6 Best Sublimation Printer for T-Shirts [2022] – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

To start t-shirt printing, you need to buy the best sublimation printer for t-shirts by which you can kick-start your t-shirt printing career. But the question arises, which sublimation printer for t-shirt printing is to buy? Don’t worry! In this article, we will give you the reviews of our top 6 t-shirt printers. Check out the reviews and pick up that perfectly fits your needs.

Crafting and printing a design on T-Shirts is a delightful way to exhibit your creative aptitude. Besides talent, you can also make a chunk of money from presenting yourself as a printing artist. However, it is not as simple as you think.

How you print the design on a T-shirt is also an art and plays an important role in considering the beauty and quality of the printed design on your t-shirt. At present, there are several methods that you can acquire to imprint design on your clothing (t-shirts). Nevertheless, sublimation printing stands out from the other techniques.

List of Best Sublimation Printer for T-Shirts

When you are on the hunt for a t-shirt printer, a lot of printers with different sizes, power, capacity, etc., start making you confused. It is a fact that the best sublimation printer for t-shirts or cloth printing is the most popular in the world due to its ease of use and simple design. But picking up the best one is a hard job. We have reviewed our short-listed t-shirt printers to make things easier for you. Let’s get started with detailed reviews!

Best Overall

Epson Printer
Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Printer
  • Voice Activation, Printing Speed HIGH, & Easy to Use
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Best Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass Printer
Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer
  • Desktop printer designed for sublimation customized the products with vibrant HD images – quickly, easily and profitably.
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Best Wide Formate Printer

Epson Printer
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Printer
  • Easy navigation and control, Ultimate wireless printing, Large scans & High-volume printing
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Best Supertank Printer

Epson Printer
Epson EcoTank Et -3760 Wireless Printer
  • By using an EcoTank printer, you can help reduce the amount of cartridge waste ending up in landfills
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Best Wide Formate printer

Epson Ecotank Printer
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Printer
  • Professional Media Handling, Hi-Res Flatbed Scanner, Full Color Touch Panel Display, & Borderless Printing
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1: SURPCOS Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts 5 in 1

Our Top Pick
10/10 Our Score

Surpcos heat press machine is one of the best sublimation printer for t-shirts having a lot of exciting features and ease of use. It offers a safe and durable heat press technique for your t-shirts. The 360 degrees swing design makes it more convenient to craft designs on shirts and also prevents burns and any mishaps. Made up of commercial-grade steel frame ensuring safe working even after high-heat printing. Overheating protection works as an extra layer of safety and makes it convenient to use.

In our opinion, it perfectly prints the designs on shirts utilizing the heat transfer phenomenon. However, the machine’s bottom plate is coated with Teflon to prevent damage. It also helps in easy heat transfer to the shirt. In the same way, you can easily adjust the pressure by the dedicated knob to keep it as you want. It also has a silicon pad to nullify the extra applied pressure.

Moreover, the Surpcos printer offers 5-in-1 heat press functions such as one cap press, Teflon coated platen, two plate press, and one mug press. After using it, we found the lack of a count-down timer in it. Also, it’s a little bit heavier. Briefly, it’s an all in all t-shirt printer on the market. 

Furthermore, the features are below:

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  • Durable and safe heat press
  • Yields perfect t-shirt prints
  • Swing-away design is a plus
  • 5 in 1 functionality
  • Low power usage
  • Robust construction
  • A bit heavier in weight
  • No count-down timer

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: SURPCOS
  • Heating panel size: 12″ X 15″
  • Main feature: 5 in 1 combo function
  • Applications: Shirts, mugs, coasters, and more
  • Swing away function: Yes
  • Pressure Regulator: Yes
  • Overload Protection: Yes
  • Dual-screen display: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free

  • Prominent Feature:

Surplus heat press machine and t-shirt printer have a unique design that facilitates the users in assembly and disassembly while heating press. All this is done with this beautiful printer. However, keep in mind the safety, comfortability, stability, and efficiency. Average-size products are easy to carry anywhere without any difficulty. Go for it; we hope you won’t regret your purchase.

