Phone Case Sublimation: All You Need To Know About It 2022 Guide

There is no denying that mobile and android phones are considered the necessities of life and growing in trend at the breakneck speed because most of the business in the world is going on online. No doubt, mobile phones are becoming an inevitable part of everyone’s life, and making design up to the satisfaction level makes us joyful.

So if you want to protect the mobile phones with the help of phone case sublimation, it gives us the liberty to offer us custom style to our mobile. Therefore, if you search for a new and innovative business model, explore this valuable piece of information about sublimation phone cases.

Materials Required for Phone Case Sublimation

For the customized designs of sublimate phone cases, you do not need a lot of things, as these four tools will be enough, to begin with, the phone case sublimation units. 

Sublimation printer

The most important thing is to have the best sublimation printer to start with the sublimation unit. The printer should be of superb quality and print for accuracy and perfection to ensure contrast, excellent color options, and high resolutions. For this function, the sawgrass and Epson printers are the best options.  

Inks and papers

The sublimation inks and papers only offer you the best outputs when used with compatible printers. So to get the best results, you should opt for the correct thermoplastic inks and a good printer. In addition to the ink, the paper for the sublimation should have the ability to reflect the same color options as the ink. So opt for the same brand of ink and paper as well. 

Phone case blanks

The sublimation phone cases should be according to the phone’s models to get the sublimation process done. Buying the phone cases from reliable sites and brands to ensure the quality is the best option, and I tend to avoid those phone covers that come with more polythene components and parts.

Heat press equipement

At the end of the process, a heat and press machine will be needed to print the design accurately on the phone cases. So for this purpose, you should have a heat press machine having a good quality the, reliable brand, and sites. A most important factor is the range of heat settings to get the satisfaction level of heating requirements that the different mobile phone covers and colors need.

Sublimation process for phone cases

The sublimation process for phone cases is the same as the sublimation on the designs on the T-shirts but with a bit of change. 

Follow the below-given steps for the sublimation of phone cases. 

1: Get the plastisol-based thermoplastic ink and a special release paper to print the design for your mobile phone.

2: With the sublimation printer, print the designs with the thermoplastic ink on the specific release paper.

3: place the release paper on the phone case blank and heat press with the machine having high temperature and exert pressure for a short time. When subjected to high temperature and pressure, the color molecules adhere tightly to the thermoplastic ink’s phone covers.

4: After completing the heat process, take out the phone case and make it cool up to room temperature. When it becomes cool, remove the released paper carefully. You will notice the printed designs on your phone case, as the process of printing designs on your phone case will make the permanent design with vibrant and attractive colors. The designs made by sublimation printers will be shrink-free, fade-free, and everlasting and will not lose their color.

Tricks for the Phone case Sublimation

Customized phone case sublimation is not an easy task as it needs attention and effort. You should have the correct ink and special release paper to get good results. So for the perfect ink results, the thermos plastic ink on the special release paper is the best option.

The temperature settings should be maximum to get the perfect embedded ink designs on the phone cases. More heat with little pressure is essential for thermoplastic processes in most sublimation processes.

In the first effort, you cannot get the perfect print as it needs hands-on practice and patience to understand the saturation and combination for the actual printing needs.

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Final Verdict

This is the most accurate time if you are passionate about the sublimation of custom designs on your phone to protect your devices with covers and want to take it to the next level. So dive into the exact and easy sublimation process for your phone covers by liberating yourself with the necessary tools and equipment. 


Before removing and transferring and tape, allow the piece to cool slightly. It is advisable by the experts that 400 degrees are the accurate temperature to consider for the sublimation on the mobile cases.

Place the phone case in the vacuum bed of the 3D sublimation heat press machine according to the temperature and time are given in the manual guide. After the printing, the press removes the paper slightly. With the help of the tool, remove the case and squeeze its edges in the inward direction to hold its original shape. Tpo preserves the case shape and drops the case in the cold water bath.

You can print high-quality photographic patterns and images with the sublimation ink options. The 3-D sublimation ink options will only work if your mobile cases are specifically made for these purposes. Otherwise, they will shrink considerably and will not be ideal. So to use the sublimation method with gel. Complex and TPU phone cases.

It depends on the silicone phone case. It might get melting. Some of the silicone-based cases are heat resistant compared to the others that are not so much. So it is preferable to opt for permanent vinyl. 

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