Can you Use any Printer for Sublimation?

It can be overwhelming to find the best printer with the best features at any price. The printer defines sublimation technology or can be used for heat transfer, but these features mean different things to different users and hobbyists.

For the most part, either the printer will be able to produce sublimation transfer for the heat press sublimation or other types of printers with different technologies like thermal technology known as pressure technology. However, these printers do not work with sublimation ink, but piezo printers will work for sublimation.  

So let’s get into the details of what printers can be used for sublimation and why.

Printers that are Easiest to Convert for Sublimation

Some printers that come with the easy features can work for sublimation like Epson Eco Tank, whether it is 2700, 2800, 4700, 3750, 15000, 16000, or any other model like these. 

HP Printer for Sublimation

The HP printer cannot be convertible for sublimation, whether at home or office. Most HP printers spread ink on the paper during the thermal heat process. This feature makes almost all HP printers unable to print a clear image using sublimation ink as the ink will bake on the paper or release gas out of the cartridges during the printing process. 

Moreover, HP printers come with an able line and support sublimation ink and UV ink. These printers can print on the fabric directly or on the sublimation paper. Therefore, these printers are expensive, huge, and known as industrial printers for the job. HP printers are considered entry-level industrial printers with USD 7,000, don’t contain links, and cannot be used for hobby sublimation. 

Therefore, it is obvious from the above facts that HP printers cannot be used for sublimation.

Brother Printers for Sublimation

Some people have used Brother printers with success in the past few years, as most of the models of brother printers can be used with the feature of piezo technology. The gig downsizes in the Brother printer is that no company is making sublimation ink for them and the replaceable cartridges. 

This means that there is some problem with quality because you cannot use the profile ink. While doing the sublimation process, you need to see the end products to have a vivid and sharp appearance. Therefore Brother printers are not suitable until and unless you are doing sublimation only as a hobby. You will get annoyed with the fizzy patterns and unreal colors by the results. 

Therefore, Brother printers can be used for sublimation with the help of sub-par results, and fingers are crossed for improvements. 

Canon Printers for Sublimation

The answer is quite simple: canon printers cannot be used for sublimation and cannot be changed for sublimation. The reason is that they use thermal printing technology, which will hurt sublimation ink. Most people believe that canon printers make a dye sublimation printer, and people confuse their qualities and features.

Moreover, canon Dye sublimation help printers are cool desktop printers, but these printers are not sublimation printers. Instead, these printers use sublimation ink and come with a built-in heater to sublimate your pics and photos on the clear film. These printers do not need to insert paper to get the sublimation prints

Therefore, canon printers cannot be used for sublimation and do not mix with the canon sublimation desktop photo printer

Epson Printers for Sublimation

As all Epson printers come with the piezo print technology, most people change them into sublimation ink printers. 

Epson printers can be divided into actual sublimation printers and capable sublimation printers.

Epson Actual Sublimation Printers

Epson comes with a line of actual sublimation printers and has sublimation ink of the best quality and incredible quality and a warranty for repair services. In the past years, the demand for these models was far away for out ways supplies, making it tough for rating and scoring. 

Following are some models to check their supply and score.

Most people will use these models due to the higher price range and short supply for home and office use.

Epson Capable Sublimation Printers

Epson is not selling these regular printers for office use as sublimation printers. If you opt for the sublimation ink instead of the packaging ink, they are the best option for sublimation. Once you pour the sublimation ink into the Epson printer, these models have no tech support and no warranty.

Since the capability of the Epson printer for sublimation is enough and makes it a great choice and easy to accept the challenges associated with it voiding any warranties, you can get help for support from videos and Facebook for Epson models. 

Epson Models used for Sublimation

People are using the models introduced by Epson for sublimation; only there is one restriction in these models to use the sublimation inks to get the best results. Instead of F570, 150 all the other models come with regular ink, so you should have sublimation dye ink. 

For example:

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820

WorkForce WF-7210

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630

Epson Workforce WF-7720

It is essential to note that Epson is retiring its previous models and introducing new ones. If you plan to buy the discontinued model, there is nothing to worry about because the company offers plenty of support in the sublimation world. 


It is to conclude from the above discussion that most home printers cannot be used for sublimation and cannot be changed into sublimation printers. To use these printers for sublimation, the printer must work properly and use Piezo print technology. 

Therefore, it is clear that Canon printers and HP printers cannot be used in the process of sublimation because they cannot use piezo print technology. Although Brother printers use Piezo print technology, they are not well known for ink makers, which means they are without printing profiles. So it is up to the user’s will; whatever the option, the printer must have sublimation inks.  

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