How to Sublimate on Woods?

We often have the question, “Can sublimation on wood?” And the answer is yes; sublimation can be done on numerous metals and materials, including wood. Sublimation on wood is possible, but it opens up a whole new world of stunning and precise products.

If you want to wood sublimation, you may need to use wood that has a polymer coating that permits it to comprehend the sublimation ink more effectively.

 I’ll check a few different methods you could sublimate on wood in this article if you’re looking for a unique way to sublimate a design onto your wood, read on to recognize the factors you’ll want to recall for the quality consequences.

What do you Need to Sublimate on Wooden?

Set your heat press at 385 F for 60 seconds and place a piece of parchment paper on the bottom plate of your press. Place the wood slices at the warmed-up heat-press, then place a thermal laminating sheet over the wood slices. The laminating sheet has to expand beyond all the edges of the wood slices.

How to sublimation on wood?

The first step would be preparing the wood that you have for sublimation. If you have poly-lined wood, you can completely sublimate it immediately, but if no longer, you will want a laminating system and laminating paper. You’ll want to laminate the side of the wood that you may be sublimating, which means that while you laminate it, the shiny facet of the laminating paper has to be on top of the wooden aspect you need to sublimate.

Then, after laminating the wood, you can trim the extra laminating paper away. That is when it is prepared for sublimation.

Get your layout ready by printing out your design using a sublimation printer and some sublimation paper. You don’t simply have to use unique ink for wood because the laminating paper will help the ink stick on the wood just high-quality.

Place the design face down on top of the area of the wood you are sublimating. If you have a cut-out piece of wood with a design, you’ll want to cover everything with a few pieces of paper on the top and bottom of the wood and the sublimation paper. This way, when the design is transferred during the sublimation procedure, it gained’t be shared on your tabletop.

Use the ideal pressure and heat setting to your sublimation ink with your heat-press, and press it on top of the sublimation paper.

After a couple of minutes, remove the heat press and wait for the wood to cool down before putting off the sublimation paper. The design is successfully transferred to your wood surface.

Are you able to sublimate On Painted wood?

Okay, as you guessed, you may sublimate on painted wood. However, not each form of wood is created equal. For natural wood that has been painted, the heat and pressure prompted throughout the heat press process will purpose the pores of the wood to open and the natural wood grain to rise.

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Even after the wood has been painted, you will still see a little bit of the natural wood color shining through. This will create a rustic search for your typical design while still letting the design’s colors shine, so if you love this look, you could still test with this.

The quality painted wood to sublimate is MDF, considering it is engineered wood with no natural wood grain. After being painted white, MDF wood can permit the layout’s hues to be polished, and you may get a colorfast result with lovely colorful colorations. There are lots of ways to play around with sublimation and painted wood. Depending on the paint color, you can get unique effects on your layout, so don’t be afraid to test along with your material, paint color, and design to get the quality outcomes.

 Are you able to sublimate On Stained wood?

Sublimation additionally works on stained wood, so long as you use polymer-covered wood or observe the identical lamination procedure. But, we’ve established that the natural wood grain will still shine through the sublimation design even after the heat press method. 

You shouldn’t expect the layout to have identical colorations as when it is on the sublimation paper page. This is not always an awful aspect, of course. You can play around with the stain shade and the layout and comprise the wood grain into the layout elements to get a pleasant result.

A general rule that you must use is to apply lighter wood with lighter designs and darker wooden with darker designs. By This method, colors won’t be distorted after the sublimation procedure, and the wood and the layout can complement each other after the sublimation procedure.


Use the ‘wood 195°C/385°F-tables’ to sublimate Hardboard, MDF, and MR-MDF panels. Instances are equal if you sublimate gloss, semi-gloss or matte panels, except for the textured completed panels.

Steps to Sublimation on Wood           

Prepare Wood Blank. If you’re painting it, sand and paint it and let it dry between coats

  • Print Design on Sublimation Paper
  • Prepare Wood Blank and Transfer·
  • Heat Press Sublimation on Wood

Heat the heat press to 400 degrees and set the timer for 30 seconds. Spray the piece of wood with one soft coat of sublimation spray. Make sure to cover all areas. Modify the heat press to medium pressure.


Wood is a famous material in indoor layout and decor. Sublimation printing is a quick and smooth procedure to transfer a design to a blank surface, and you may see sublimation printing very frequently in textiles production and papercrafts.

In this article, I discussed all the essential information regarding how to sublimate on wood? So go through the article, and I hope this informative guide will be helpful for you.

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