How To Print Shipping Labels 2022 | Complete Guide

When you work in the publishing industry, you know how to print documents, so you can also print shipping labels. Online shopping for online merchants is a cost-effective way to take hold of the shipping procedures. All the main carriers in the business allow you to sign up for and reach their service by online processes most of the time at discounted rates. 

A digital sending service is an easy way to compare these discounts and services and makes a task easy to opt for the best service that is ideal for you. 

All it needs to start this business of print shipping labels online is to have a sheet of paper and reach a printer. 

A few other office essentials and steps are needed to see how easy the process is.

What is Shipping Label

A shipping label is used to identify that helps explain and specify what is inside the package or parcel. Shipping labels come in various types depending on the carrier you opt for, but these labels will explain the aspects like names, addresses, weight, and tracking barcodes.  

How to Print Shipping Labels

Most of the well-known shipping carriers provide ways to print shipping labels. The alternative method is to sign up for the shipping service to access more and more carriers’ discounts and services. Pitney Ship subscriptions begin at 4.99$ per month to print the labels for shipping.

Opt The Best Way To Print Shipping Labels

When it comes to opting for the best label for shipping labels in your desired budget and desired results, various options are available. 

Option 1: you can print shipping labels using a thermal label printer and adhesive 4X6 labels. The open is in the higher price range but is easy to use as it does not need a toner rink, and the appearance of the labels is also professional.

Option 2: the other alternative way to print shipping labels is with the regular printer and standard size paper of 8.5 X11 inch measurement. The option is very cheap, and most budget-minded sellers and publishers opt for the process. 

Option 3: Print the shipping labels with the regular printer, and half sheet adhesive labels are required. You should not invest in the thermal label printer but instead cut and tape paper. This option is best as it is easy and cost-effective.

Measure and Weigh, Print Twice

To get the best results, you should avoid the refund process by printing the shipping labels right from the very initial time with having all the necessary specifications in your hand. 

  • Verification of your addresses
  • Measurement of package dimensions
  • Weigh the package

The most important benefit of signing up in the Pitney Ship is that the software verifies and proves all shipping addresses are accurate and comes with free scale automatically.

Print Shipping Label

Following are the necessary steps in printing shipping labels in inline processes, and PitneyShip particularly adopts these steps. 

  • Follow the instant responses to form your shipping labels
  • Enter the addresses of recipients or opt from the address bok
  • Opt for the specific package type and enter its data and information
  • Select the service type and dates like USPS, FedEx, or priority mail
  • Choose the additional services you want to opt for
  • At the end of the list, pick the option of print; the options for the label screen will open
  • In the Select a print size option, select either plain paper or roll paper
  • Write a brief note to modify your label, as this step is optional but offers a nice touch in labeling
  • For the verification of the print, select the print sample, and verification that the label aligns accurately will be done
  • In the new tab, the sample label will appear. Print it as it is and monitor the alignment and data
  • Now opt for the print, and your selected label will open as a PDF
  • The label can be printed with any printer, and you can easily reach it through your computer or your android mobile. 

Where To Print Shipping Labels Without Printer

Without using a printer, you can print the shipping labels at an office supply store,  the local library, or any other location where printing services are offered. Only the basic thing you should have in your hand is the digital shipping label, as PiyneyShip offers a free mobile app that provides you to reach the shipping history. You can easily print your shipping labels no matter where ever you are. 

Stick, Send Cut, Tape, and Send

Similar tips are needed, whether you use standard paper or adhesive labels to print the shipping labels. 

  • Stick the label in such a place where it will be easy for the carrier to see and scan
  • Ensure that the label adheres to security. If you are using paper, then avoid taping over the bar codes
  • The label should not extend over the sides of the package

Frequently Asked Questions

The shipping labels can be printed and generated on the Click-N-Ship online tool.

Most of the shipping labels in many companies are free to print, but you still need to pay for additional services and postage services like tracking and shipping insurance options.

You can use the tape over shipping labels as long as the tape is clear and the shipping address and barcode are fully visible.


So to conclude, shipping labels may look like tiny and simple pieces of the business and eCommerce puzzle, but they are cruiial to inbound and outbound logistics fields. These labels are essential for online store success and client satisfaction. Shipping labels are important tools for sharing information with your supply chain. It helps people understand the status of the packages and their origin with the help of technology and the package’s destination. 

Therefore, the orders can be lost and mishandled without clear labels on the packages, thus creating a bad experience, damaging the brand reputation, and losing sales.

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