Brother VS Canon Laser Printer | Which Printer is the Best?

Brother and Canon Printers are well-known brands for their innovative features in the world of printers. Both companies have introduced a wide variety of electronics and are headquartered in Japan. 

But, what are the common things in Brother and Canon Laser Printers? Well, the same thing is that their line comprises multifunctional printers, which offer more functions in addition to printing images and documents. Now, if you want to check out the difference between Brother Vs Canon Laser Printers check out below!

Comparison of Brother VS Canon Printers

Most printers of both models can also copy and scan documents and few of them can fax the papers. So here are the features that makes both printers unique and different!

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The Brother printer comes with a faster speed churning out printing tasks. MFC 891 DW and MFC 8950 DWT can print 42 pages per minute. In contrast, the Canon can print with a speed of 15ppm.

The peak printing resolution of the Canon multifunctional printer is 9600 by 2400 dots per inch. The maximum print resolution in Brother printer is 6000 by 1200 dpi.


The capacity to hold the aper’s in-tray for Brother printers is more than Canon printers. Most Canon printers can hold 250 sheets of paper, but in Brother, the tray can hold up to 300 trays.

The particular model of Brother, MFC 8950 DW, comes with a standard paper tray capacity of 550 sheets; as the dual tray variant, MFC 8950 dwt can print up to 1050 sheets per tray.

The good news in both brands is that some models have an automatic document feeder for 50 sheets for scanning and faxing.

Printing Capability

Printing capability in both brands defines the printing documents in terms of colors. Brother and Canon split their product range into monochrome printers, which can only print color printing and black and white printing. 

Most printers come with laser print technology, which means they use laser beams to create graphics and texts. On the other hand, other multifunctional products are inkjet printers that use ink spewing nozzles as an alternative. A few models can print on dual-sided printing on paper.


There is also a difference in cost in both printers, as in 2013, the canon printer comes with a retail price of $50 to $3,395, and the brother is featured with a narrower price of $80 to 700$.

Print Speed

The printing speed in brother printer machines comes with 33 pages per minute. Brother machines can print color prints at the speed of 27 pages per minute and black prints at the speed of 22 pages per minute.

Similar to copy printing, the speed of the Brother printer is 22 pages per minute, and the speed for copying the documents in color options is 20 page per minute.

However, the printing speed of Canon printers is more petite in every aspect compared to Brother printers.

Print Resolution

The recommended resolution for all types of images and art files for printing is 300dpi in Brother and Canon printers. The offsets press cannot accurately recreate the resolutions above 300, so it is the industry standard in both Brother and Canon printers.

However, you can change the print resolution in these printers by opening the printer drive property, clicking right on the printer, and selecting options from the bar menu. Click on the printing preference button in the general tab and select the advanced tab. Then select the required print resolution in the printer.

Maximum Printing Size

In canon printers, the rear tray for a wide variety of fine art and glossy photo papers and a manually handled slot for thicker media is best to meet your printing requirements. You can print up to 13 X19 and print professional-quality photos on various media up to 13 X19.

The Brother printers come with the feature GTX Pro, so it has the largest printing area. So it can print up to maximum printing size up to 16X21. Therefore the designs can be bigger and bolder than Can printers.  

Print Quality

The print quality of canon yield is better than Brother in draft mode. The feature might be good and essential for those who want to print in the draft to save ink but still have usable outputs. So if color with speed and the requirement, the Canon wins.


Both Canon and Brother can be heard while printing, scanning, and copying the documents, but Brother is quieter than Canon.

Paper Handling

In both printers, whether Brother or Canon printer, there is no specification for recycled paper type and envelopes used. The media paper types supported in Canon and Brother printers can only handle manual feed slots. Using tray one and a manual feed slot, thin papers can be printed. With a manual feed slot, you can print on paper between 28 and 43lb.


Brother and Canon printers come with innovative connectivity options like printers can be connected to electronic devices and the internet through wi-Fi for better printing yields. The Brother printer can be connected to android mobiles for ease for users. Also, the printers offer WLAN connectivity options, which means a network that allows devices to connect and communicate with other devices wirelessly. There are two options in the Brother and canon printers to print wirelessly, like via blue tooth or infrared interfaces.

Maximum Monthly Duty Cycling

The maximum duty cycling in Brother and Canon printers comes with the same calculations. Brother and Canon printers indicate 100,000 pages per month, as experts recommend that the print amounts are usually about 10% of the duty cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum duty cycle defines the maximum number of pages a printer can handle, and print volume is the amount of print to keep your device at an optimal level.

The Canon offers better yield in print quality rather than Brother, both printers can produce sound, but Brother is quieter than Canon.

Brother is the best overall printer to handle all printing needs and can be the best option for home and office use.


No doubt, Canon and Brother printers are the best devices to use for any place. These printers come with innovative and advanced features like good paper handling, automatic docu, ent feeder, print resolutions, and printing quality to meet users’ needs for home or office use.

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