Ricoma R550 Printer Reviews- Features, Advantages, Pros, and Cons [2022]

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need a unique printer in its performance and reliability. We have overviewed the features, advantages, pros, and cons of the Ricoma R550 Printer for your ease.

Ricoma R550 printer has a maximum printing capacity of 8ppm providing on transfer media and  26ppm on ordinary disks. Resolve to the extent of 1200 x 1200 dpi is readily available on optical media. The printer can produce or result in 75,000 pages each month. With an Intel 1.46 GHz processor, the R550 printer offers quality results for the user.

Features of Ricoma R550 Printer

Ricoma is considered the best, top-rated, and all-in-one printer as it is advanced and well developed in features. So let’s discover the features.

Connectivity Options

This means’ printer’ can be connected wirelessly via Blue tooth, or Wi-Fi means you can directly print through your Smartphone or computer. This model or printer does not require a wire to connect for printing text, but you can do so if you require or desire to connect through cable. But if you need to connect to a cable, you can. However, you can use this printer through your handphones without using the computer. 

Good Results of Prints

The choice of colors and features are brightly displayed on the Ricoma R550. The ink cartridge available for this printer is also designed explicitly for this direction. It also looks good as white toner for printed designs that are pleasant for the eye and have no drips of ink behind. However, you are not supposed to waste time clean-up after the assignment is complete.

Electric Consumption

The printer has a built-in tool for power Consumption of six amps(230V) or 11 amps (120v models), which are never very low or too high, which means that the printer consumes average power consumption. 

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Exceptional Adaptability

A variability of polymer-covered ingredients can print efficiently perform this sublimation printer. In addition, the printer is perfect for printing on clothing and other decorations like this type and also physible for 100% polyester.

Designing Software

This printer is filled with high-quality software for design printing machines with Smart cut, ProRIP, and Chroma software, which will help you improve your design skills.

Ricoma Digital, a proprietary digitizing software, is installed to design complex designs quickly; however, either you are a more significant or a well-experienced digitizer. You’ll be digitizing like a pro with an automatic boundary and integral styles.

Ricoma R550 Printer


  • vibrant prints 
  • Good results
  • The display screen is 4.3-inches
  • Easy to use
  •  Designed software

  •  Little higher price
  •  Refilling ink cartridges is a little expensive

Advantages of Ricoma R550

Double Side Print

Yes, we may print two side printing automatically or physically. When you print both sides of the print sheet, please reinsert the sheet after completing one side for printing the other side. In the end, Ricoma R550 can print two sides and result from standard two-sided printing.

Big Paper Loading Ability

In addition to the above, it has a big loading paper capacity and a 300-sheets storage system, which allows us to put up to accommodate you in copy paper, card stock, and mailing labels. 

Cost of printing

The printer is a very efficient printer, which will reduce your printing costs. In addition, the price varies depending on the country in which you live, but we guarantee the best quality at a reasonable price.

Warranty and Support

It is fully covered with accessories one-year warranty, and full-time backing means cover for 7-days a week 

Ricoma R550 Printer – Buying Guide

The buying guide will help you take an overview of printer variety and provide your best in purchasing a sublimation printer. In addition, we may compare Ricoma R550 with other sublimation printers to help you decide if you choose one.

Printing features

EPSON printer’s products or models are considered very top or most popular in the market, having extraordinary quality. Ricoma sublimation printer R550 has the extra quality of printing feature and WF-7720 and ET-15000 dye-sublimation printers.

Output quality

If you have to earn more money in the sublimation printing industry, the instrument or printer itself is not the primary factor. In contrast, the machine of the printer its usage is necessary. While purchasing a printer for commercial printing, you can purchase a variety of sizes, output quality, quick response. While so many printers are available in the market, it isn’t easy to purchase.

Speed of printing

While sublimation printing, you may have an outstanding dye-sublimation printer that provides outstanding speed and printing. High-speed quality and best quality printing are essential in sublimation printing. R550 is very efficient and has described dual qualities and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ricoma printer is good in quality of prints and sufficient to provide reliable performance.

Ricoma prints are quality documents, and due to accuracy, they can maintain high resolution. Even printing at 26 ppm.

Ricoma stands as one of the best printers in the market sublimation printers due to its low monthly installation and high resolution.


A good put-oriented product is essential on your table to increase business in the market. The Ricoma R550 is a good quality printer that will help you stay in the market against the competitor and complete the project. However, good quality printing will help you increase the sales of your concern.

After reading the RICOMA R550 review, you will find it best than others. This is one of the best today. It is producing or giving exceptional results with its available accessories built-in printer. Keeping a multipurpose and god output is not a bad idea.

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