How to Fix Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages? Updated Guide

Printers have become quite the norm in today’s day and age and society. It seems like everyone has a printer, be it in their home, office, or workplace; it’s always there, ready to serve you, helping you with your documents, making your life easy. Yet, we don’t realize until we see how dependant we are on the basics of printers and how we wouldn’t function without them.

Alongside many functions that printers have started to serve nowadays, many brands have begun to produce heavy-duty, durable, resistant to corrosion or rust. So they can help you for quite some years. One of these brands that some people stay loyal to is Brother’s corporation. People show dedication because, for years, their printers have been immaculate in their job.

But obviously, even the best of the printers can inevitably run into some common problems, such as maintenance issues, or wiring issues, or issues with the setting up process of the entire printer. Still, all in all, the problem people face the most out of the ordinary and question is that their brother printer printing blank pages.

So what do we do in the present circumstance? Do we sulk and create a fuss or think of rational solutions, search on the internet, and develop solutions. The answer is to read through this helpful article that will highlight the problems you might facing and come to possible solutions.

A Bit About Brother Printers

Now that we have given you a little bit of an introduction towards brother printers and what purpose they serve, we will also tell you a bit about the types of printer that the brother corporation offer, as a vast company they offer a lot of the kinds of the printer. Hence, let’s cover some of them in the following list.

Wireless Printer

The first type of printers that they offer are their wireless line of printers; these are the type that can get connections to Bluetooth and wifi, and they can wirelessly transfer your document from your phone to the printer and print them in command.

Inkjet Printer

Another type of printer released by the Brothers corporation. Their inlet printers are lightweight, use less ink than usual, and therefore are power efficient and reduce money spent, so they are cost-effective.

Monojet printer

These types of printers by the brother company produced are the Monojet printer which only prints in black and white ink, so use less ink, consume less power than standard printers, and care for people who are on a tight budget.

Laser printer

These types of printers are even more efficient than inlet printers as they consume less power, but they print at higher speeds, therefore reducing time spent standing and waiting for your documents to publish. This component is helpful if you are running late for school or work and need your documents instantly.

Problems With Your Brother Printer

Like all printers, they sometimes run into minor or major issues; most of them consist of the brother printer printing blank pages, so let’s see the problems.


The first main reason is that there are nozzles on your printer through which the liquid ink runs through and attaches to the paper to print certain words, and sometimes the ink due to either cold weather or various errors tends to harden up, and when that happens, the printer picks up the message as ink printing on paper, but in reality, nothing is getting put on the actual writing.

Cartridges are Empty

This one should be the most self-explanatory out of any reason. Check your ink cartridges. Are they empty? If they are, then how is it possible for them to print anything on the physical paper?

Fake/Wrong Cartridges

There may also be a slight chance that you could be using counterfeit or off-brand cartridges, or the cartridges may have gotten put in the wrong end, and the printer might not pick up the signal to print as you had set no command.

Paper Size

Some printers only work dedicated paper sizes, as some only work with A4 sizes, whereas some might work with A5, A6, or A3 even, so there could be a high chance that the printer model in use may only use specific paper and you could have put in the wrong paper size, so consider that and check it, that could cause a problem.

Driver settings

There may come some problems due to your printer driver being set wrong, and that could cause significant problems in the process of actual printing, so it is essential to check your driver settings through the laptop’s settings.


Connections may cause problems with your printer picking up any commands or instructions, as there may be an issue with the configuration between your printer and your computer, so check that too.

How to Fix Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages? Possible Solutions

Since you have gotten comfortable with the possible problems that your printer might be facing, there is no reason that you need to fret; there is a solution for every situation, even the most significant problems have answers, so let’s investigate some of the possible solutions.

How to Fix Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Reinsert Ink Cartridge

Since there could be a problem with the way you might have put in the ink cartridge, the best way to counter that is to take out the ink cartridge, tug at the lever that is locking the ink into place, take it out, and put it back in, that should have your printer register the ink now.

Print-head Cleaning

If that doesn’t work, then let’s look at the following solution, go to your menu settings on your printer, then click the “start cleaning” option, and select “ok,” and after that, always choose the solid white or black color first, then press the cleaning option and it will start to automatically clean.

Ink status

Another solid solution is to have your ink status checked. You can either tell someone obsessed with computers to prevent it, or you can take a dive and check it yourself. For that, you need to head to the menu option of your printer, then click on “ink management,” and press the ok button; there, you will see an “ink volume” option, click ok.

From there, you will have the ability to check the actual volume of the ink, and if your book is way too low, then maybe it’s time to replace the ink, which you can get from any store near you.

Solutions for Apple and Windows

Since people worldwide typically use two types of software, either windows operating system or the MacOS software from Apple, it is pretty clear that the solutions for both of them will be considerably different than the usual ones. So let’s see what they are for both of the software.

For Windows

The first step to the solution is to see a “windows” button on your keyboard and press that. Once in the settings, push the “All Apps” option, and it will lead you to the “window system” option; you need to click your mouse key on that too. From there, go to the “Control Panel” option, and once in there, head to the “Hardware and Sound” part.

From there, head into the “Printers And Drivers” option”; from there, check your printer’s properties. Next, click on the “Advanced” option, then the “Printer Processor” key, from there. Next, you will see an option to click the “WIN PRINT” option, select that, then, for the default data type, make sure you have connected on the “Raw” option. Then click on “uncheck print documents” and select that.

From there, you will need to head into the “Generals” Tab, and click on the “Print Test” tab, and click “select,” this will prompt your printer to further print a new page; if it shows color, then your problem is resolved, and you should be happy.

For Mac

For Mac, there is a slight difference in solution; the settings option for Mac users is the “system preferences” option instead, so you will need to click on that. After that, if you have an updated Mac, you will see a “hardware” option. Click on that, which will lead you to the “Printers and Scanners” option, but if you don’t, you will see a separate “Printers and Scanners” option. Select that.

In there, you should see that your Brother Printer has activated and inserted there; you need to delete it from there; if you don’t see it, then click on the “minus” and “plus” buttons, one or the other, and select them. Once that is done, you need to choose the “Delete Printer” option from there. Then, after you are sure that every printer is deleted, click on the “+” button again.

Now press on the “Default Icon” on top, and select the name of the printer. You also need to choose the printer model, and for that, you will access the “CUPS Driver” after that, click on that + button, and your printer should appear on the list. Then hit print, and it should print a sample test page that should have color.


If your Brother Printer printing blank pages, then maybe it is time to search for a solution, and this article provided you with all the necessary information you needed and more.

We have hoped to help you through the entire process and sincerely hope that your printer is fully printing correctly now. Happy printing!

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