How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge?

Nowadays, the biggest thing in our lives is the need to go wireless, get more technologically advanced, get the newest gadget here and there. And in that mess of technology, we also realize that we run after buying the latest model of the printer. And in the middle of various models of printers that get introduced every single day, we get the trustworthy Canon too.

Canon as a company knows its ins and out when it comes to the art of knowing the best printers to release, they built a strong connection between them and their consumers and knew what they wanted, so, therefore, got accustomed to getting the best of the best out for us. But naturally with the ink cartridges here and there you can tend to get stuck in some minor issues sometimes and that can get easily resolved.

But it deems important that you take the precautionary measures that you should properly work out a conscious solution, as printers are no joke, you can’t afford to miss any step out and fear ruining the risk that you will press the wrong button and mess up your printer.

And just for that reason, you don’t need to worry about anything, as we will take the responsibility on our shoulders and guide you from point A to point B which is your final destination about how to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge, one of the best printer models available out there. So without any further hesitation, we shall begin the article.

Why Should you Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge?

There can be a myriad of reasons why you would want to reset the ink and might be looking into how to reset Canon Pixma ink cartridge. Even if you may or may not know what to do in the current situation, we need to look into the main cause of the problem, so let’s take a deep dive into why you might want to reset your ink cartridges for better results.

Quality issues

One of the main reasons that you may want to look into resetting and reinserting your ink cartridges is if you see a sudden drop in the quality of the ink on your documents. Sometimes what occurs is that due to bad reset issues, the ink can become splotchy, or stop working altogether. So maybe that is one of the main reasons you might want to look into resetting.

Ink not working

Let’s take this small example: you come home from your work or school and need to get an assignment or a document printed, what do you do? You will turn on the printer and get the printer started. But you see that your document prints out as blank. The solution of that is simple, which is to get up and search up how to reset the ink cartridges, as they need to work properly which they are not.

Recognition issues

Yet another bigger problem at hand that you can sometimes come face to face with is that whenever you get ready to print any paper of yours, your printer will display a message that says that it can not recognize the ink cartridge. And in those situations, the solution lies right in front of your eyes which is to simply replace and reset the ink cartridges.

How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge?

Now we split our roads and drive down the roads of actually getting to know how to reset Canon Pixma ink cartridge. As far as we know, there are two or three trusted solutions that you might wanna take that can give you foolproof results in less than a few minutes, so without further ado, let’s get into reviewing some of the possible ways you can get yourself out of a sticky situation.

Main method

This is one of the main ways to reset the ink solutions. The first thing you should attempt is that you will click on the power button for turning off your printer. After that, you will see a small red triangle or circle with the word “reset” or “stop” on it, keep pressing that while pressing on the power button too, then leave the reset button, and after that press the power button total of twice.

Now have patience for a few seconds until your LCDLCDs display the word “0”, and that is your cue to press the reset button a total of four times. Then, at that point, force the button two times, and will provoke the reset component to get working for your printer. Once this task is done, you should restart your printer by simply slowly pressing the power button. Now your printer is fully reset.

Now, for resetting the ink cartridge itself, first, unplug all the connections of your printer from the back of the outlet, and slam open the ink door. Then while holding the ink cartridge you will need to shut on the power button again, the open door will prompt the printer to pick it up as a new cartridge and therefore it will factory reset the ink cartridge in total.

Second method

One of the easiest other methods is to remove the ink cartridge from its main position and replug it back in, making sure that it hits all the contact points of the resetter so that your printer recognizes the ink cartridge as “new”. If that doesn’t work, move on to our next method.

Final Method

If all else fails, there is the final method after which your printer will lose all its settings but your cartridge will get reset. For that head on to the Canon printer menu, and from there you will see the display message at the bottom of the screen, if you scroll down it says “factory reset”, click on that, and once you do that, your cartridge is reset.

But after that, you will need to go through the hassle of reissuing the printer connectivity all over again. So be aware of the final solution, only do it when you have no final resort left.


Now that everything is out of the way, we hope that we guided you through the reset process of how to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge. Make sure to take safety measures when dealing with printers, as they are delicate objects. And with that done, have fun printing.

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