2: ZENY Upgraded Professional Digital T-shirt Heat Press Machine

9.9/10 Our Score

Zeny Upgraded Professional Digital t-shirt printer is an advanced and digital combination of heat press apparatus. Suitable for transferring stunning colorful visuals by sublimation process. It’s the latest heat press machine with multi-functions. All the functionalities are depicted on the seven-segment LED display. You can acquire this printer to imprint beautiful images on several types of clothing and other materials.

Moreover, it has many other features for your ease, like a pressure adjustment knob. The pressure knob is used to press each cloth according to its nature. The 360 degrees swing-away design makes it easy to print any type of visuals on your t-shirt by moving all around.

In the same way, the Zeny printer is known as the latest 3rd generation printer having 5-in-1 characteristics. Now, you can use it to hot stamp on hemp, cotton, chemical fiber, and many other fabrics using the heat transfer phenomenon. You can easily print beautiful images, landscape patterns, and portrait photos by baking them on a hot plate. According to our experience, the hot plate is big enough to transfer a large (12″ x 15″) customer design on the fabric.

Furthermore, the features are below:

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  • Great customer service
  • The printer is easy to use
  • The sliding pattern makes the job easy
  • Perfect for Hobbyists and small businesses
  • Great swing option
  • Pressure adjustment works wel
  • You have to guide the top plate always
  • Hard to understand the instruction manual

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: ZENY
  • Heating panel size: 12″ X 15″
  • Main feature: 5 in 1 combo function
  • Applications: Shirts, mugs, coasters, and more
  • Swing away function: Yes
  • Pressure Regulator: Yes
  • Screen display: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free

3: TUSY Heat Press Machine 15×15 inch Digital Industrial Sublimation Printer

Heat Transfer Machine
9.8/10 Our Score

Are you looking for the best heat press machine for t-shirt printing? Here is a TUSY 15 by 15 inches Digital sublimation printer for t-shirts. Now, you can set the time and temperature according to the need of the fabric; just lift the handle and select. Just wait some moments for the heat control to reach your desired temperature, and it’s all done. In addition, it transfers the design from visual to t-shirt in some minutes accurately and easily.

Moreover, it is equipped with an alarm that gives a buzzer when your t-shirt printing has been completed. Go for it and enjoy the wonderful customized DIY shirts designs for you. In our opinion, the size of the plate (15×15) is enough to transfer the design on your shirts for children, adults, industrial size, home use, and much more.

Now, you do not need to worry about overheating or the machine. We know overheating can cause the shirts to burn also. Therefore, TUSY has integrated smart overheating protection that will prevent your shirts and machine from any damage. Nonetheless, we have found some negative points in it. Firstly, we are slightly disappointed in the clearance of the clamshell opening.

Secondly, it makes it complex to load and unload the shirts. 

  • The handle offers easy opening/closing
  • Easy to transfer the design on t-shirts
  • Print accurately
  • Give alarm on completion
  • Overheating protection prevents any damage
  • Suitable for all age people shirt printing
  • Clamshell opening clearance is not good
  • Loading & unloading shirts are somewhat difficult

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: TUSY
  • Main feature: Easy lid opening & closing
  • Heating panel size: 15″ X 15″
  • Applications: Shirts, mugs, coasters, and more
  • Swing away function: Yes
  • Overload Protection: Yes
  • Pressure Regulator: Yes
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free

  • Top Feature:

The opening and closing mechanisms are very easy and convenient than other shirt printing machines. It is specially designed by keeping simplicity in mind. The handle is made up of quality material to give you an easy closing and opening of the lid. 

4: DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine A4 Size DTG Printer Machine for T-Shirts/Onesies/Socks/Bags

DTG Printer Machine
9.7/10 Our Score

DTG A4 size Digital printer is a low-budget printer offered by HRM, a well-known manufacturing brand. There is no need to say anything about the brand, but we are here to tell something worthy about this printer. This A4 size printer is a perfect t-shirt printing for small-scale or home-based printing businesses. The first thing about it is easy to understand the instruction manual for easy and straightforward set up.

