How Much Can You Print with 1kg of Filament?

3D printers are surely magical as they are capable to turn simple filament into amazing and attractive 3D models, figures, and designs. You can design and create anything with the filament but how much filament is enough? You might also be wondering about filament usage before or while buying a 3D printer so you can get a rough idea about the working and processing. How much can you print with 1kg of filament? We can assume that this might be the question or thought you are looking for to get a clear answer.

Well, you do not have to panic or worry even a little bit when we have always got you’re your back and helped you save the day. We researched a lot on the filament usage by a 3D printer and analyzed the procedure to present you with a clear and crisp report so it can be easy and convenient for you to understand crucial things that you are searching for. In this article, we are also going to consider the factors that affect the characteristics of the 3D print.

How Much Can You Print with 1kg of Filament?

The simple explanation of this question is that 1kg of filament can print 3D models up to the quantity of 1kg but if you look closely then the answer is a little change from this because while 3D printing some of the filament is wasted as a process but it depends on you if you dump it to go waste or reuse it for another model.

Here are some of the factors that can change your perspective in this regard.

Direct calculation

The first method or factor we are considering here is the direct calculation that you can use to assume how much can you print with 1kg of filament. The simple calculation in this process includes that you print one sample model of your 3D design, measures its weight or mass, and then divide it with the 1kg which we have as filament. This will quickly tell you how many models with the same dimensions and volume you can 3D print with 1 kg of filament.


The second and more precise way to calculate or estimate print quantity with 1kg of filament is via calculating the volume of the model. The designing tool you are using to create 3D designs can help you very much in this regard. Take the measurements of the model virtually with the in-built software or feature of the design tool, measure its volume using the right method and volume. Now, measure the volume of filament, divide them together to see what you can get with 1kg of filament while 3D printing. This method can prove to be beneficial when your 3D printing work depends on the requirements of filament so you can get more filament in time if needed.

Software assistance

The next factor that can help you enhance your filament usage is software assistance. Software known as Slicer is used by many 3D printing shops and workers to save extra filament from wasting. The model is divided into multiple slices in this application or software and also tells the printer where the filament is needed and where not to save the filament.

Not only, it slices the model but also tells the path, speed, and thickness that involves in the procedure for better working. If you are planning to use less filament then this software will prove to be a great option for you.

Efficient usage

The efficient use of filament can help you reduce your filament waste and can enhance your experience by printing more 3D models with less filament. You can use the following steps to save some of your filament for the next 3D printing of a model.

  • Create designs or models of smaller size so less filament is used. Keeping the size, a little less can help you reduce the filament usage up to 50% to 70%.
  • Keep the models hollow where the filling is not a necessity to save the filament used to fill hollows.
  • Do not add support structures in 3D models to save the filament used in producing them.
  • Do not let the 3D printer waste your filament since you can save the excessive or wasted filament in your next project.
  • Do not create and print complex designs as they require more support and filament.

Type of printer

The last factor that we have in this list for your help is to choose the right type of printer for your 3D printing as different types of 3D printers to use a different quantity of filament to print. If you choose a printer that uses less filament to print 3D models then you can print much more in 1kg of filament than any other 3D printer.

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Going through this learning journey was so much fun and exciting with you guys. We hope you must also have enjoyed this roller coaster ride of learning how much can you print with 1 kg of filament. You must have gotten the concise answer you were looking for as well as the factors that can help you enhance your experience and use the filament efficiently for more products or items. The factors we discussed that can help you to get maximum out of less filament include software assistance, efficient usage, and choosing the right 3D printer type.

Since you have learned how much you can print with 1kg of filament as well as other factors, it is time to start printing efficiently so you can save some extra filament and reduce the 3D printing costs. So, go and make the right choices to have a great time and experience while you are printing for fun or your 3D printing business.

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