How Much Does It Cost to Make a Print of a Painting?

Are you an artist and want to earn money by selling your artwork? But the problem is, you don’t want to sell your original artwork. Right?

No worries, you can make prints of your paintings and can keep your original artwork with you. Doesn’t this sound great?

Prints are a cost-effective and efficient way to reproduce your artwork, even if they don’t have the same value as an original painting. These replicas are often the only method for art enthusiasts on a budget to bring home works by their favorite artists because they may be sold at a lower price range than the original.

You’ll need a high-resolution camera or flatbed scanner, photo-editing software, and a photo-quality printer to make high-quality prints of your own paintings.

The print business is immense, and many painters have been unable to access it for long. Formerly, you’d have to discover a print manufacturer to create, promote, and sell your prints.

You may also buy prints directly from the painter and sell them yourself, although large-scale distribution proved difficult. Some artists still take this approach nowadays, although if you really want to increase your earnings, printing and selling paintings yourself is the best option.

Let’s take a look at how we can get prints of the painting.

Different Ways Of Getting Prints Of Painting

You can get prints of your unique painting from many places local or online and can print them by yourself. So here we are going to discuss some ways of getting the prints of paintings.

From print company

You can get the print of your painting by the print firm as there are numerous print companies online and in the local market that provide you the exact copy of your painting with high quality. Generally, there are several print companies or associated companies that give you the best prints like Inkifi, Moo, Boots Photo, Zazzle, Snapfish, Printkeg, and many more.

Create your prints

For high-quality prints, it’s better to get a printer and produce the prints of your painting by yourself. Because creating your prints are all about the quality of the print, which is determined by four factors; the printer’s quality, the quality of the paper, and the quality of the ink and the print’s resolution.

Another thing is that the factor of creating your prints is the quality of the work’s picture or scan. With your printer, you can scan so the photo must be as accurate as feasible to the original. Also, you may need to use a picture editing application to perform some minor adjustments to the photo or scan.

Benefits of making a print of a painting

There are numerous benefits of  making prints of paintings as some clients live far off and delivery will ruin the painting so it’s better to get the print as it

  • Colors that are similar to the original and never fade.
  • On-demand and limited edition prints are available.
  • When working with a seasoned digital printing company, you can expect a low cost of replication and minimum effort.
  • Possibility of cataloging and archiving one’s greatest work.
  • Digital scans that have been archived do not diminish in any way.
  • Contributes to the development of a professional artist portfolio.

Undoubtedly, with today’s digital printing technologies, such as giclee printing, an artist may create limited edition copies of their paintings without compromising the color or quality of the print.

How much does it cost to make a print of a painting?

Generally, printing a painting might cost differently as it depends on; where you are getting the prints. Also, the price is different if you are going to make a print of a painting often or seldom.

If you are a professional one with a lot of deliveries then it is better to get your printer that may cost less and won’t break your bank and you can make a huge profit too. But, if you are going to use this on and off, then it’s better to get the print from the company though it will be costly.

Also, some factors affect the cost of print:

  • Size of painting
  • Color scheme
  • Materials
  • The technology used in paintings

These things take a huge part in the cost of any print if we get it from the firm or our printer.

By printing firm

Printing copies of your work through a printing firm might be costly, but in some cases, it is worthwhile. Before you invest in a print firm, you should be reasonably certain that you can sell your prints. If you’re confident in your ability to sell, the print quality is quite trustworthy.

There are many expenses to consider. Many firms demand a cost for scanning and color matching your work, which is referred to as a “setup fee” by some people. Depending on the firm with which you work, you may be required to buy prints in bulk. This isn’t always the case, since some businesses will sell you individual copies at a considerably higher price.

Most offer bulk printing savings, so ordering a large number of prints makes sense. You’ll almost certainly have to pay for delivery in addition to the setup and printing costs as it’s easy to understand how costs may suddenly arise.

By your printer

If you want to print with your printer then that’s a great idea because using an industrial printing business may be costly, many artists prefer to print their work but just be mindful about the quality of the printer and printer’s ink.

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How to get the prints at a reasonable price?

For making the prints of any painting at a reasonable price there are two ways; it’s better to search the best reasonable firm that offers high-quality prints or else you can wait for different special occasions sales like Black Friday sale, Christmas sale or any sale that you can avail for buying a printer for prints. Otherwise, mostly printing companies also offer sales. You can easily avail of that sale and can get the prints of your paintings.


The prints of paintings are sometimes expensive or cost-effective. It depends if you are making the prints of painting by your printer or by a local printing firm. Both are reliable options but it’s better to opt for a printing company as it will provide you the professional high-quality prints though it will be costly.

We hope you find this article how much does it cost to make a print of a painting helpful and illustrating with a better understanding.

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