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Regarding sublimation printing, there is a lot to discuss in terms of sublimation inks. People exploring sublimation printing have a lot of questions in their minds about the special inks being used in the printers for sublimation. Some ask for the type of ink and what’s in them. Where should they buy them, what brand is the best, and many more.

In this post, we will discuss how long sublimation ink is? So we will break the answer into different aspects based on distinct levels in the life cycle of the ink. 

How Long Does Sawgrass Ink Last After It Is Opened?

While considering your sublimation setup, this is the most critical question to ask. At the same time, different varieties of sublimation inks come with varying lives on the shelf when the package is sealed. 

How long do they long last when the package is opened?

The clock will expire when the ink cartridge is loaded in the Sawgrass printer with the sawgrass inks. Each cartridge has an expiry date; if you do not use the ink before that date, you can have problems.

Most professional users of the sublimation ink believe that with the sawgrass cartridges, you can use the ink for weeks or even months after the expiry date, and you will not suffer any problems or noticeable effects on your printing. 

But if you use the expired inks, you can face the following risks:

  • The ink can dry up in the printer
  • The dye particles in the sublimation ink will start to separate from the viscous carrier liquid and bound together

If expired ink is used, it will result in ink lines and clogging in the printer heads. If these problems are not solved, and you will not consider replacement, your printer will go at the risk of maintenance.

How Long Do Unopened Sublimation Inks Last?

If you are equipped with an unopened or sealed cartridge of sublimation ink, the shelf life of any ink will be up to 2 years. We will search for both Epson and sawgrass to determine what will be the life of sealed ink cartridges will last, and they will work for the god response.

Sawgrass support

The inks of sawgrass come with a 2-year shelf life

Epson support

In addition, the ink’s shelf life depends on the temperature at which it is stored. If the cartridge is unopened, the temperature is closed to 70 degrees; it will long last for 2 years.

Third-party sublimation inks

The inks for the sublimation in the converted inkjet printers like workforce printers and Epson Eco tanks are being used in the small businesses and crafters. They come with starting costs and low costs for third-party inks. 

How Long Third Party Sublimation Ink Last?

Hippo Sublimation Ink

One of the most well-known brands for third-party sublimation ink is Hiipoo sublimation ink which is readily available on Amazon. According to the company’s customer support service, the sealed cartridges can be stored for up to 2 years, and the open bottles can be used for one year and remain stable. 

Cosmo ink

Cosmo ink cartridges are sealed by their own company and brand of sublimation inks and are specially made for the converted Epson printers. The ink is not available in cartridges but comes in bottles. 

According to Cosmo’s customer support service, Cosmo ink’s shelf life is 9 to 12 months if it is stored in a cool, dry, dark place.  Interestingly, this brand’s shelf life of the ink is the same whether it is sealed or opened.

Cobra sublimation ink

The sealed bottle of Cobra sublimation ink can last up to 18 months, while the unopened bottle can be usable and has a shelf life of one year. 

 How long does Epson ink last after it is unsealed?

According to the company of Epson, the open ink bottles can last about a month, but until you keep your bottles sealed, they can last up to their expiry date. 

Tips to ensure the best results from sublimation inks to long last

  • The best way to make your ink run is to use it regularly. So that it is the best way to keep the nozzle heads clean and ink lines clear to make the ink run freely.
  • Whether you have Epson, Sawgrass, or inkjet printer and want to use the ink for a long time, you should run a nozzle check and do print head cleanings at least once a week, so to avoid clogging of ink in the whole device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the way the sublimation ink absorbs in polyester fabrics, the colour retention of dye sublimation can last up to 10 years.

The printer sublimation has a shelf life. Leaving them in the printer can cause many issues like clogging and banding. It is an excellent option to use them before the expiry date and within six months of installing them

Sublimation inks are longer lasting than screen printing, as the screen printing, after a few washes, raised ink design cracks and peeled away from the fabric. 


Sublimation is growing on-trend these days among a variety of print shops due to many reasons. Sublimation inks are very durable and come with a duration of use. If you leave these inks too long, they can also cause shade movements and head obstructions. 

For different printers, the life of sublimation inks to be long-lasting is also different. But the average life of the sublimation ink comes around 1 to years if unopened and can be more than this if sealed. So if you want to use them with the best results, it is suggested that you should use them instantly after they are opened.

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