Furthermore, if you still found any issue the state-of-the-art customer care is always there for you to resolve all your issues. If we talk about its performance, it yields the best results with thin fabrics. The print gets thick when you print on a thick fabric, and correspondingly quality decreases. If you want to use it only for t-shirt printing, it will work best in our opinion.

However, the primary aspect that we like about it is its amazing shirt printing quality for both children and adults. We bet you won’t regret it. Lastly, it does not work well for thick fabrics, and shirts are the only shallower point we noticed. Otherwise, it’s high-end printing for t-shirts. 

If you are listening to it for the first time, we would recommend you to go for it once.

  • Best for thin shirt printing
  • High-resolution printing
  • Comes with free printing software
  • Universal use
  • Good quality for the money
  • Not suitable for thick fabric
  • You have to buy ink separately

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Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: HRM
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Application: Home and Commercial
  • Use: T-shirt printing
  • Internal Memory: None
  • Maximum Resolution: 5760 by 1440 DPI
  • Print Height: 30 mm
  • Supported networks: Wired
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free

5: Mophorn Heat Press Machine 15×15 inch 5in1 T-Shirt Heat Press

T-Shirt Heat Machine
9.6/10 Our Score

If you are looking for a latest, compact sized heat press machine having intelligent features, the Mophorn Heat press printer is for you. It s a multi-functional sublimation printer for t-shirts having a bigger size plate. It’s an amazing machine built for desktops and offers printing for many types of items like t-shirts, mugs, plates, and flat plates. Generally, heat printers are used to print designs on clothes, plates, etc.

However, this multi-functional and intelligent sublimation printer can transfer the visuals on ceramics, textiles, cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, and much more. We have observed many other exciting features of this universal heat press machine. It comes with 2 in 1 digital control that makes it a more intelligent printer. It has a suitable time range from 0 to 9999 seconds that is enough to print any type of visual.

In addition, the temperature range is 32-430F which is suitable for any type of printing material. In the same way, the swing is 360 degrees rotation which makes it easier to perform the job well and quickly. The most prominent feature is that it has an adjustable stand for uneven surfaces. Besides all, this printer does not come with clear instructions. We also found the plotter somewhat extra large.

Overall, it’s a premium product. 

  • Universal printer
  • Superb print quality
  • Flexible cutting
  • High Temperature range for various applications
  • Large printing size
  • Vague instruction manual
  • Large plotter

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Mophorn
  • Head Plate size: 15 x 15 inches
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Blade Type: Standard, Roland Compatible
  • Software: Signmaster
  • Interface: USB port
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free

6: RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press 13″ x 18″ Color LED Professional Sublimation Multifunction Combo Heat Press Machine

Budget Choice
9.5/10 Our Score

RoyalPress heat press printer is one of the best printers having many exciting features and available at a reasonable price. It is equipped with a latest press-casting aluminum heating plate that does not harm your clothes. This sheet is further coated with Teflon, which gives an extra protection layer. The plate size is larger than any other brand, which helps you to create custom prints as you want. Also, it comes with a special heating element for thick printing on t-shirts.

It has many other interesting features like memory, timer, counter, a digital temperature, which makes it stand out from the market printers. To provide you extra calculated production, it has intelligent sensors and controllers. High temperature ranges enable you to use it for other items like ceramic, mugs, etc., for printing purposes. In our opinion, it offers a safe and convenient way to print your shirts and other stuff.

In addition, its ultra-high power makes it able to produce an accurate and clear print on t-shirts. Remember that all the electrical systems are according to international standards. Above all, the manufacturer must include any instruction video CD for setting up for beginners. Also, it takes more time to heat up. 

