I Refilled My Ink Cartridge But the Printer Still Says it is Empty

In the day and age where every corporation becomes adamant about selling you the newest model of their printer or the newest released printer that they potentially own, we get trapped and sucked into the whole dilemma of needing to invest in any printer that gets the release button on it. Therefore you do not need to ever hassle when it comes to that kind of situation. We would refrain you from buying a new printer.

Sometimes what happens is that it does not matter if you own a new printer or a printer that you got from the office when it shut down, but rather the problem lies within the ink cartridge, that even despite you filling it up and reinstalling it displays an “error” or “low ink” message. And at that moment you might think that there is a bigger issue that you instantly need to address otherwise your printer won’t work.

Whereas the reality of the situation is that you do not need to fret a lot, as due to the ink cartridge, your printer will purposely display the message for a myriad of reasons, ranging from 3rd party manufactured ink cartridges, too bad installation jobs done. Therefore do not get too worked up over simple issues that you can fix with ultimate ease, and rest back for now as you do not need to replace your beloved printer.

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And let us handle the rest, as we know the ins and outs when it comes to dealing with problems such as yours, and the answer to your thought of I refilled my ink cartridge but the printer still says it is empty. Therefore, what you need to do to get the printer up and running is simply giving our article a read then deciding for yourself what the next best steps you need to take that gets you out of your sticky mess of a problem, with that out the way, let’s get started with the article.

Ink Problems – The Reasons

Some of the leyline problems that we will tell you about right now get caused because of the absolute most ordinary reasons that you probably won’t have even considered. Therefore let’s get started with them.

3rd party ink cartridges

Sometimes all it takes to know the reason is the most simple of issues. Therefore, in this case, let’s say you bring a new ink cartridge home, but it is 3rd party and not an official ink cartridge that was compatible with your previous printer.

Typically, 3rd party ink cartridges cause the main issue as they do not come from a proper official source from the seller itself, they get the label of “unrecognizable”. So when you put in the ink caring, as your printer does not recognize it, it says that your cartridge is not valid, therefore the low ink or empty message may pop up. You do not need to fret over it too much though as it is not that serious of an issue.

Bad installation

If you go up to your printer now and open the main compartment where the ink cartridges get installed, you might see that you can hear a click when installation gets done correctly, but when it doesn’t, it would not click. Therefore, if you didn’t hear a click when it comes to connecting the ink cartridges, how can you expect the printer to recognize the ink cartridge.

So make sure the next time you install a new ink cartridge, you take that into account.

No reason

One of the funniest reasons why it may pop up an alert that says empty or low ink is for merely no reason at all. Usually, your name brand printer will have a safety feature or a backup option just attempting to alert you that in case you run low on ink anytime, you should either order a new one or have a backup ink planned so you do not risk getting interrupted amid the process of printing.

These are some of the solids reasons why the printer won’t recognize and say that the cartridges are empty when they aren’t.

Resolving issues

Now it deems the time upon us where we finally answer your query that you had all along about I refilled my ink cartridge but the printer still says it is empty. We will give you some simple over the top solutions that you can easily follow to get your printer to start issuing ink again.


Hands down the simplest solution is to simply ignore the messages that keep popping up on your printer. As we displayed earlier, usually your printer will present you with a message so that you can prepare ahead of time and not fall into any issues beforehand. Therefore this is one possible solution, as your printer will resume printing no matter what even if it says empty.


One of the other easiest ways out of your problems is that again as we told you earlier, sometimes you do not end up hearing a click when it comes to installing your ink cartridge. Therefore you might want to head up to your printer and reinstall the ink cartridge and see if that works, if it doesn’t then you move to the next possible step to solve your issues.


This is again one of those last possible solutions, as you should not have so many issues that you need to resort to this solution, however, we will still tell you about it in case you might need to do it. Therefore you want to reset your printer.

And for that to occur you simply need to head into the factory settings that are already present in your printer menu, and from there hit the factory reset button and follow the next steps it tells you to.


Printers may require a lot of love and care and assistance when it comes for them to help you in the long run, but being machines they still fall into some minor issues here and there.

Therefore take care of your printers, and follow our steps for the perfect solutions to all your problems! Now you get an answer to your question: I refilled my ink cartridge but the printer still says it is empty.

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