How to Connect HP Printer to iPhone in Easy Steps

Let’s take into account how easy printers have made our lives. No matter what we say, no matter how much people may that life was more simple before technology, it indeed was, but it also means that the most common of printing abilities you weren’t able to do that since printers never existed. So it comes as no surprise when we say that HP printers or any printer but especially HP makes our lives easier for us.

One of the best ways that they make our lives easier is through a lot of methods but most importantly in the way they can work both wirelessly as well as through ethernet connections. Ethernet connections typically work best for the printers that are older in models therefore either do not have an LCD screen or any type of screen through which they can install drivers for wireless connectivity.

The main issue that people typically face is that they can not figure out how to connect HP printer to iPhone, especially these issues lies in the older generation, as they did not grow up with the realm of technology. That’s what HP printers are the best, as with the simplicity that they offer they make your life easier with how easily you can connect your HP printer to any kind of iPhone as well as making your prints come to life.

The elegance also shines through when it comes to HP PRINTER, as they seem extremely elegant and beautiful sitting on your desks or in your room too. So any difficulties that you face are now gone.

So if you face any issues on how to connect HP printer to iPhone, that is the main reason that we are here for you so that you do not need to face any issue due to us. Elementally as well as typically you can get your favorite pictures and any important files out within no time. So let’s get started with the article that you were waiting for.

Printers compatible with iPhone

Although you may want to know how to connect an HP printer to iPhone, it deems really important to get to know some of the models that would work with your iPhone, to see if your printer even is compatible with your iPhone. And this is also done so that you do not personally face any issues here on out.

HP Amp series: One of the best series of printers that got released by HP themselves. The printer not only delivers intelligence as they get advanced by the day, but they also do not go obsolete for ages and years on end since they get new updated software every month nearly. The new updates save you not only cost but also time and you do not need to buy a new printer every few months or even years.

Some of the models from the AMP series are the early 100s like the HP amp 100, HP amp 102, or the HP amp 103, as well as the HP amp 108. These are all earlier models of HP amp but that doesn’t mean that they lack in technology it’s just that they got released earlier.

Then comes the later 100s models of the HP amp series, which include the HP amp 120s like HP amp 120, HP amp 121, HP amp 125, HP amp 126, etc. these all deliver on their promises and are excellent little devices that give the best results for you.

HP CLX series: Released a little later as well as earlier in the series, these are more complex to use when it comes to people who do not know how to use printers, therefore this printer takes some to learn and get used to. Therefore you need to learn and experience a bit with a simpler printer before wanting to buy this one.

How to Connect HP Printer to iPhone?

Connection via SmartApp

Perhaps one of the easiest ways in which you can connect the favorite HP model of your printer to your iPhone is through the app that you can easily install to your iPhone. Make sure that the iPhone you use is more advanced than the iPhone 3GS, as models other than that and earlier than that do not support the HP SmartApp. So make sure to download the app first.

One of e easiest ways is to head to the AppStore which is a blue small icon with the letter “A” and once you click on the app, it leads you to the AppStore, and type in “HP smart app”, which will load the app and then you can click on the “Download” button and start downloading it.

The other easier way to download the app is through clicking a link called, which is like an online downloadable portal which when you got there links you to the HP smart app alternative route to download. Click on the download button. Once you download it, go to your settings and to “Trusted Services and Developers” and click on trust. This way you can now open the app.

Once you open up the app, you wanna head on to the “Select New Printer” option, an ad for some reason your app does not have that option. The reason this occurs is that despite your iPhone gets updated to the latest software, it depends on the region that you are in, and depending on that, sometimes the HP smart app will update alter on your area.

Once heading to the option, enter in the name as well as the model number of your HP printer, for example, if you own the HP amp series, enter in the amp model number then the name. After the connection got established, you now need to move on to the next step.

A lot of HP printers come as 3 in 1, meaning that they can act as three different devices. The devices are a photocopier, as well as a scanner as well as the main job of printing. You can do all that using the HP printer. So if you need to do any kind of printing, scanning, or copying, you can do that with ease using the smart app.

Now, you will need to establish the different settings based on documents. That you can do that easily too. Head to the home screen of your HP smart app, and from there, go to your printer meaning the one you set up, and then click on the small “i” option from there and head into the advanced option of your printer.

From there you can access detailed settings such as the color in which you want the printer to print your documents, as well as the paper size, meaning if you want to print on A4 sized paper, or A5 or b5 sized printers.

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Apple connections

We now head on over to the section where if somehow you can’t get access to the HP smart app, then you can also connect using the apple connection device. For that, keep in mind that all your printer gets loaded, the paper is in the tray, etc. after that, connect your iPhone and then through that, you will need to select all the different methods.

There are a lot of different options that you can easily select, which one of the first ones is the paper size. Head on over to the advanced settings on your iPhone, then go to the paper size option, and select whether you want to print A4 or any other size.

If you intend to use only the black ink cartridge, then you can also go to the option where it says “Black and White” or for some different iPhone devices, it will say “Greyscale”, then head on to that and select the option for greyscale printing.

Airprint option

Another simple connection to your iPhone is how to connect HP printer to iPhone is using the AirPrint method which makes it easy to connect your iPhone to your printer. For that, head on over to the small button at the bottom of your screen and click on share.

Then through that press on “Print”, once you complete that task you will get lead on to the next step which tells you to enter the name and model number of your printer, so once you do that, your printer’s driver will immediately configure with a model of your iPhone.

From that choose the paper size and any different fonts that you intend to change as well as any different advanced settings, then click on print and your printer will give you your file on hand.


We understand the frustrations that you might go through sometimes when it comes to any connections of printers, as they can indeed get tedious and time-consuming.

For this reason, we feel it becomes our responsibility to update you and guide you on how to connect HP printer to iPhone for safe and efficient printing.

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