DYMO vs Brother Label Maker 2022 – Pros, Cons and Verdict

We are very much aware that you definitely know what a printer in itself is, and in this manner, we will not really expound on that. But knowing how dependant we’ve become on printers running around our lives, it is safe to say that we know the ins and outs of what printers present us with. Fortunately, some people like you would love to organise their life from toys to drawers to cupboards.

Or maybe you love the idea of labelling everything so it becomes really easy to organise and put everything into its place, “give it a home” you can say in a way. And for that to become reality you need to choose a label maker, the problem is some people just don’t have any knowledge when it comes to selecting the right label maker. Some get stuck about the price, about the brand they want to buy from etc.

For this reason, a lot of people gain confusion whenever they head into a store or head online to look for a label maker. Some of the most famous brands are DYMO and Brother company as they both release some of the most high-quality lines of products you will ever come across, making sure that you get the best experience and that none of your products remains unlabelled.

So with that out of the way, let us take over and guide you about the ins and outs of the two brands, what you should choose, and even give you some recommendations on products that you deem useful for you. Therefore, without any further wait, just so you can make a proper decision, let’s get on with the DYMO vs Brother Label Maker battle where we discuss all the best and worst traits and blunt honesty about the two company’s expertise of label makers. Here we go!

Brother – a Well Known Company

Before we take a magical deep dive into the article, we need to take some time to understand a little bit about Brother as the company that they are. Brother being the big corporation they art definitely know the ins and outs, and since they were in the business long before some of the other usual markets in the brand know what their customers want, therefore they deliver on their promises efficiently.

The brother company was started back in Nagoya Japan and released everything from printers to even handheld computers, laptops, as well as label makers which we will tell you about today too. Bringing the topic of label makers into place, people needed something small and efficient that they could carry around the house printing out instant stickers that they could put on their belongings and make their own.

So Brother listened and started the production of label makers, which was labour reductive, as well as well built, high quality, efficient, that would print in less than a few seconds, as well as some of the best density and sticking materials out there. All of these reasons made a strong relationship build between Brother and their customers, as they knew what they were doing and didn’t disappoint.

Amongst label makers, they not only produce those but if you are a true history maniac, you can also purchase some retro typewriter, or if you would like a traditional printer, they also know the production of those, therefore giving you the best of the best experience. Brother is a company that you can rely on, one that you know won’t give up on you and will only give you the product you truly need.

DYMO as a Brand

Now we forge onto the next category of the company we intend to tell you about, as I ti s yet another greatly valued company, that knows its art and that knows the ways through the art of label making, and that is the brand DYMO. A company started nearly 63 years ago, it gave and paved the way through the difficult journey that it took them where they got to today, making the best of their efforts.

Starting in 1978, they were truly the first in their company, as hardly anyone knew how to run a business essenced for the process of label making, that’s when DYMO stuck in and became a family household name. Everything from printers to label makers to label printers to even technological products, you name it, they’ve probably created it. And this is the true key to loyalty.

With this in their hands, they built a closer connection with the people who bought their products, and nearly every country held their products with pride, such as the USA, France, Australia etc, their label makers are not the first in line but also a family history. Therefore when it comes to label making, they are a resourceful as well as truth worthy company that you can run to for your label making needs.

In the upcoming segments we will tell you a bit about some of the products that they released too, and some of the setbacks that nearly every company faces when it comes to starting a brand and slowly evolving and learning through their mistakes. So let’s head on over to the next section about DYMO vs Brother label maker.

Owning a DYMO Label Maker

Now as we move on from the last review session, we instantly take a further deep dive into the next category which tells us a bit about what you can expect when you own any kind of DYMO product, in this example, a label maker. There are things that you need to keep in mind, despite all the amazing quality that they deliver, there are still some things that they lack and we want to be honest about that.


Let’s talk about some of the good things that come out of owning a DYMO product. Firstly, the quality with which they print is high, giving a perfect label in the end. Another great feature that their label maker offers is that they are a reliable company, therefore they can be trusted and you can trust them that they give you the best products.

Alongside setup processes, as well as the software that you can easily get used to, the usability factors in easy too. It is highly compact and small in size so you can take it anywhere with you with ease and portable too. It comes just as advertised as you expect it to.


