5 Most Common Printer Problems and Their Solutions Complete Guide

Like all machines, Printers sometimes also fail to work and become unresponsive. Your printer may run out of ink after a while, or its output quality may become low. They even refuse to print at all sometimes. There are more than a dozen Most Common Printer Problems that you may run into while operating a Printer at home or the office

So what are you going to do about it? When you have no clue about it? Well, our experts have made a list of Most Common Printer Problems You can go through this list and learn what problem you face with your printer and how to solve it?

My Printer is not Working

If you are not receiving any error messages from your printer, you should check the Printer cable if it is connected to your computer. It can either be a USB cable or an Ethernet cable. Moreover, if your printer model has wireless connectivity, check to ensure that you are connected to the network. Sometimes it is only a connection problem that is stopping your printer from printing.

In some cases, you may need to install a Printer Driver and computer software to reinstall. Due to the viruses and other spam software, printer drivers sometimes go corrupt. 

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You should check the printer’s manufacturer website for the latest version of the Printer Software. Sometimes, reinstalling the software is all you need for your printer to work again.

If the problem persists, start troubleshooting your printer by reading the User manual. You may need to contact Tech Support if your printer is not working at all.

My printer says I am running out of ink, but it is still printing. Should I resume printing?

All advanced printers models issue warnings for ink shortage. You should not rush to change your ink cartridges if you are receiving a low ink warning. However, you should always check the ink tank if you are getting a low ink warning from your printer to see if it is getting to the critical point where you need to replace your ink cartridges. 

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There is only one method to check if you have surpassed your tank’s critical low ink point, and that is to continue. If your Ink tank is empty, your printer will stop printing and will shut down. At that point, you will know that your ink tank is nearly empty and needs to be replaced.

In that case, you will have to replace one or all of your ink cartridges to make it able to print again. So if you are receiving low ink warnings and your printer is still printing, you should continue printing unless it stops.

I am unable to Print from my Phone to the Printer

Mobile Not Connected with Printer

All the printers have the functions to print from mobile devices, even the old ones. However, in some cases, you cannot print from your mobile devices or tables to your printer.

You should check if your Wi-Fi connection is stable and in working condition. All Wi-Fi models can print with android and iPhone if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You can also download and install mobile printing apps from Play Store and Apple store to do this job. 

You can also print to a non-Wi-Fi printer if you have a working wireless access point. However, you may need to install utility software for this purpose. Printopia brand printers only work with MAC devices, whereas Presto Printers can work with MAC and Windows working machines. 

Some Printer models also support Cloud Printing, such as Cortado Thin Print Cloud Printer and Google Cloud Printer. However, you may need different types of mobile apps to use these printing services.

Some Modern Wi-Fi models also support Wi-Fi direct printing. However, you can only use Wi-Fi direct printing features with android devices as iPhone does not support this feature.

My Wi-Fi Printer is Taking too Long to Print

Take Time to Print

Sometimes, Wi-Fi Printers take a long time to print your work, and this happens when your Wi-Fi Printer is placed at a long distance from your Wi-Fi. In that case, when you place your Wi-Fi printer near the Wi-Fi adapter, your problem is solved, and the printer starts taking standard time to print your documents.

However, there are other ways to improve your Wi-Fi Printer speed as well. For Example, You should make sure that your Wi-Fi Printer supports support 802.11n and 5GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz. Apart from it, Your Wi-Fi Printer Software should always have the latest updates.

Moreover, you can also use a Wi-Fi repeater or Wi-Fi extender to improve your Wi-Fi Printer speed.

My printer is Too Slow to Print

Slow Printer Problems and How to fix

Some Printer models are too fast at printing, while others take a while to print your documents. However, you can always speed things up if your printer is too slow to publish your work. There are few guidelines you should follow to increase your printer’s speed.

Always avoid two sides printing, as your printer has to flip a page for duplex printing. Apart from it, you should always manually choose the host-based or PCL drivers, as PostScript drivers can slow your printer, though they print high-quality photos with benefits.

The Printer that Prints Blurry Text

Most Common Printer Problems And Solutions

All the printers do not offer the same text quality; some models have an excellent quality of the printed text, whereas others are too poor, to begin with. However, you should start worrying about this problem if your printer’s text quality decreases day by day. 

In these cases, you should check your printer setting if they have any problems. Moreover, you can also choose high-quality printing if your printed text results in blurry prints. Apart from it, you should always select the correct form of Printing Paper, as sometimes using not recommended paper for printing can result in blurry texts.

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When you have a Printer for printing your documents with you for a long time, you start facing problems. Most Common Printer Problems warry from low-quality printing to not working at all. However, proper troubleshooting of your printer can tell what is the problem with your printer and how can you solve it?

We have listed some of the shared printer problems above. If you still cannot figure out what problem you are facing with your printer, you are suggested to contact the tech support of your Printer Brand. 

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