How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer?

If we were to ask you what was the best thing that ever got invented in the world, what would be your answer? A lot of people would say some other technology or computers, and while that’s true, something that increases the practicality but also oozes elegance and complexity at the same time is the only printer, that makes the comfort in your life more evident by doing most of the work by itself.

And with that, we also tell you one of the most prestigious companies in the world that release not only printers but various other products that ensure that your life becomes easier and that your office work doesn’t seem so mundane all the time. So for that reason, the Brother company deem itself best in this regard, as not only does it know what their customers need and wat, but they do not speak on empty words and promises, rather they deliver, products that promise that they will do more.

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What are some of the most common problems you face when investing in a printer? If we were to guess, it would be along with the ranges of either not knowing which brand to invest in or simply needing to cut or increase your budget. Or the most important question that leaves you questioning how to connect Brother printer to computer since most of the work that you do is on your computer or laptop.

It turns out to be truly simple to associate a printer, as because of the effortlessness that they all offer, and with a lot of guides as well as this guide that helps you, you will conquer connecting it in no time.

Therefore leave doing the hard work to us, meanwhile, we ask of you to sincerely enjoy this article reading as it will truly help you from one way to another and you will never face any issue with the connections ever again. It doesn’t take much effort to get a printer up and running, therefore there’s no need to get anxious about it, and sitting there with your head in your hands. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Common FAQs

Before we move on to the actual part of how to connect Brother printer to the computer, we will tell you some of the most common questions that people ask when it comes to connecting printers, as people keep wondering about simple things, we thought we’d answer them for you to clear up any confusion.

Is Wireless Printer Crucial?

We would say no, but on terms, if you want ultra seamlessness and instant connectivity, then we would suggest investing in a wireless printer, but otherwise, an ethernet cable also works just fine if you just need to print basic documents.

Is WiFi Necessary with a Printer?

Yes, it is, for installing printer drivers and connecting the printer to your laptop you need access to WiFi and a good printer.

Is Connection Difficult?

Depends on what kind of guide you follow, usually, it doesn’t deem that difficult to connect a printer to any laptop or computer and you can get through the process within no time with ultimate ease.

How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer?

Connecting Without Driver

One of the most important things when it comes to how to connect Brother printer to computer is that you need to install a printer driver, but it takes ages to do, therefore if you do not already have it installed let’s get into the process of installation.

  • We would ask you to get your printer to connect to the WiFi first, for that, head into settings of the printer, turn on wifi, then go to your computer and connect to your printer name and model number,
  • Head onto the main Brother website and download the printer driver file, which will instantly guide you on how to do so.
  • On the file that you want to install, click on your mouse twice, and the process to install will instantly startup so you do not need to worry.
  • There you will see an option that says “wireless connection”, you want to click on that particular option.
  • For windows, choose the option that displays “Brother network printer”.
  • For windows again, choose the option that asks you to change the firewall settings, and then click on continue installation.
  • You may want to get a USB cable on hand, as you will need it to continue with the further steps, so get any USB cable that you can et your hands on.
  • If you are unfamiliar with SSID, it is the network name that you choose to connect to the wifi of your printer, so go ahead and choose from the options available, do not click on anything else.
  • The display log box will then ask you to confirm the process of installing, and you want to check yes on the checkmark box, and then hit next.
  • Start the installation process
  • Once done, your printer will display a bright red or green LED depending on your model and number indicating that installation is done and connected.
  • Now you can print any documents that you intend to.

Connections for Mac

Now that we told you a bit about how to connect Brother printer to computer with the installation process too, you need to also get to know the process while your printer driver already comes installed.

  • If you by some chance are the owner of a mac product or a Mac computer, then you need to head onto the Brother website and download the software package that they fully offer.
  • Then, once that gets done, move on to the next step which asks to download the file and then press twice on it so that you can access the file that you so easily downloaded
  • Then head onto your folder in your mac and find the utility folder, and then by the name of a “Setup wizard”, you will get prompted to start the process through that wizard so follow that.
  • The wizard will come in the form of an app so you might need to double click on that, and then after that, you can continue onto the next step.
  • The screen will display some instructions and a guide that you can follow to set up the wireless connection between your router and your printer for easy connections and installation.
  • By following the process, you will now get access to the connections and you are good to go when it comes to the difficulty of connecting.
  • Then head on and use the SSID that you originally entered before, and use that for this wifi router process too.
  • You need to keep in mind that you manually turn the LED light off.
  • Head on over to Printer editor and then you can freely print on your mac.

Connection via Windows

Now let’s give a trial run on if you do not own a macOS operating system and instead want to determine your fate for the windows computers, so let’s get started on that process too.

  • There are 3 things that you need to ensure get installed, your setting tool for your printer, your driver for your printer as well s P-touch editor.
  • The next logical step would be to move over to your printer and either plug it into the outlet of your wall or if already plugged in then please press the power “ON” button as quickly as possible.
  • Next, remember when we told you about the WiFi LED that needs to get blinking all the time, ensure that it is blinking, if not, then turn it on and off again and it will resolve the issue.
  • Head on over and grab your USB cable, through which you can plug the computer with your printer and after that, you want to instantly head on over to your next step.
  • The “Printer Setting Tool” application should start running now, and once it does, you want to press your mouse over the “Communication Settings”.
  • You will see a display box giving you the “Wireless LAN” dialogue box that comes open, in that box there will be a button by the name of “Wireless Settings”, you want to click your mouse on that and select that.
  • Your passphrase password should be in your hand and you should go ahead and enter that, and then once you enter the password it will apply.
  • After this, there should be a safe connection already built between your router and your printer, and this will get verified by the blinking light that instead turns on constantly lit.
  • Then ensure that all other lights of the printer are off to avoid disturbance and g ahead and do a test trial of any print.


With so much information roaming around the internet, you can sometimes fall prey and be privy to the wrong information guides that lead you on and on.

But with us, we intend to get to the point of how to connect Brother printer to the computer, so we hope that we helped you in one way or another.

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