Like every company, as much as good things there are, every company have small mess-ups here and there that we feel like they need to take a look at, here are some of them.

Firstly is that the label makers keyboards don’t come in a typical QWERTY arrangement, and are instead alphabetised, which makes it annoying to manoeuvre. There is also the loss of a shift key, which makes it a tedious process to capitalize any letter. The printing times are also comparatively slower than usual. And the plastic labels run expensive.

These all cause a serious drop in sales, if they were to implement the qwerty keyboard as well as increment the system in a manner where the speed printing expands then it would get more certain audits.

Owning a Brother Label Maker

As we move on from one product to the next, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the brother products. They not only look the most elegant but also give you the best of the best results ensuring a perfect output every single time. It ensures that you get the highest quality as well as products from the most trustworthy company in the market possible, so let’s get started with the DYMO vs Brother label maker.

Some of the props that we will talk about are that the stickers that you get from the brother label makers are easy to peel as well as stick on for longer periods. You get the highest build quality that ensures that the label maker will be your utmost support for your entire lifetime. The customer service also deems great as they cater to their customers at hand, and prioritise them at most.

Their keyboard also comes in the qwerty arrangement that deems easier to use as compared to the DYMO label makers, as well as the paper, does not cost that expensive so your wallet won’t hate you if you purchase it. The labels are fully UV resistant as well as overall resistant everywhere.

Some of the cons that we will tell you about now is that the software can become highly expensive and that the overall requirement can get costly at hand. A simple task can get laggy as if you get any breaking with the product, the issue needs to need to be gone at the office, as the online customer service deems a bit low. So overall you get the best of the best.

Some product examples:

Here below we will give you two products from DYMO as well as two products from Brother to compare and contrast and help you decide which one to purchase.

DYMO emboss Label Maker

DYMO Embossing Label Maker

This product from DYMO could become yours with the following features that prove to give you the best hand to hand experience when it comes to label printing, one of the features being that it is highly portable, so you can use it anywhere. Another great feature is that the labels come in different colours for your personal needs, so you can organise and decorate with ease.

The setup and assembly process is also really easy, you can use it within no time, it gives you multiple options with a lot of different symbols that can help you apply. Easy on a doff button can power on and power ff the system, making it less labour intensive. Therefore a perfect product for your label making needs.

DYMO 160 Label Maker

DYMO Label Maker LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker

Yet another great label maker for your needs, this one comes with a lot of other features packed in like an LCD screen so you can see what you write. There is also label memory, which can fully allow you to rewrite and copy-paste whatever you had written before, saving you the hassle of rewriting everything by hand.

Another great feature is that it can connect to WiFi, so you can take anything from the web and therefore easily print from there too. Given all of this, you will get the best overall experience when it comes to writing or typing, and your organisation will be up to par. The black and white ink is so crisp and vivid that it feels like the words jump out at you, and you will get the best of the best.

Overall a product well investing in.

Brother D600 Label Maker

Brother P-touch Label Maker

Now we essentially move on to the Brother products, which combine to give you yet another satisfying printing experience. This product comes packed full of features like a display with a backlight so you can view whatever it is you need to write. You can also connect the label maker to a Macbook so you can type more easily if that’s what you prefer.

Another great feature is that it uses thermal ink, so you won’t need to worry about the refill costs of the ink, saving your wallet from shouting at you. The wide keyboard allows your fingers to glide over the buttons and feel their smoothness.

Brother PDT 210 Label Maker

Brother P-touch PTD210

Yet another great product that you won’t ever get disappointed with, so rest assured that your house will get organised within no time. With a label size of more than 12 mm, it allows you to print more than 2 lines in one sticker for those hard to organise cupboards that need extra details fit in.

Another great feature is that the product is not at all costly, so you can easily buy it from any website, as well as the font selection is really good. You get more than 600 symbols, so you can scrapbook if you even need to, as well as label any of your drawers.

Learn more about the best printers for sticker printing to pick the right one that can fulfill your demands and benefit your business in the long run.


To conclude, we would love to say that the battle and debate between the DYMO vs brother label maker officially comes to an end, and with that, we surely can’t say that anyone is better than the other.

With that, the decision is now yours to make, and make sure you choose your products wisely, to save from any bad official decision. Have fun.

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