How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop in 2022?

The essence of knowing how to run technology, especially technology that keeps evolving daily truly does not take a genius to know. With simple guides getting released here and there, you can very well figure out how to get anything up and going within no time, all it requires is a little patience and a small amount of time and practice daily from your side, besides that there’s nothing more to it.

However, if you do get through the tough task of knowing how to increase the usability even further by connecting your printers to your laptops, then it creates almost a seamless connection upon which you could search and print ou any photo that you desired in the world. Or print out one of your favorite stories. So let’s educate you on how to connect Canon printer to laptop and we got you.

And so does Canon, since the release of their brand, they dedicated themselves to serving their customers, knowing very well what we would want. Their printers ooze intelligence, class as well as a budget-cut price that won’t hurt your wallet ever. So least to say that Canon knows what they’re doing when it comes to printers and even more gadgets be it calculators or scanners or any other machinery produced by them.

Take into account that not all machinery gets the perfect label, and there will always be a small learning curve when it comes to getting the hang of anything that you start learning from scratch in this case, learning to connect printers to your laptops.

But this is where we jump into not only assist you but provide a step by step introduction to the company, the products they release, as well as the overall appearance and help that you need with a proper guide so that you do not ever feel lost in the abyss of connecting printers. So without making you wait any further, we hope that you enjoy your read, and let’s get into how to connect Canon printer to laptop.

Why Connect Canon Printer to Laptop?

There may as well be simple and similar issues that you would need to connect your printer. Therefore we will list some of the possible ones out for you.

Lagging issue

There will be times whenever you buy a new printer and bring it to your home, you get excited to open it, you open it and want to start using it but do not want to configure the printer to your laptop, this can cause lagging issues. If you do not seamlessly connect it to your laptop there will not only be delayed times in printing but as well as more issues to deal with such as longer wait times, unresponsive messages popping up too.


Sometimes the best way to get a hold of something is to fully learn about it, and for that, you want to connect your printer to your laptop, just for the reason that you do not want to wait a long time now do you? So to resolve that issue, a simple guide and connections get rid of that issue for you.


Oftentimes we want to get the work done easily and seamlessly but do not want to go through the trouble of actually learning how to get through that hurdle. The equivalent can apply to individuals who would prefer not to associate their printers to their workstations hence stop hassling from one point to another, and you will see the fruit of your rewards in front of you.

Connection using USB

We will now move on to the next segment when it comes to learning how to connect Canon printer to the laptop, so, therefore, you can easily print whatever your heart desires, so let’s learn to connect using USB.

  • The first essential step is to go ahead and walk over to your printer, and when you do, you will see the power button over there, and you want to press the power button to turn it off.
  • Taking any USB cable that you may have on hand, there are two ends, enter one end into the printer, and the other end on the laptop USB side, therefore get the best of the best experience and move onto the next step.
  • Now that you connect it using the wire, move on to the printer again and turn it on again. This will start with the printer and you now move on to the next steps.
  • Now on the “start” menu of the printer, click the dialogue box that says “devices and printers”, and that will open up another box that displays the message that says “add a printer”, and add a “local printer”, now over there select the name of your printer.
  • There will be a lot of different models and numbers there, so you can easily see the model on your printer and enter it into her wherever the box asks you to. This way once the name gets entered you won’t face any other further issues.
  • Or if you can’t seem to dot hat, manual labor of entering the name by yourself can solve the issue pretty quickly again.

Shared printer set up

Various more methods allow you to set up a simple printer that we told you about above, but some people want to set up a printer that they share perhaps with their family or with an office, for that reason we suggest following the shared printer set up guide for homegroup.

Homegroup is an app that can allow a printer to have various users have their profiles and through that, you can have not only privacy but extra fast printing speeds and times.

Setup homegroup

We feel like you may already have the homegroup connection up and running, but in case you do not, then make sure to check if you want and need to set it up, for that, the first thing that you need to do is hover your mouse over your taskbar, then click on “wireless connection”.

When you find the “homegroup” button, you will see the option to create a new homegroup, and you want to click on that. If one already lies there, then you will know it since the option to join won’t be available rather it will say “joined”.

If you do already have a homegroup set up, then hover your mouse over the “make a group connection” and press down on your mouse so that it selects that particular option.

When you go into the joining period of the homegroup page, then, at that point you will get asked by the dialogue box what kind of content you want to share with the printer, it will give various options ranging from photos and videos, to music, to any streaming media content, but you want to only select “Printers and Devices”.

After that, it will ask for a password entry, for that you might want to head into your windows settings and search for your homegroup password which will get provided to you instantly. And through that, you get the connection is done and running and now your family can officially use the printer too and so can you as it gets connection now.

Printer Issues

Sometimes what ends up happening is that you will discover that your printer despite everything runs into issues like the ones where it cant solve the issue of how to connect Canon printer to laptop and there may be several solutions to that. Since we want the best for you keep reading on to find out the best solutions if you face any issue when it comes to connecting the printer to your laptop.

One of the main solutions is to head into the settings of your printer and then figure out the issue from there manually. If you can’t find anything out about that, then go ahead and find out if there’s a bigger issue at hand and then go into your window’s settings and see if there are connections issues with your printer, and figure it out from there and follow the steps it asks you to solve it.

If still nothing works out, then it may as well be time to call up Canon headquarters, as they are the brand company that manufactures and delivers the products, they would have technical support agents at hand that would solve your issues within a minute. So for that reason, we highly recommend calling them up and asking them for extra guidance regarding this topic.

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Elegant printers, simplicity combined with eh utmost complexity, easy-to-use guides, as well as intelligence that oozes out of the Canon printers all speak of the brand that Canon is as a company.

Therefore we try out best to guide you in the difficult part that lies ahead when it comes to how to connect Canon printer to laptop.

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