How To Make Art Prints for Etsy in 2022?

Do you want to make money by taking advantage of your art skills? But you don’t find an excellent platform to promote it. Right? Have you ever heard about Etsy? It is a vast online forum that connects buyers to sellers, specifically those who want to buy arts and sell arts and crafts. Let’s begin with the word why, why you want Etsy to sell your art prints and make money.

Because this is a vast and authentic platform with enormous or even unlimited customers ready to hire you or buy your art prints. Thus, this is one of the most accessible platforms that even a beginner can adopt. If you go for the search tab and type ‘art prints,’ I bet you will find a massive list of sellers with 1000s of reviews which simply means they yet sell a lot of their art stuff.

However, due to a lot of competition, you must be different to attract people to your artwork. We recommend you to be in trend and take note of motifs that circulates in the market. You can make a new and own version of these trending motifs so that more n more people stick around you. To see what’s most searched, you can type on search bar art prints and grab keywords from there to match if that’s what you tried to make.

How to Make Art Prints for Etsy: Simple Methods

First things first, you need to sign in for Etsy and make your account. There are 2 broad ways by which you can send your art to the buyers; one is to handle the printing, framing, and shipping on your own, which means you will need a good quality printer, ink, high-end paper, and proper shipping method. This method can be a little hectic for you or even for beginners because you have to take care of every detail to avoid losing star ratings.

Another way is to hire a manufacturer partner that will deal with all the steps between design and customer. They will readily be available to print and ship your arts and craft for you without letting you struggle outside your comfort zone. A few famous names falling in the list of best third-party printers are Printful, Gooten, and Printify.

It would not be wrong to say that the second option is terrific for beginners and, in fact, everyone who doesn’t have any sources to buy a printer, scanners, and shipping method. Now let’s discuss how to make art prints for Etsy. Well, there are three options to make and sell your artwork online; these are defined below:

Physical Prints

These types of prints are pieces of your artwork that are directly shipped to the buyer. In this type of print, the owner or the seller has more control over the printing quality than the other two methods. But most of the sellers don’t follow it because it can cause many expenses like printing expenses, buying high-end ink and paper, Packaging and shipping method, etc.

Moreover, if you are running out of space, this isn’t the method because you have to save shipping and inventory supplies. Shipping methods are a mess nowadays; it is becoming more n more challenging to do it individually.

See some of the best printers for giclee prints which you can sell online to make a good amount of money.

Digital Downloads

Digital print allows the customer to buy your art print and go for the printing method independently. These are kind of easiest methods with no shipping items adopted by many of the buyers. Also, this method is a way to earn passive income as you just have to make it once and can sell it over n over again to many of the buyers. The most significant disadvantage of this method is that your work is prone to get stolen easily.

It can be a higher risk of your customers getting confused between the physical item or digital item. You will need an excellent digital camera with a tripod and a macro lens for this kind of selling. The only work you are bound to do is to make the quality of the digital work better so that the customer can print it easily by themselves. By adopting this way of selling, you just have to upload your digital file from your Etsy account and watch your sales roll in.

On-Demand Prints

Getting your artwork, printable, or bespoke things printed on demand is one of the most popular methods of getting them made. Even though some Etsy shops sell printed products in stock, most of them work with a third party or simply print-on-demand once a consumer has purchased something.

Your home office will be less cluttered, and you can be confident that your product is top-notch. For some prints, you’ll need a lot of power; in that case, you must hire a third-party manufacturer to deal with the further steps.

If you want to get a printer that can help you to make custom stickers that you can sell on Etsy then check out this guide.

Is selling prints o Etsy profitable?

You can conveniently sell print items on Etsy without ever having to ship anything! Because you only need to make them once, and you can sell them an unlimited number of times, making them printable on Etsy can be a significant benefit. Yes, we are talking about digital art prints; this can be a simple source of passive income and is considered the most straightforward way on Etsy nowadays that saves much of your money spent on inventory and shipping earlier.


After knowing how to make art prints on Etsy, you can easily make money out of your art skills. So, why waste your talent when you have a great platform like these. If you are confused about making or logging in to Etsy being a beginner, you can search for the easiest way to sign in. We hope this article helped you in finding what you were looking for.

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