How To Use HP Instant Ink After Cancelling?

With how fast-paced the line of printers keeps getting nowadays, there remains no doubt in our minds and everyone’s minds that printers come with a lot of perks that make our lives considerably easier. One of the main perks that we will tell you about is the assistance of HP instant ink, which has not only made the lives of people easier but saves them time as well as money when it comes to purchasing ink.

Usually, whenever you buy any name brand printer you do not get any type of subscription that makes your life easier, and they end up costing you heavy when it comes to taking your car from the comfort of your own home to an outlet from where you need to purchase a separate ink package.

But alongside that, we know very well that the costs of maintenance of an HP instant ink subscription can get really expensive, or sometimes your account gets accidentally canceled even when you did not intend to cancel it. So for that reason alone, you might be searching for ways to get it back after cancellation. Many people may assume that you can never get your account back but the reality is that you can.

So in this article, we will not only tell you a little bit about the perks of instant ink, as well as ways you can figure out how to use HP instant ink after canceling, as well know that we do not want to leave the comfort of our own homes in this pandemic and want an easy way out, and for that reason, we are here to help you. With our article, we will tell you all that you need to know about the usage of HP instant ink after canceling. So with that, so to say, let’s get the show on the road.

How To Use HP Instant Ink After Cancelling?

How to cancel

Before we tell you more about the continuation of the ink program, the best way to get started with even making a dent in the free ink is that you need to cancel the current plan that you have going on with instant ink with hP and we will give you the steps you need to take.

Step 1: If you run a printer that gets conventions to the windows operating system, then this method is for you, but if you are a MacOS user, then it still shouldn’t be an issue as you can still follow the same steps for the method of cancellation. Head on over to the windows button on your keyboard and it will instantly open a dialogue box.

Step 2: After that, you want to go to the account settings that you can either find by scrolling or clicking on the search tab and it will lead you to your account. From there continue following our next step to cancel your program.

Step 3: There below your printer settings you will view the option whereby you can see the option of canceling your HP instant ink program. This can save you not only money but also extra wastage.

Step 4: Click on email and type in your email and the password that it requires for the process of cancellation. And from there the Hp instant ink program will instantly resign and won’t work anymore. This is what we want.

Step 5: Now your account is fully canceled and you get free from paying any bills of instant ink.

How to use HP Instant Ink for Free?

Now the moment you were waiting for, let’s talk about how to use HP instant ink after canceling, basically getting done with the entire process from here on out, and not caring about anything other than that.

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to fully keep in mind that this process requires you to already own a printer that can work with Hp instant ink, as the key to getting free ink is to first have an eligible printer for the process.

Step 2:

After you’ve made sure that your printer is fine, then head on over to your computer and then go to the HP instant ink program, and on the website, you will want to choose a plan, we know, we know that this isn’t the route you were looking for but just trust us on this seemingly simple process to get free ink.

Step 3:

Several different plans are ranging from nearly a few dollars to a lot of dollars. We would suggest choosing one of the premium plans as you’re getting it for free anyway so why not choose the better option that you can get your hands on and gain the most benefits.

Step 4:

From here, promo codes will be your best friend, as it translates to free money that you do not need to ever pay for. So go ahead, select a plan and then enter a promo code that you have or can easily find on the internet. From here you will get one month of the free premium plan for the HP instant ink program and you won’t get any issue with it.

Step 5: Another way you can get extra added benefits is that by referring to the program and promo code and sharing links with your friends as well as your significant other or your family can guarantee more free months.

Creating new accounts and signing them up, again and again, can also be of great assistance when it comes to making new accounts and gaining more free ink even after canceling.


We know how expensive a paid instant ink program can tend to get, but you do not need to worry at all as we have got you in this regard.

From here on out, never let anything take advantage of you, and instead, only pay for free on how to use HP instant ink after canceling.

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