure your experience is good.
  • Ink quality gets high.
  • Not compatible with macOS software.


Combined with everything, the K comer label printer is indeed an excellent buy for anyone intending to invest in a new experience.

10. AOBIO X4 Shipping Label Printer

AOBIO X4 Shipping Label Printer


Let’s fire up the last review with another great shipping label maker that will make our lives ten times easier if you own a small business or even need to organize around the house. This is the AOBIO X3 Shipping label printer that guarantees that you will get an excellent label-making experience and that you will not regret even for one second that you decided to buy this label maker.

Futuristic design

One of the essential qualities that can make people decide whether they want to buy a product is if it’s elegant to look at; like most people, we’re sure even you sometimes take aesthetics and how the product appears in front of your eyes thing to consider. Therefore, not only does this print reign in the quality department, but it also comes made of solid metal unibody that looks stunning.


Now let’s talk about the specs of the AOBIO shipping label maker. First, it reigns as it holds an immaculate printing speed of 152 mm/s, therefore allow JG for increased efficiency and that you can get the best of the best. And a 203 dpi of printing allows for even more efficient printing that, in the end, doesn’t interfere with the print quality and still gets perfect.

  • Works with both usual pieces of software.
  • Promotes perfect printing quality.
  • Materials get prioritized.
  • Customers get cared for.
  • Wireless connectivity comes in clutch.
  • None really.


In the end, now that we told you all about the AOBIO as well as all the other shipping label makers, it’s simple and easy to think that this shipping label maker or label printer should come to your mind if you want to invest in one. So, therefore, what are you even doing sitting and reading this? Once you get done with reading this, head out and invest in an AOBIO shipping label maker.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Label Printer?

How to Choose the Best Shipping Label Printer

Now we take a brief look in the buying guide so that you can buy the best shipping label printer.

Direct or thermal

Decide if you want to get a printer that uses direct transfer or thermal transfer, then decide for yourself what suits best for you.

Ink or no ink

Direct transfer uses an ink ribbon, whereas the other doesn’t, so if you want an inkless experience, go for thermal transfer.


Look for a printer that will last you a long time; meaning look into the specs, the build quality, the speed of printing, the processor, etc.


The most thing is to take into consideration the speed. Your label maker should have the ability to print many labels within a few seconds or minutes, so, therefore, buy one that suits it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What printer should I buy for shipping labels?

Thereof shipping printers that we gave you, but in our opinion, you can go with the AOBIO X4 shipping label maker as it gets assisted with many good features.

What is the best printer for USPS labels?

In our opinion, for USPS purposes, you can go with the LP620 Label Printer, as it can easily print with the USA postal service and, therefore, will get the best points for use.

Is a shipping label printer worth it?

If you are a business owner and don’t want to sit for hours making them on your own, then yes, absolutely, they’re so worth it as they can save you a lot of time.

What is the best 4×6 shipping label printer?

The DYMO label maker can easily label a bigger size than usual, thanks to this printer; therefore, this is the best available that we can give you.


Let’s get one thing straight; it gets tough to genuinely sit there and decide between a label maker and the number of more comprehensive labels of brands that people make now.

Therefore, this article was full of helpful guides as well s more tips and tricks that can make the overall decision more than manageable. So go out and buy your label maker so that you boost your small business.

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