How To Choose The Best 3D Printer? A Detailed Guide

With the evolution of technology, we introduce you to more and more ways of realizing how dependent we have become on technology. Therefore why not take the best advantage of it? Not long ago, we were only able to print 2D printed objects and physically use that to make 3D structures.

3D printers used to be extremely expensive back then, costing people around 1000s of dollars, but now, people can find a conventional printer for less than college tuition. And with more features slowly added, it is becoming increasingly easy to build anything and everything you desired, the possibilities being endless in this regard.

3D printing brings a myriad of endless possibilities, from building something as essential as a doorknob or a doorstop to a literal 3D printed bionic arm that helped a person gain back their movement and adapted it to look exactly like human skin. This is all thanks to the recent surge of technology that adapted 3D printers into our modern life and had us wondering.

In any case, with countless such alternatives out there, the types of printers, the prices of printers, so many brands to choose from, what kind of printer does exactly one person need to go for? This article is for you.

Let’s look into more detail into how to choose the best 3D printer.

What are 3D Printers And How Do They Work?

Let’s look into what a 3D printer is. In the simplest terms, it is a technologically advanced machine that creates 3D objects from digital files. These digital files get used to mock up thousands of layers of the thing, and layer after layer gets laid down until a final 3D piece or object gets achieved. Any person can create the object knowing you have the digital file necessary.

Now that that is out of the way, you have come to the right place if you have been wondering how a 3D printer works. The first thing to note is that a digital file gets used, which usually has a copy of the final product you might want, such as a mug. Then, the person will use the 3D printing software to take that product and slice it into thousands of layers.

After the slicing has been completed, you can process the information of the file into your software, and it starts programming and instructing the printer to begin printing. Layer after layer gets laid down to build upon the final 3D object that becomes a reality.

Do You Even Need a 3D Printer?

You may have decided just by the intro that you may want to invest in a 3D printer, but we are here to tell you some of the reasons not to.


You may have bought a printer just for the sole purpose that it had become the hottest fad in the city, and you wanted in some of the fun.

Too expensive

Let’s be honest, do you have the funds to afford a heavy machine, or would you rather spend it on other beneficial activities or rent.

Ventilation issues

If you do buy one, chances are it will release toxic fumes or nanoparticles that can cause severe breathing issues and health problems long-term.

Too much noise

While printing, the machine could make severe amounts of noise that could disturb family members or be plain annoying to anyone around you.

Danger to children

This is a severe issue as during printing if minor children inhale any toxic fumes, they could have fatalities.

Nasty odor

Another issue is that the smell of plastic burning and fusing might give you a headache after being there for so long.

Expensive maintenance

Now that you have a machine, maintaining it could get hefty on the wallet; also, you may wind up regretting your buy overall.

Slow process

3D printing is a pretty slow process, and if you do not have the patience, it will cost you a lot of frustrations and annoyance.

Product quality

If you invested in a cheap 3D printer, good luck with having a final product that looks decent; chances are it could look cheap and not made well.

Subsequently, these are a portion of the reasons why investing in a 3D printer just for its fun is not recommended.

Why you may need one?

Even though we have told you a myriad of reasons not to invest and buy a 3D printer, there still are some reasons that you may want to research and buy one. Here are some.

Kids get educated

If you have kids that are on the brink of the age where they are discovering themselves and want to expand their knowledge, a 3D printer could be superb, as it could help stimulate their mind, expand their knowledge and gain them a new experience.


The process of learning the process of 3D printing alone sounds like an excellent idea; as you expand your mind, get to know the entire journey from the digital file to the final product, it gives you the complete information, as well as being able to create anything your heart desires.

It saves time

Imagine you’re in your home and all of a sudden a piece of plastic of your laptop breaks, is it easier to have to go through the hassle of calling up a technician, having them cover over and spend money, or just quickly 3D print a small replacement plastic and save money as well as time.

Earning money

These days, the process of making money has become relatively easy, as, through your art, you can improve on it and list it on websites like eBay or Amazon, and if someone buys it, it will be a source of money for you.

Learn more about what you can make and sell with a 3D Printer.

Builds confidence

After learning a new skill, expanding your breadth of knowledge, or simply going through the task of educating yourself on a particular subject, it gives the individual a source of satisfaction as well as releasing endorphins and raising self-confidence.

These should be reasons enough to make you interested in buying a 3D printer if you intend to build your confidence or make money.

Buying Guide

Now that you have figured out if you need a printer or not let’s look into some of the questions you need to be asking yourself on how to choose the best 3D printer.


Ask yourself what features you are searching for; look for a printer that should have an easy-to-use interface with a touchscreen, as well as the use of a heated bed that will promise the base of your object to be well-formed and stable. Look for safety features as well, for example, instant cooling of the nozzle after use.


After investing in a specific type of 3D printer, look for material options. There are loads of options to choose from, such as standard resin that hardens and creates an object, or PETG, ABS, OR PLA, which are all different forms of plastics based on the personal preferences and needs of the builder.


A vital thing to take note of is your budget. Can you afford a printer that is worth thousands of dollars? Or can you settle for a cheaper 3D printer that can get the same done job minus a few features that you can ignore?


Lastly, there are different types of 3D printers commercially available to consumers, such as a cartesian style 3D printer, an SLA printer that forms layers through reactions that take place chemically, or Digital Light Processing type 3D printers are available too. The decision is yours; it relies upon what you need and require.

3D Printers – Where to Buy Them?

With all the other options and decisions out of the way, one final you may be asking is where to buy a 3D printer from.

Amazon: Amazon is a perfect website if you are looking for a commercial or an industrial printer or parts for it. Amazon also offers multiple offers and discounts on 3D printers and overall is an impeccable website to buy 3D printers.

eBay: Another excellent eCommerce site is eBay. It offers many different options and brands accumulated with additional features based on the preferences and choices of the person wanting to buy the printer.

Gearbest: Yet another website to check out if you want to buy a 3D printer, combined with excellent customer service, Gearbest is another perfect option to go shopping for, be it 3D printer parts, or to look for reviews the choice is yours.


3D printing can be a great hobby to take up and be a source of income if you get experienced at the art of 3D printing; luckily for you, this article had been filled with helpful information for you to make the best decision.

So the process of how to choose the best 3D printer should be pretty easy; keeping in mind the correct requirements are met, it should be pretty easy to come to a final decision.

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