Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank Which One do you Buy?

Printers have become essential in every business, school, or even home due to the necessity of printing on different documents, etc. With the advancement of technology and increasing printing demand, the brands are manufacturing unique models. However, the debate of Canon Megatank vs. Epson Ecotank is still unanswered. Both brands are very popular due to their characteristics, intelligent features, affordability, and so on. Nevertheless, which one is to buy between Canon Megatank or Epson Ecotank?

If you are also looking for the answer, you are at the right spot. Here I’m sharing a detailed comparison of Epson EcoTank and Canon Megatank printers, their similarities, dissimilarities, features, and everything necessary to know. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Overall Presentation

Canon Megatank and Epson Ecotank have almost similar presentations as both are cartridge-free printers.

Canon Megatank does not contain extra features such as an LCD panel or any type of display. The only command buttons are available to operate it. However, some Megatank models have minimalistic displays but are not colored. Due to the small size, the LCD shows a few commands only due to the small size.

On the other hand, Epson EcoTank features a full-colored display panel to show the printer’s status. The large 2.4″ bright LCD screen allows you to take print without connecting it with the computer. In my opinion, it’s a great feature that must be offered by all the brands. Likewise, both printer brands provide an ink-level display on the front surface.

From the overall presentation view, the Epson EcoTank is at the top of the Canon Megatank printer. It brings more features, and the color-full large display is prominent.

Comprehensive Affordability

The price range of the Canon MegaTank printer is from $150-$300, but it might change due to many reasons. This price range is highly accessible to everyone, unlike the high-end laser printers in the market. Canon provides a great and affordable solution to all users with an ink bottle set as a bonus.

Nonetheless, Epson EcoTank is considered a high-end and expensive printer. The price range is about $199–$599, and pro models are available from $799-$1229. They are more professional in working with sleek designs. The packaging includes EcoTank original bottles; that’s a plus.


The Epson printers are compatible with pigment-based ink available in bottles. If you have the colorful Epson printer, dye-based inks are used. The ink consumption is moderate and lasts for about 2 years if you print only 150 pages per month.

Likewise, the Canon MegaTank also uses dye-based and pigment-based inks. The bottles are refillable and are slightly affordable to buy from the market.

If we analyze the overall data, MegaTank is overall affordable, but Epson is cheaper in terms of purchasing the ink. Talking about cost-per-page, Canon MegaTank’s cost is about $0.03 for black printers and $0.02 for color printers.

Key Features Comparison

Both Canon and Epson printers have many hardware and software features. If I talk about the similarities, they offer wireless printing services such as AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. The copy and share qualities are prominent, and the automatic document feeder helps you get prints in bulk.

The difference starts with the distinctive print speeds. The EcoTank models offer more printing speed per minute. There are many higher models that give very high print speed. However, the MegaTank is the winner, considering the price of the performance. It offers a 9-page speed per minute for monochromatic prints. On the contrary, the Epson prints on 25 pages per minute, which is faster than Canon.

Epson EcoTank vs. Canon MegaTank Chart

Canon MegaTank vs. Epson EcoTank: Which One Is Better?

In conclusion, I have shared all the details and comparisons of Canon MegaTank and Epson EcoTank. There is no one-word answer as to which one is better due to different applications and many other reasons.

Epson EcoTank printers are costly, but they are worth the money spent. However, Canon MegaTank printers are highly affordable and offer fast printing speed, but the quality is slightly low.

Finally, you can go for the Epson if you prioritize the quality over speed and other extra features. Remember that you have to pay a bit extra to enjoy the quality and state-of-the-art features. You can save money as it provides more prints and saves money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices of both brands are the same for old models, but Epson’s latest models are expensive. Also, it has more interesting features, and a large LCD screen is at the top. Besides, Canon printers are affordable; that’s also a plus. Overall, Epson is better, but Canon is affordable for everyone.

Yes, Epson printers offer great value for the money you spent. It produces the highest quality prints, and you don’t need to worry about refilling the cartridge for several months or even a year. However, they are more costly than other brands.

Yes, Canon printers are affordable, reliable, and offer great value. Their prices are lower than many printers and highly compatible with most types of prints.

On average, the Epson ink bottles last for about 2 years, but if you take 150 printers per month. However, it can easily produce 4000 black prints and 6500 color printers in a single ink cartridge.

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