How to Fix Ink Cartridge Not Recognized Canon

If you are a kid that belongs to the age of lower 30 or even if you are over the age of 30, you may already know the main purpose of a printer. A machine that prints our documents and makes our lives immensely easy. It makes sure we get our articles done in time, and that we don’t face any issues when it comes to dealing with difficult problems, our only way out is our printer without which we would be nowhere.

So it’s anything but a shock that for a machine that should be this clever, it still faces some kind of issues here and there, and naturally, some of them relate to ink cartridge issues. What happens is that the ink cartridge either gets stuck or it’s from a third-party source due to which the official Canon printer refuses from recognizing that you put in an ink cartridge when you already did.

So in those situations, what does one do? Although there are many solutions, it can get extremely tedious to figure out what solutions to actually do, and what kind of information is fully accurate. So, for this reason, you came to the right article.

In this article, we will tell you part by part how to fix ink cartridges not recognized Canon, and work through the entire process of helping you from start to finish, so that you don’t ever face any issues with ink cartridges ever again. But beware, even after reading this, the main solution needs your help to attend it, so stay cautious when it comes to electrical outputs.

Problems With Cartridge

Now that we got the introduction out of the way, let’s slowly make our way to realize why and how to fix ink cartridge not recognized Canon, and some of the reasons that may cause your cartridge issues.

Protective strips

The first issue is that whenever you buy any kind of new printer, there will be protective strips installed on the printer, due to which whenever you stall a cartridge it can stop the printer from recognizing due to safety reasons. So the first issue can be the simplest one but a lot of people do not even know that it might be the cause of their issue in the first place. Therefore take care of that.

Memory Reset

Your printer should have the option to set the memory that lies internally whenever you install a new cartridge, but sometimes that can mess up and stop automatically resetting the memory. Therefore you may not do it yourself and see if it’s working then, if not move to the next reason the ink cartridge might not work.

Insertion Wrong

Yet another one of the simplest problems that might cause the issue is that since there are specific slots that the ink cartridge needs to connect to get recognized, you might not have fully inserted the cartridge and that might cause the issue of not getting recognized.

Wrong model

Usually, Canon printers would recommend you to buy the compatible ink carriages for you, but since the text is too small, you might end up buying the wrong ink cartridge needed for your printer. So make sure to keep in mind to read the model when it comes to putting down the model number.


Sometimes another issue that occurs is that the place where you need to palace your cartridge either has dust or debris in it due to natural environments, so you may need to further clean the contact points so that the ink cartridge can get fully recognized, if not, then move on to the next possible problem there might be.


Usually, whenever you bring your new printer home, the printer has gotten updated to the latest software, but sometimes when that happens, it can render the ink cartridge software to display a message that says that your cartridge is “empty” or “unfilled”, therefore that might attain to yet another bigger issues at hand so take that into hand whenever it comes to dealing with ink cartridges.

How to Fix Ink Cartridge Not Recognized Canon?

Now we will tell you about some of the possible solutions and precautionary steps that you can take to ensure that you do fall into the trap of an ink cartridge problem ever again. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Reset Memory

The first main step that you need to take is to reset your printer’s memory and to do that you can follow the steps we will tell you about. Taking your old cartridge and fitting it in the slot should prompt your printer to clean the memory, if not, then take out every ink cartridge and shut off the power of your printer.

Remove the wire from the outlet in your wall, this step is crucial so that your printer doesn’t stay in sleep mode. After that, putting your newer ink cartridge in the slot, then replugging and restarting your printer should essentially solve any problem that you face.

Clean contacts

One of the safest methods to ensure that the printer recognizes your inks cartridge is to get rid of any debris or dust present on your metal contact points. For that, take out your caring, place it anywhere safe, then also unplug your printer from your outlet to ensure no electricity sparks and causes any damage.

After that taking a fine microfiber cloth or a small soft-bristled toothbrush, you can *extremely* gently swipe away at any present dust. The bristles will ensure that every spot is reached fully and that you face no problem in cleaning up the contact points. Once you’ve done that, before restarting and powering on your printer, reinsert your ink cartridge, and then restart your printer, then power it on.

This should help tighten up the connections with the metal points and get everything flowing smoothly, and your printer should now recognize the issue and resolve it.

Contact Canon support

If nothing else helps no matter what you’ve tried, it might be time to call up Canon headquarters and ask them for extra needed assistance, so do that. They should tell you how to fix ink cartridges not recognized Canon.

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In conclusion and essence, we can truly say that owning and maintaining a printer is no easy feat, you need to get through a lot of difficult obstacles to get through to the main issue.

And in helping you decide and work your way out is why we are here, to ensure that you don’t face any issues, so with that, we take our parting.

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