How to Fax Wirelessly from HP Printer? An Ultimate Guide

When we think of faxing, we might be taken back in time to older times when faxing was the most popular source of sending and receiving data. That might lead us to believe that faxing is an outdated option, right? Well, the truth couldn’t be further away from this. Even the latest printers nowadays are adding options for users to utilize fax options from their printers.

That’s right, there are printers with 4-in-1 features so you can copy, print, scan and fax from them. HP printers are at the forefront of this technology as their newer machines are incorporating it as well. However, the real question is, how to fax wirelessly from an HP printer? After all, sending a fax is not necessarily something we’re taught at school anymore and especially not a wireless one.

With conventional HP devices, you needed a wired connection to send or receive a fax. Mostly, it was phone lines that were used as the main means. However, the latest digital printers and printing technology have changed this idea. Now, you can easily send it via a high-speed internet connection. While newer HP printers aren’t the same as fax machines, thanks to the choice and option, you can easily use that as your specific function.

What are some of the main benefits of wireless faxes?

No longer do people have access to Ethernet or phone connections for the internet. nowadays most users will have Wi-Fi or some other wireless source of connection. This means that your fax machine seems way too outdated right? Well, that’s precisely where wireless faxing comes in. With this method, you can easily send a fax but not have to rely on anything other than your printer and internet connection.

Wireless fax options are also safer apart from being convenient. They have encryption on them so they can only be accessed in case you have the password or code that is needed. Once you type the code in, only then will the document or text be accessed. This is of course also something you’d expect in normal fax machines.

Another great reason why opting for wireless faxing is great is due to the idea that fax is considered far more formal and business-friendly. if someone sends a message via fax, you know it is bound to be serious and thus you can keep it separate from any other internal communication within your company.

You will save the environment with wireless faxing. Long gone are the days when you needed paper to send one fax to another location. Now, with an internet connection, your fax machine will gain access to your email. This means that is directly where your data gets sent. Not only is this better for the environment but also much better when it comes to your data privacy.

We will let you know exactly how to fax wirelessly from an HP printer but that’s not all. We have also added in the important printer requirements needed to execute this. You will also get a sneak peek at an alternative method that can be used apart from our main method.

Before you get to send fax wirelessly from an HP printer, you also need to be made aware of the right sort of printer requirements needed to achieve this in the first place. So, let’s go over these to make sure we are doing everything according to set standards.

What are the printer requirements on how to fax wirelessly from an HP printer?

To successfully learn how to fax wirelessly from your HP printer, you need to make sure that the printer you have is the latest HP model. This means they need to include a wireless network card possible on newer models that have a wireless network card. The other thing you need is a device that accepts internet connectivity.

So, if your printer wants to send fax wirelessly, it needed to be able to connect to a wireless network first. Only then will you be able to send a fax without any wires. This is an important distinction since older HP devices could only send faxes via some sort of wired connection such as a phone or Ethernet connection.

If you have an HP device that is not wireless-enabled, then you need to set your sights on opting for an alternative method instead. This method certainly is more of a run-around option but it can be accomplished by scanning your document on the HP printer and then saving it to your device. After this is accomplished, that’s when we get to the alternative method.

So, what is this alternative method?

This alternative method is more of a loophole and surprisingly doesn’t require any printer at all. It should be used if your device doesn’t meet the printer requirements we have listed above. The alternative method is to use an online service to send a fax instead. These services are mostly free and can be used by anyone.

Here is what you need to do to execute this:

  • First, you will log onto Google and search for various fax options. Once you have chosen one, then you can begin the procedure to send a fax wirelessly.
  • Then, select a document you want to send via fax, that is compatible with the internet such as PDFs or Docs.
  • You must then use your printer to scan this paper document onto your device. Once it is on the computer, then it can be attached to the online fax service.
  • After this, simply attach it, and for this next part, you need to know the fax number you are sending it to. Type it in, and press send.

That’s it, your fax has been sent wirelessly.

How to Fax Wirelessly from an HP printer?

We will now move onto the actual method of how to fax wirelessly from an HP printer. As long as you’ve made sure that your printer meets the printer requirements for wireless connection, you can proceed with this.

You need to be certain that the computer and printer are connected and also to the same network. Also, make sure that they are switched on. In most cases, your HP printer will already be connected to your home network, and in that case, it is ready to fax.

Here are the steps to follow in case your HP printer is a new one and not connected to any wireless network yet:

  • Your first step will be to add your document that will be faxed in your paper tray. Add some sort of information that lets the receiving end know it is your fax.
  • Once this is done, you can then proceed to click on the Fax setting and then add in the number you have for the receiving end. This is a vital piece of information needed to send fax wirelessly.
  • Then click on the Start option and the printer will suck in the paper to scan it. Once it has been scanned it will then send your document to the receiving end with the aid of your wireless connection.
  • You will find that as long as it meets the necessary prerequisites, your HP printer is more than capable of sending a fax without an Ethernet or phone line connection.

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In all regards, it can be quite beneficial to learn how to fax wirelessly from an HP printer. However, as we have found out with today’s article, it is only possible with certain newer models.

Now, you know all the basics and specifics on the topic and can make the most out of your HP printer experience.

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