How Do I Get My HP Printer Back Online? Latest Guide

These days, be it in schools or homes, we all know the importance and use of printers, and the different kinds of ways that they help us. Be it in school or I’m an office, anytime that you need to print a simple article or a deal-breaking document, your printer will become your utmost support in all aspects. So that’s why we conclude that printers deem necessary in day-to-day life no matter what the reasons may be.

But sometimes what ends up happening is that whenever let’s say you bring a new printer home, you open the box and get excited to use it, only to find out that the printer won’t even be configured with your home network. Why does this happen? Because sometimes your printer is labeled configured as offline and you don’t know the location of the setting needed to turn it back to online.

So for this reason a lot of people get upset and angry when they can’t figure out what to do and often find themselves in the worst and worst of situations. And for that reason alone we want to help you through it all, tell you what exact steps you need to take as well as generally answer some of your most asked questions about how do I get my HP printer back online.

So buckle up as we tell you all about it and tell you what steps you need to take and some of the mistakes to avoid so that you can refrain from making potential bad choices and rendering your printer useless. So without any further hesitation, let’s get started with the segment of the article you have all been waiting for.

How Do I Get My HP Printer Back Online?

Now we will tell you all the information that you need regarding the main concern that you have when it comes to why your printer may show the offline status and what it essentially means.

To have your printer status offline is what your printer, especially the name brand ones like the ones from HP does when it can’t send any kind of data to the servers to your wifi portal telling it to print, therefore when the portal gets blocked, your printer also naturally stops receiving any kind of information. And when that happens, your printer would command the computer to start sending information, therefore, stops the process of printing after all.

And your printer can go through a lot of different reasons why it will display the message as offline. It can range anywhere from as simple as the click of a button to as detailed as connection issues or expecting to put resources into some extravagant programming or recruiting a specialist to come and take a gander at what’s happened in your printer and what are some of the issues that it keeps facing head-on here and there.

Reasons why it gets offline:

Let’s talk a little bit about how do I get my HP printer back online and some of the reasons why it may show up offline.

  • One of the main reasons includes pending print jobs, meaning that there are still some documents you need to print.
  • Another reason can include bad connections of your home network that can again cause a bigger issue at hand.
  • Another big reason is the lack of proper maintainer and cleaning of your printer that can cause bad communication.
  • Bad wiring jobs can also further assist in configuring your printer with your home network and stop it from printing.

How to turn the status of HP Printer to Online

Now we reached the point of the article where you wanted to know about all along. So for that reason let’s work through how do I get my HP printer back online.

HP scan

This is one of the main ways to figure out the main issue with your printer so follow the following steps:

Step 1: Download a version of the HP scan official app from either google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, any of these browsers will fully support the download and assist you in downloading the app. Once installed, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Resort to administrator mode and open the app labelled HP scan from your desktop and it will prompt you to enter the app.

Step 3: After you click on yes for the prompt, it gives you a small display that asks if you want to trust the app as it got downloaded from an open-source. And for that, you want to click on yes.

Step 4: Once you press on the display box that says “Start”, it will immediately present you with an option to select your chosen printer. So go ahead and click on the small + button and choose your printer.

Step 5: Once began the application begins to run its information base through your printer and it should calculate whatever issues you’re looking for with your printer. It can range from simple off-and-on issues or extreme connective issues.

Step 6: If the app figures out your issues and solves them, the jet will prompt you with a question that says if you want to make the printer your main printer, so press on the option that says yes.

This should significantly help and should turn the status from offline to online. However, moving on to the final method of this doesn’t work.


The second and final method is a really simple one. For this, you simply need to head into the settings on your computer from the “start” option on your computer on your Windows OS.

From there head on to the option where it displays “printer and devices” and from there you will see the simple option of turning your printer from offline to online and this should work too if no other complex works help.

So the methods can end up being the simple ones for how do I get my HP printer back online that you oftentimes don’t notice or that slip your mind.


With everything out of the way, we can truly say that the process of how do I get my HP printer back online is not that complex and you can do it easily.

But with that, you do need to keep in mind the consequences if you don’t follow the proper instructions.

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