How to unpause Printer – Everything you Need to know

A printer is a machine that you can use to print your documents, photocopies, etc. It is a home application or office equipment that you can use in your houses, shops, and offices. But if you are working at home and your printer pauses. Then you will need to unpause it.

But the question is how to unpause the Printer? Before letting us know how to unpause the printer, we need to know why to pause printers. However, there are many reasons behind this machine’s pause, which may occur most of the time. That’s why it is very necessary to know how to unpause it.

  • What is the printer paused?

Pausing the printers means suspending the processing of documents for the queue and did not work for any document. If this happens, you only need to pause the printer queues that you have. However, in the queue pane, you can select the printer queue that you want to pause.

  • Why is the printer spooling?

A printer spooling allows you to send large documents, series, or files to all of them. Therefore, you can print your documents without needing too much to wait until your task is done. After a previous printing task is completed, it’s a place where your papers can “queue up” and get ready to be printed.

  • Unpause the Brother Printer

Also, there are many varieties in printers; if you have a brother printer and its status appears, pause at any time. Follow these below steps.

·         First, on the brother printer and check the “ink empty” or the “paper jammed” message on its LCD.

·         Plug in the USB cable into the USB port of the CPU. The device must be set as the default.

·         Once the device is set at default, check the control panel, and find information to unpause it.

  • How to Unpause HP Printer?

If you are an HP printer user and your printer now stops working. You can set it to default manually and unpause it. However, you may also install the HP print and scan doctor. Follow the below instruction to unpause the HP Printer?

·        Simply go to the control panel and click on the “Printers and Scanners.”

·        Uncheck the “ Let Windows Manage My default printer.”

·        Then click on the print’s name which you see on display and hit the Manage.

·         Click the set as default option. Then your printer will unpause.

  • How to reset a paused printer?

Once you unpause your printer, you may need to follow the below information to reset the paused printer.

·        Click start and select the Control panel

·        On the control panel options, click administrative tools

·        Double click on the services

·        On the user account control windows and click to continue

·        Click printer spooler

·        Click stop to stop the print spooler

·        Then click to reset the print spooler

·        Click OK and restart the computer

  • How to Unpause the Konica Minolta Printer?

With the Konica Minolta printer, you can solve the pausing issues by following the below method;

·        Switch on the printer and open the control panel option.

·        Then, right-click on the printer’s name to view the print jobs that are currently queued.

·        If the “pause printing” is checked shown on your screen, then uncheck the option and resume your printer.

·        If this isn’t the case, make sure the printer is loaded with paper and not jammed. Alternatively, you could please restart the printer and placing new print orders.

How to Unpause a MAC Printer?

Unlike other printers, the MAC OS X printers have the option to pause the printers. If you have the MAC printer, simply resume and cancel the prints, work that is already in progress. However, managing the business printing job is not easy, just because of Printer errors and unpause. If the print job is not done successfully or fixes the issues, then this type of error may appear.

Therefore, if your printer is being paused, you can unpause it by following the below steps described.

  • Click the printer icon on the Dock.
  • Select the print work you need to resume from the list that you see on your screen.
  • Then click the resume button in the printer dialogue box.

  • Why is the printer not printing?

Printers can be selective—there may be paper loaded, but if the printer can’t grasp hold of it, it will believe it’s empty. Remove the paper tray, re-align the paper, and then reinsert it. In some cases, a piece of paper may become stuck in the mechanism.

  • Why is my Canon printer on pause?

When you are printing, one of the most common issues is that your printer keeps stalling. This problem can occur if you have to restart the operating system due to an unstoppable virus. Following the activation of the Canon driver, the printers should print the very first document.

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