How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone?

iPhones are handy neat little devices that make our lives easier and easier by the day. Be it for using google maps to go out to eat your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, or simply getting out of the house to get some groceries, we all know that iPhones are more than capable of bigger projects than we think necessary. So it doesn’t come as a secret that iPhones can also print wirelessly.

Even the simplest of printers produced by Canon, one which will not cost you a lot, and one that you can easily invest in and bring back to your home just that day, know the ins and outs of simple printing. Canon knows their customers well and knows what they want best, therefore bring out the best features so that their customers continue to buy from them and have a really good experience overall.

But the issue lies beneath the fact that some people get stuck on how to access the option through which they can wirelessly print from their iPhone straight to their printer and have a handy printout within seconds from their chair to their hands. Some people do not understand how AirPrint works or what even is AirPrint so we will also guide you on what that is. Other than that the connectivity issues people also face are big.

So for this reason people feel lost in the abyss of trying to get their printer to connect. So we will guide you on how to connect Canon printer to iPhone, believe me, it doesn’t get any simpler and therefore you get the best of the best experience and you won’t ever face any further issues with your printers. So without any lurking around, we feel it’s necessary and our duty to say that we truly hope that you enjoy the read of our article and find it helpful in one way or another. Okay, let’s get started!

Canon’s head-on difficult start

Before we jump into the actual view of the content that we were going to talk about, we need to step back a bit in time to introduce you to the original camera company that made major waves once they got progressive and accomplished a lot, but before that had a terrible difficult start filled with difficult times.

Established in 1956, they bought the Canon name and patented it, and as a company based in Tokyo Japan, they knew that once they established themselves as a legal company they would get tons of new products in and get famous. And slowly but surely, with time, the first started with the release of budget cameras, but in the late ’70s move on to increase their brand products once they got more famous.

From the 70’s here on out, they started releasing printers and different models each year, and now in present-day with the reputation, they hold as a significant brand organization, they realize well what their clients need and pay attention to them, in this manner each delivery gets all-around thought yield into it. Even the most budget of their printers doesn’t lack in any aspect and gets the job done just right.

So least to say Canon ’70s knows what they’re doing in their art. With printers that have an ethernet connection and need some work to get started to some of the smartest printers from their SmartBase line of products, each of their printers gets the hype it deserves and gets a lot of love. With their elegant design and seamless connectivity getting it on and running deems no issue.

Now that we told you a bit about Canon and its start, let’s continue with the next segment before going onto how to connect Canon printer to iPhone. And you might wanna read on because we have some good information hidden for you.

What is AirPrint?

Now we jump on telling you a bit about what AirPrint is, as we feel like it’s important to get introduced to it as you will print from a wireless printer anyways. AirPrint is a simple feature that comes with a lot of iPhones and a lot of printers that get combability with the AirPrint upon which you can print wirelessly from your iPhone straight through your printer and into your hands your favorite documents.

When it comes to printing, usually you need to install drivers into your printers or your phones to connect it, but not with AirPrint. As it supports all major iPhones that are not that obsolete, it will instantly connect your iPhone to your printer, and with the snap of a catch, you will have your record.

It also allows you to simply select any photos that you like. Take the example of your newest iPhone, let’s say you went out to the beach and got some memorable photos of your family through your amazing camera from your iPhone, wouldn’t you want those photos physically in your hands? Yes, you would,  so with AirPrint, you can easily print the photos without any issues.

Through LAN connections and no need for drivers to say goodbye to the older days of installing drivers to get any picture printed at home, say hello to the new and improved wireless connectivity instead.

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How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone? Connections

Now that we got the introduction of AirPrint as well as a little bit about Canon as a company out of the way, let’s work into talking about how to connect Canon printer to iPhone. Here are the steps you will need to follow if you want to connect either through AirPrint or without AirPrint.

With AirPrint

AirPrint is hands-down the simplest way, and since it gets embedded into any model of the iPhone, even if you own an older model of an iPhone such as an iPhone 5 even, even then you can use that to print wirelessly. Any model above the 3GS works wonders. Here are the steps you need to follow:

The first step that you need to take is to make sure that you turn on your printer, and then in your printers; settings there will be the presentation of an option that says “connect o LAN”, and once you click on that you can easily connect your printer to LAN.

This process ensures that your printer gains the driver installation that it needs to wireless print in the first place. After you commit to this step, the next step is to grab your iPhone and take the example of a photo of a friend and you that you want to print. You can choose the simplest documents or the most complex of scripts that you want to print and make it easier through the process.

The second step is to avert or divert your eyes to the bottom left on your screen on your iPhone through which you will be able to view a small rectangular box with an arrow that diverts the main arrowhead towards up, you need to click on that.

In the main dialogue box that opens up, you can swipe up or down until you see the option of “print”, what you now need to do after is click on this button, and that will lead you to a myriad of different options that we will guide you further on.

Alongside the “printer” option, if you do not already see the option of connecting your printer model wirelessly, you can do so by clicking on “select new printer” and either then choose the option, or manually enter in the model name and number of your printer product. And then by clicking on print, you can print out your document.

Without AirPrint

Now there is a second option without AirPrint, so let’s get started on that too.

For the first step, if you do not already have the printer model installed, then install the Canon app on your phone and configure your printer with it. Once that gets done, get rid of the “recently used apps”, and click on the Canon app again. From there you want to go into the settings that appear on eh screen of your printer and press on the WiFi options.

Next is a crucial step, as you need to connect to your printer through your phone’s WiFi. So head on to the settings of your iPhone whichever one the model that you own is, and for example, if you own an I-series of the Canon printers, then it will show up as the model name and number as ex: I-Canon (model name and number) under the WiFi, so connect that.

Once configured, repeat the same steps that we told you about in the AirPrint option that is to hit location, share, whatever document you intend to print, and click on print. And after that within no time you will hear your printer print out your file and in your hands in no time.


Though some people find it difficult to connect to a printer, with some simple guidance and following some simple steps you can easily connect. So for your question of how to connect Canon printer to iPhone we hope that we helped you the most that we could.

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