Furthermore, the features are below:

  • High-quality printing
  • The extra coating on the plate to prevent damage
  • Intelligent memory unit
  • Multi-functional printer
  • Good value for the money
  • Take time to heat up
  • Unclear instructions

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Schangcheng
  • Heating plate size: 13″ x 18″
  • Memory: Yes
  • LED: Yes
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Time range: 0-999 seconds
  • Weight: 60.7 pounds
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Free
  • Note:

 It is a warm note for you. The mug piece has only a 110z mug pad; however, mug press and other attachments are not included. You have to buy them separately. 

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Best Sublimation printer for t-shirts

Buyer’s Guide

If you have taken a glance at the reviews of our top sublimation printer for t-shirts, here are some factors that you must consider while selecting one. It’s all about some critical aspects that will help you out in choosing the perfect one. It will also narrow down your research. Let’s get deeper!

  • Print Size

The first thing to be considered is, what is the maximum printing size of the printer? All the printers have different capabilities to handle different sizes of fabrics, pages, etc. So, always check the size that must be according to your printing needs. For example, a large media size does not need a large printing size of the printer. So, always check it before buying.


Print volume plays an important role in choosing a suitable one. It also helps you to boost your printing business. If you have commercial-level work, then you must go for a heavy-duty printer that produces print in bulk. So that you would be able to fulfill the demands of the customers. Remember that all the printers have a unique printing volume. Many printers can print hundreds of prints per run, and others produce low. In this matter, you must consider your business level and then buy according to that. 

  • Printing Speed

For a printing business, printing speed is an essential factor to be considered. If your printer has high speed, it will make you able to complete a bulk order in less time than a slower printer. However, it will also increase your budget for buying. Usually, high-resolution printers are somewhat slower. So, keep that in mind while selecting a printer for you. 

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Does resolution mean how many details the print has? Correspondingly, a printer with a higher resolution gives a crystal clear print and vice versa. The resolution is usually measured in DPI (Dots per inch). Moreover, it also depends on your printer type, which means what type of image you are going to print. With larger objects, low resolution works perfectly. In contrast, small images require a high-resolution printer for quality print. 

  • Connection Type

All the printers offer different connectivity types like USB, Bluetooth, Cable, and Ethernet. This feature is not very important in actuality. However, you can utilize it in a better way. So, you must have a wireless printer with several devices connected if you run a small business with one or more employees. Because you would not need to buy a separate printer for each employee. It will not just save money but also resources. So, considering it will be worthwhile for you. 


Imagine what other functionalities you want that can make your homeschool work easier. Do you need a printer with cardstock functionality or not? So, it is a self-assessment task to choose the best. 

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  • Budget

Last but not least, budget is the selection point. Your budget defines your choice. In the market, you will find different printers having different budgets. Don’t go for an expensive one if you have a limited budget. The reason is, a good printer can come with a reasonable price also. So, we recommend you always stick to your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several printers available that offer t-shirt printing facilities. However, Epson is on the top due to its excellent features among the people.

There are two major types of such printers. The first is screen printing and the second is DTG means direct to garment. Both printings have their advantages and disadvantages and are used according to the application type. 

In terms of t-shirts printing, screen printing is a more effective and economical approach. However, if you want to print one or two t-shirts (small projects), it is okay to use a sublimation printer for t-shirts. 

There is no accurate answer to this question because the cost of a printer changes according to the brand, size, speed, resolution, application types, and much more. 

If you use a high-quality dye, the lifespan of the sublimation print is about 10 years on t-shirts. 


In summary, the professional always chooses the best sublimation printer by analyzing different factors to narrow down their research and choices. We hope our detailed reviews and definitive buying guide will help you out completely in selecting the best one for you. In the end, here are our recommended products:

If you are looking for a universal t-shirt printer, Mophorn Heat Press Machine 15×15 inch 5in1 T-Shirt Heat Press is the best universal printer. 

If your budget is tight and you want to buy a suitable printer, RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press 13″ x 18″ Color LED Professional Sublimation Multifunction Combo Heat Press Machine is your budget choice. 

In terms of performance, ZENY Upgraded Professional Digital Tshirt Heat Press Machine 5 in 1 Swing Away Multifunctional Sublimation Heat Transfer Printer is a high-end printer. 

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