Can I use my HP Printer With Only Black Ink?

When we say the word printer, in your mind what’s the first thing that comes up? What comes up is probably a mechanical box that allows you to print the article of your dream. Yes, that’s right that’s what a printer is. a lot of different name brand printers have come out in the past few years and they truly get advanced every year with each new model and printer release and promise to give the best of the best.

But when it comes to talking about ink, a lot of people do not think about the costs that they need to spend on eh ink cartridges or if their printer is even compatible with the ink caring they bring home. a lot of people also have questions and quires like what model of ink should I buy, why does ink get so expensive, what other alternatives are there?

To answer all of these questions, we do not have a definitive answer, though we can help you by telling you about reducing the overall cost that you spend per ink cartridge as well as the overall time that you do not end up wasting so that you can spend less time in your car and more time printing photos of your loved ones. For this, anything that you need, a printer is always your second hand helping you there forever.

That’s why we should never take printers for granted, and taking care in mind the costs, we will answer your question of can I use my HP printer with only black ink since we know that ink uses a lot of your important money and you need more freedom when it comes to free-spending of your cashflow. So without lacking behind, we will start with the article. We hope you enjoy the read!

Can I use my HP Printer With Only Black Ink? Why Print With Only Black Ink?

Before we get to the main topic of telling you can I use my HP printer with only black ink, we need to take a deeper dive into some of the reasons why you might want to consider printing using only black ink. So without further ado, let’s tell you all the reasons why as they will get listed below you.

One of the main issues that people face when it comes to ink cartridges and their purchase meant is the obnoxious price. Usually, official ink cartridges can cost 100s of dollars, so for that reason, people do not want to invest in expensive cartridges. So let’s see can I use my HP printer with only black ink as you read on further.

Some of the replacement ink cartridges that people resort to end up not getting recognized by the official printer’s configuration systems. And for that reason, people not only waste money but their time as they went out far away to get the printer replacements but then came home only to find out that they couldn’t even print anything that they wanted to print and therefore left disappointed.

Yet another reason that people might want only black ink printing is that a lot of inkjet or laser printers do not allow only one cartridge to fit inside, and due to that the other ink colors get wasted, and that’s more wasted money in general. The plastic waste will accumulate over time and cause you more issues than you need and also contribute more to your carbon footprint.

You might also want to take a look into the ink programs that the companies can scam you with. They offer you huge discounts but in the end end up costing more than usual and they grasp you with their programs and it can seriously hurt your bank account. So save yourself the issue and keep reading on to see just why you would only want black ink usage from your Color Jet Printer.

Overriding Black Ink

Now that you got to read a lot about why you should consider using black ink over colored inkjets, let’s get into some of the ways you can solve the issue of can I use my HP printer with only black ink.

Step 1: Head on over to your printer and if your printer model is new that there will guarantee to be an LCD screen and probably a touchscreen too, so from there head on to the control panel of your printer and then move onto the next step that we tell you about.

Step 2: Click on the “menu” option that you see next, and if your screen is touchscreen then swipe until you see a display called “service”, and if you only have one of those button screens, then click either on the buttons until you hit the “service” option and select ok.

Step 3: From here you need to make a difficult decision since if you want to print from black ink, you will need to agree to set the default settings to factory reset. Once you agree, then, head on over to the “restore defaults” and either press on the screen to choose ok or the button ok.

Step 4: After you select that your printer will not officially get rid of all the settings that it originally had in its system and reset to factory, therefore your settings will go away.

Step 5: From here on out, you want to head on over to your computer, and whatever document you had the intention to print out as a physical file on paper, you select “Print” and then head on over to its “Advanced Options”.

Step 6: Once you click on the advanced options option, you will see a display that says “Color”, which will prompt you to press that.

Step 7: Click on the black and white option or in some cases of printers it will show up as “Greyscale Printing” and for that, you will select that. Congratulations, now your printer can only use black ink cartridges from here always.


With how expensive the ink carriages get and how difficult they get to maintain, it all may seem like a lot of fo work.

So we hope that we helped you figure out can I use my HP printer with only black ink, and with that, we go from here!

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