How to Make Your Own Water Slide Decal Paper

During the days when everyone seems to be free and bored out of their minds trying to figure out a way to cure their boredom, suddenly people get the thought that they might all of a sudden ant to personalize their items. Be it a wooden plank to something as big as your bed that you intend to personalize; it always gives a sense of ownership when you make something entirely your own.

Therefore after getting the excitement and the adrenaline rushing, now what do you do? How do you even begin the process of personalizing your project? Some people think to slap on a custom sticker and call it a day, but that can easily smudge off and leave a sticky residue that won’t come off. There is also the issue of dust collecting around the sticker and therefore ruining your masterpiece.

So what do you do? Essentially you would go for the process of dealing, and sure, you can come from the market and slap that onto any product, but where is the fun in that? If you want to go out, you go full out, and for that, you want to create a custom decal for your item. So how do you do it? Before you head onto any first website you come across, could you give us a read for the perfect info?

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We will help you step by step on making your own water slide decal paper, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of needing to research on your own because we have got you in this regard. So without further ado or any wait, let’s tell you a bit about how to not only make your paper but also make everything that you own in your house yours with your branding and personalized touch to it, so you can genuinely feel a sense of ownership.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making Your Own Water Slide Decal Paper

Now, before you can even think about how to make your own water slide decal paper, keep a few things in mind that is necessary for the key to a perfect result.

Firstly, a water slide decal paper is the design through which you only need water to transfer the decal onto any object such as woof or glass too, and it can be a tedious process.


You will need to have a lot of patience because this project requires your utmost attention and patience. Drying times and waiting for the decal to thoroughly soak in water and the application process can all take some time, so be aware of that before jumping to any conclusions.


You always need to have access to a sealer at hand to seal your decal at the end and so that it doesn’t peel off and leave a weird streak.


You need to keep in mind what type of surface you want to put the decal on, as some surfaces work better than others; for example, woodworks are better than a marble surface.

How to Make Your Own Water Slide Decal Paper

Now that we’ve gotten over a few things that you need to keep in mind, now is the correct time to te back on track with learning how to complete the process of how to make your brown water slide decal paper. So without any further waiting, let’s me tell you about it.

So for our examples, we will primarily focus on working on wood surfaces as decals tend to stick way better on them but keep in mind the same techniques we will tell you, you can apply to any surface.

1. First, choose the design you intend to stick on to the wooden surface, and after that, log onto your laptop and print a sample size on A4 regular paper to see what size you will require to stick onto your surface.

2. Now, you will need to get your hands on some decal paper that deems itself to be water transfer; the paper will also appear lossy, so make sure when you print your design on the paper, you don’t smudge it.

3. So to prevent the smudging from occurring, you need to seal it before applying it. For that, acrylic sealer or Mod Podge can work just as well, so apply a good coat, then wait a minute or two before applying one or two more, then wait for half an hour to let it fully dry.

4. Cut out your shape, making sure to stay as close to the edges as possible, and after that, soak your decal in some warm water for a few minutes to allows the paper to disappear, leaving it on your decal.

5. On your surface, apply a drop or two of water, then take your decal out of the warm water and slowly slide the decal off from the backing of the paper onto your surface, then you can use the help of the water on the surface to perfectly align your decal how you wish it.

6. Taking the help of tissue, you now don’t want any liquid on the surface, soak off any excess water and make sure your design is placed correctly.

7. Once the item is dehydrated, using any lacquer or sealer, spray from a safe distance one coat of sealer, then allow the decal to dry. Once dry, repeat the application of the sealer process a few times, ideally 2 or 3 more times to ensure that the decal is wholly fixed into place and won’t budge at all.

8. You can find a way to get rid of the clear backing on which the ink gets present; for that, taking harder grit sandpaper, apply slow pressure to get rid of the clear backing, and you will be left with only the ink. Once that is done, apply another layer of lacquer or sealer, and your decal is thoroughly done.

9. You can leave everything alone for a few hours so that the overall process can properly take place and the decal won’t budge no matter what. After that, make sure not to touch the decal as much as you can, but it’s acceptable and safe to touch, no matter.

Watch this video version of making your own water slide decals:


Now that the article is entirely done, ensure that you’ve gotten all the necessary information you need set in mind before starting any project.

And now that you know how to make your own water slide decal paper go ahead and have fun wholly personalized your objects and increasing your love for your items. Happy decal!

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