How to Print with Color Ink Only When Black is Empty Canon?

We’ve come a far way when it comes to printers and printing services. In the past, we had to rely on printing shops to get our tasks done. However, with more affordable options, we find that you can easily own a printer yourself. However, one thing that hasn’t changed entirely from earlier times is the importance of black and white prints.

While a lot of different models of printers come with various print cartridges, we will still end up using black and white printers the most. This is because the text is usually in black print and for that, you need a steady supply of blank ink. So, an evident issue with this is that you are liable to run out of the ink of your black cartridges well before the color cartridges are finished.

If you have a Canon printer and this happens to you, you will find that you have to wait to add a new black ink cartridge before you can resume printing again. However, that just won’t do when you have assignments or work piling up.

So, today, we are going to highlight how to print with color ink only when black is empty for Canon devices. Why should you have to wait to resume your printing if just the black ink has run out? While this article is geared towards Canon users, you will find that it solves the same issue regardless of what brand you are using.

It works just as well for Epson, Brother, LG, HP, Dell, and more! So, if you want to print monochrome documents and images using the rest of the color inks, then you can easily read through this article to find out how.

How to print with color ink only when black is empty for Canon?

The process to achieve this is slightly different for a Windows OS device and one with Mac OS so we will be discussing both separately.

Now, without further ado, here’s how to print with color ink only when black is empty in Canon for windows:

  • First, you need to figure out what the options state for your specific printer. You need to take the black cartridge out of the printer and then attempt to print. However, the entire dilemma is that a lot of printers cannot start printing till all the cartridges are placed where they need to be! That’s why this process can vary depending on your model.
  • After you’ve figured that out, you can then create a word document that needs to be printed and click on both Control and P keys from your keyboard. You will see your Canon printer in the list, choose it from there.
  • Once your printer has been selected, you can then go on selecting the option for Printer Properties.

It will show an option for Grayscale. You need to select this and after that, your prints will be coming out solely in black and white. Click on OK after that.

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Canon or not; these printer properties and Grayscale options exist in all printers. So, the process will be similar no matter what.

Now, that we know exactly what to do for Windows, let’s look at the steps for Mac OS:

  • Your first step will be to again, open a Word document that you want to print. then you will click on the Command and P keys together and this will get you to the Print options.
  • After this, you will go to the option for Copies and Pages, and once there, click on Paper Type or Quality.
  • You will find a triangle for Color Options. Select it.
  • After this, you will select Grayscale from the Color drop-down menu.
  • Finally, all you have to do is click on the option for print and your document will come out as a monochrome one.

It might be surprising to get monochrome from colors however, all the colors inside your printer can be mixed to form black in the end. This is an excellent guide for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money exclusively on black ink when they run out.

The other best part is that it applies to any printer as long as you have a mixture of color cartridges and inks at your disposal. While the method is slightly different on Windows and Mac, the result is the same; a method to print with color ink only when black is empty.

Alternatively, if you want to learn how to print with only the color ink, then here are the steps to achieve that:

  • Go to the printer’s option or utility settings.
  • After this, right-click on the printer of your choice and go to its Properties.
  • On the left side, you will see settings for printer options, click on it. Then, navigate down to where it says Printer Features Common section and that’s where you can switch the Ink Set option to Color.
  • Finally, just apply these settings and now your printer will only use colors to print.

In case you’ve tried out the steps and guidelines, we’ve provided for you above and you are still having trouble with this process, we recommend that you contact Canon customer and support services for further guidance. They will be better able to help solve the issue. The contact information will vary depending on what country you’re from.

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In the end, it is vital to understand that most of these steps will apply to all printers regardless of their brand or model. All you need to be sure of is how to change these settings for your specific operating system. With that, we hope that our guide on how to print color ink only when black is empty for Canon has been an insightful one.

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