How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer?

A printer has become a necessity for every house and small business owner. Undoubtedly, people like to use sublimation printers at home to print their favorite visuals on mugs, ceramics, and t-shirts. Besides all, if you want to own a business, whether small or big, you need a dedicated printer for bulk printing. Suppose you want to start your career in bulk printing for mugs, t-shirts, caps, and so on. What if you have another type of printer but not a sublimation printer. Don’t worry! The query: How to convert HP printer to sublimation printer has been resolved.

This ultimate guide will address the procedure to convert an HP printer to a sublimation printer without any trouble. Moreover, we will also discuss all the information you need to know before converting an HP printer to a high-quality sublimation printer. Let’s begin!

Can You Convert Any HP Printer To Sublimation Printer?

The one-word answer to this question is “No”. It’s impossible to convert any HP printer model to a sublimation printer because of many limitations. Recall that sublimation printing needs heat transfer and pressure to print the visual on your desired surface. Heat transfer paper and specialized sublimation dyes are used to perform this action.

Remember that only a few HP models are convertible to sublimation printers. Outdated and old HP models can’t be altered. The reason is that those printers are designed to print on paper, not on heat transfer paper or other surfaces.

Convert An HP Printer To A Sublimation Printer – Easy Steps

There is no lengthy procedure to convert a suitable HP printer to a sublimation printer; you just need to follow the exact steps. Check out the instructions below by which you can take the sublimation prints from your HP printer without any mess:

Step 1: Choose An HP Printer

The first step involves the selection of an HP printer. If you already have, you can check whether it’s convertible or not.

Step 2: Select The Ink Type

Selection of the right type of ink is necessary for sublimation printing. The reason is that the ordinary inks used in HP printers are unsuitable for sublimation printing. For this purpose, check the ink types, usage, and application, and select an ink based on these points.

Step 3: Change Printer’s Cartridge

Cartridge replacement is necessary to use dye-based inks in the printer. They are completely different from ordinary printing inks but available in several colors. Buying sublimation ink is not a big problem as you can do it online or by visiting the physical market. After purchase, remove the default HP cartridge and change the dyes.

Step 4: Change Ordinary Paper with Sublimation Paper

Sublimation printer only prints on specialized sublimation paper. Buy high-quality papers from the market. Only purchase top-quality sublimation papers; otherwise, you will get poor printing results.

Step 5: Install Sublimation Printer Driver

The next step is to install the compatible sublimation printer drivers based on the used printer type. You can download them from the official web or buy a CD from the market. Don’t forget to check the compatibility before installation.

Step 6: Obtain An Embedded CISS System

CISS is a new Continuous Ink Supply System for printers. It helps you get high-quality prints with vivid colors. Not only that, but it also reduces the cost of ink cartridges by consuming less ink. Find a suitable CISS system and attach it to the printer after reading the instructions.

Step 7: Test The Printer

You have done all the steps; now it’s time to test your newly converted sublimation printer. Take a print of any visual on sublimation paper, and heat press on the t-shirt or mug. Congrats! You have finally converted an HP printer to a sublimation printer in a few steps.

HP Printer Convertible For Sublimation Printing

If you are stuck with the HP printer that is convertible for sublimation printing, we have made your research easier. We have tested numerous models, inspected the print quality, and finalized some printers. Check out the list of top HP printers useful to convert into sublimation printers in the following:

1. HP Envy Photo 7855

It’s a quality all-in-all printer that features wireless printing from handheld devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Equipped with an average 2.7-inch touchscreen to control the working of the printer. It’s a budgeted printer, provides beautiful color prints, and works with the help of four dye-based ink cartridges.

2. HP Sprocket 200 Mobile Printer

It’s a reliable, compact, and lightweight printer that you can use anywhere. Features a free dedicated app to control the functions and offers Bluetooth compatibility. Print wirelessly or connect with a wire; all is easier with this printer.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8710

Print stunning graphics on paper using this universal printer. Comes with a high-quality 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen for control operations. Perfect for graphics work, and it’s based on four dye-based inks.

4. HP Smart Tank 720 All-in-one Printer

It’s a top-notch printer that simplifies the printing work. Compatible with mobile phones and perfect for dual-side printing without any interruption. You get more ink volume and less usage due to the latest technology.

5. HP DeskJet F4583 InkJet Printer

It’s an affordable printer with CISS technology. Highly affordable HP printer with high-speed Wifi connectivity. Use it in your office with a wired connection or take prints using a wireless connection; all you can do this with this universal printer.


Yes, InkJet printers are easily convertible to sublimation printers. The other steps are similar, but you must attach an embedded CISS system for proper ink supply. This way, you can convert any InkJet printer into a sublimation printer.

No, you can’t use all the printers for sublimation printing because of hardware and software limitations. Before conversion, you have to check the specifications, compatibility, and other details.

EcoTank printers are designed to have a high ink capacity and are easily convertible to a sublimation printer. You just need to change the cartridge and drivers, and you are good to go.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have shared all the details by which you can convert a suitable HP printer to a sublimation printer. I believe this article has cleared all your confusion and helped you make your HP printer ready for sublimation printing without any issues.

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