How To Use A Sublimation Printer With Cricut?

I started my sublimation printing career long ago, and it’s really nice to see the updated technology to merge two types of printing. Yeah! I’m talking about sublimation printers with Cricut. Cricut sublimation printing has revolutionized the whole printing world of professionals and DIYers. Nevertheless, people still want to know how to use a sublimation printer with Cricut.

Sublimation printers play a critical role as they are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. You can get laser-like precision prints on different materials and are completely independent to create unmatched sublimation Cricut prints.

This ultimate guide will address how to use a sublimation printer with a Cricut printer and everything you need to know about a Cricut sublimation printer. Let’s begin!

What Is Sublimation To Cricut?

If we talk about the sublimation process, it means the conversion of the solid-state to vapor directly. The design printing t-shirt best explains this process using the method of heat process on a piece of fabric. Simply, a sublimation printer transfers the design from sublimation paper to the targeted fabric.

Well, sublimation printing allows you to print on several kinds of fabrics, ceramics, and more with the use of a heat press. You can even print t-shirts as a DIYer at your home in an imaginable way.

On the other hand, Cricut printing involves the dye sublimation process utilizing Cricut cutters. It’s an updated solution of dye-based inks or infusible inks to get more variety in sublimation printing. In short, you get more vivid colors, variety, and independence to take print using the sublimation process.

How To Do Sublimation With Cricut: Introduction

Sublimation with Cricut has simple steps. You have to choose the right sublimation printer as per your requirements. You can also go with sublimation Cricut printers now available in the markets easily. After that, you have to load the visual design, cut it using infusible ink, and transfer it to the fabric in a few steps. Keep in mind that the Cricut printing allows the print to evaporate after heat press, and the design remains on the t-shirt.

Instructions To Sublimate with Cricut – Step-by-step Guide

Sublimation to Cricut does not require top-notch printing skills. You only need to understand the basics.

Important Material & Supplies

  • A quality sublimation printer
  •  Sublimation paper
  • Cricut infusible ink sheets
  • Heat press machine
  • Lint roller
  • Material (you want to take print on)

Step 1: Set up The Blade Adapter To Cricut Machine

First, choose a quality blade adapter and connect it with your Cricut machine. If you are using an old Cricut machine, check the blades, and replace them if found dull.

Step 2: Install The Cutting Mat In Cricut Machine

Pick up and place the cutting mat in the Cricut machine with proper care. Keep in mind that the printing surface should face you.

Step 3: Verify Print Settings

Now it’s time to attach it to the sublimation printer. Insert the sublimation printer and check all the printing settings according to your needs and requirements.

Step 4: Select The Design

Hundreds of thousands of designs are available online, or you can create your own customized design. Just choose a design that you want to print on the desired fabric.

Step 5: Cut The Design

Remember that you need to cut the design thoroughly while sublimating to Cricut. After cutting, remove it from the cutting mat for further procedure.

Step 6: Load A Transfer Sheet.

Insert a transfer sheet for design printing. Verify that the whole surface is thoroughly covered to get precise printing results.

Step 7: Print

Print using the dye sublimation process and heat press for a few minutes to get a permanent print on the fabric. Make sure that the print has precisely transferred to the fabric.

Step 8: Keep It Cool & Enjoy

Don’t just pick up the fabric after printing, as it might damage the printing. Leave it for a few minutes to cool. Congrats! You have done sublimation to Cricut.

Advantages of Using Sublimation With Cricut

Everything has benefits, and using sublimation with Cricut brings crucial advantages for design projects. I have mentioned the most prominent benefits of using sublimation with Cricut in the following:

  • You get tough and high-quality designs due to infusible inks, whatever the material you are using.
  • Due to strength, the designs do not crack soon, peel off, or protect from unnecessary wrinkles.
  • Enjoy professional printing results on any piece of fabric. The designs will surely increase the value of your bedroom or yourself.
  •  The designs give you a natural look when you wear them due to vivid colors.
  • The dye sublimation ink works well with infusible inks when you use it with Cricut equipment.

Disadvantages of Using Sublimation With Cricut

Indeed, there are some significant cons of using sublimation with Cricut. Check out the drawbacks in the following:

  • The dye sublimation process requires heat to transfer the design to the fabric. Therefore, it’s not suitable for all the materials.
  • Infusible inks only work when you use sublimation with Cricut hardware.
  • The size of the design depends on the heat press.
  • Some sublimation printers are costly, and the cost increases using them with Cricut. In a nutshell, it requires a good investment.
  • You get prints only from scratch. You can’t heat press if the fabric already has a design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s pretty easy and useful to use a sublimation printer with Cricut. First, you sublimate it with Cricut and then cut. The increased functionality allows you to print more images and visuals in vivid colors.

Making sublimation prints on Cricut is pretty straightforward. The other steps are the same; the only difference is cut out. Cut the design on the mat, and you are ready to sublimate it via a sublimation printer.

Yes, you can’t use all the sublimation printers for Cricut printing due to hardware and software limitations. However, some common models can be easily used, such as Epson ET 2720, Epson ET-2760, and Epson ET-3760.


In conclusion, I have shared all the details of sublimation printing using Cricut, the pros, cons, and other necessary elements. In my opinion, sublimation to Cricut brings more benefits than drawbacks in terms of reliability, quality, affordability, and performance. The setup is easy and crafts beautiful visuals on different surfaces.

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