How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost in 2022? Complete Guide

People these days are searching for more and more ways to innovate and invent new and better things. Especially during the pandemic, it is getting tiresome to repeat the same tasks daily; therefore, people are looking for a change, a new hobby, getting a new job, or finding ways to pass their time. For that, they are even buying a 3D printer.

3D printing is not a recent development; they have been in development for as long as the 1980s, and before it used to be a daunting task to buy and invest in a 3D printer, but with the recent technology in development, it has become relatively easy to buy a 3D printer and for cheap too. It is easier on your wallet and won’t cost you your entire rent, making it cost-effective.

But to make the final decision, it is essential to figure out what brand you might want to invest in, from what place you want to buy your 3D printer, are you interested in buying it for a long-term business or just for a simple hobby, how much does a 3D printer cost, etc. all of these decisions can lead to a simple outlet, or a challenging management decision went wrong.

So let’s dive into how you might be able to figure out your costs, your budget, and a 3D printer that you won’t regret buying and one that will last you a lifetime.

A guide for purchasing a 3D printer

Before deciding to buy a 3D printer, you need to consider a few steps that you will need to follow not to regret your end statement. Because it would be a shame if you would head out to a shop and buy the first 3D printer that you saw, it could lead to a loss of money, as well as a lousy mood for the rest of the time that you own the 3D printer.


Even though most 3D printers come embedded with automatic safety features, there still needs to be safety decisions. So look for a 3D printer with a suitable protocol for your safety, especially when you have kids at home.


If you are deciding to buy a 3D printer if it is SLA or FDM based, the final answer of the print needs to be high so that your prototype does not come out grainy.

Customer support

An excellent beginner 3D printer may be easy to buy, but a sound customer support system is essential too, as buying a printer can be a crucial decision for a lot of people, and they might need help sooner or later with either the setting up process, or regarding any feature that they may need more information on.

What Type

There are loads of 3D printers to choose from, you can select an SLA type, FDM type, resin-based, SLT type, and overall there are a lot of the kinds of 3D printers to choose from, and this can make or break your final decision when you swipe your card to purchase the machine.


Moving on, you need to consider that before you invest in any 3D printer, it is essential to note that you can use different materials to print prototypes. They can include resin, thermoplastic, metal to paper, and in between all of that, it is essential to make the right decision for materials.

Moving on, we will figure out how much does a 3D printer costs. You will also read about the process of working a 3D printer and how easy it is to operate it.

Price Considerations and Buying Help

Whether you are deciding to buy a 3D printer just for the recent hobby that you have amassed, where you were watching a youtube video at 3 am where the video got you hooked into buying one and wanting to print a phone case suddenly, or because you are actively looking into investing in one for your business, let’s take a look into the pricing.

It might be ideal that you asked yourself a couple of inquiries previously fully implementing a final cost for your 3D printer.

  • Why do you need a 3D printer?
  • What is your price range?
  • Do you intend to contribute to the long haul?

You may need to buy a 3D printer to start up a small business to sell homemade jewelry that is easily customizable and can earn you quick cash or your phone cases with your love put into it, or you could need a 3D printer to start a company, a 3D printing service or any service, it can help to know the costs.

The following inquiry to answer is how a lot you can safely invest. If you are looking for a couple of hundreds for a 3D printer that is easily accessible, you can look for a cheaper printer that costs a couple of hundred dollars.

There are five types of printers that each have a separate price range and usage abilities.

Beginner Level 3D Printers

These are primarily for people who intend only to buy them to take part in a trend. These printers can outcast you about 200-400 dollars.

Hobby 3D Printers

People who want to buy a printer to invest in their hobbies and make a small living also cost around 500 dollars.

Enthusiast 3D Printers

These kinds of printers are for those who are serious about their business. These will run you down more than 2000 dollars or maybe 3000. Also, you can start a small-scale business just right after buying these 3D printers.

Business 3D Printers

Perfect for business people who intend to start up a company and sell a lot of inventory, these kinds of printers cost a couple of thousands of dollars.

Industry-based 3D Printers

People who want to set up an entire industry with major corporations are the best to invest in.


All in all, for 3D printing, it can take a lot of meticulous decisions that you need to invest a ton of energy thinking and properly researching before making a final statement.

And for your budget, we hope your answer of how much a 3D printer costs has gotten adequately answered.

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