How to Sublimate on Acrylic | Ultimate Guide (2022)

There are many types of sublimations going on trend these days, and the most common is acrylic sublimation. The acrylic sublimation is one of the most innovative and unique ones that leads to the new product. The new type of color imaging comes from the acrylic sublimation without getting on the expensive investment in hardware. However, the decoration in the acrylic sublimation can be done using a heat press machine and good quality paper to get the fantastic colors. 

Moreover, in the acrylic sublimation, you can notice the type of solid transparent plastic with a clear image makes it more fabricated and lucrative.

So if you want to know all about acrylic sublimation, you have come to the right place. 

Materials Required for Acrylic Sublimation

The acrylic sublimation is similar to the other sublimation processes and fabrics, but it comes with a little distinct style. 

The essential material that you will need are:

  • Sublimation printer
  • Ink and paper
  • Acrylic blanks
  • Heat press machine

Sublimation Printer

To get the best results in the acrylic sublimation, you should go for the exact type of printer that is the best device for acrylic sublimation printing procedures. Furthermore, the acrylic sublimation printers should be the best option for performing the art relocating motifs and styles on the acrylic patterns.

Ink and Paper

The two most essential things in the acrylic sublimation that should match the sublimation printers are the ink and the particular paper needed. The best sublimation ink and the good quality paper are the necessities for the sublimation of acrylic—the sublimation paper is used to fasten the ink and get better release on the acrylic material. 

Moreover, the ink acclimates on the dye onto the complex form to pervade the acrylic blanks as the typical type of ink cannot be used on the sublimation paper. 

Acrylic Blanks Sublimation

The acrylic blanks in the sublimation process are being used in the dye sublimation processes and are considered the most affordable materials. The acrylic blanks are available in several structures and styles. The acrylic blank sublimation items are unique and precious in the decoration items and can be used as gifts. 

Heat Press Machine

The heat press printer is the final thing used in the acrylic sublimation process. So to get better results you should buy a good and practical heat press machine, as it gives pressure and heat to the material to make the design permanent.

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Acrylic Sublimation Process

The acrylic sublimation process is a complicated process but comes with simple steps as it is a fantastic and reasonable way to get the images. For economical uses, you can easily alter and monogram the acrylic blanks. You can get a good amount by doing the acrylic sublimation business for your personal uses, decoration of houses, and gifts to people.

Step 1: On the very first step of acrylic sublimation printing, the sublimation of the acrylic blank, pressure, and heat will change into the gaseous form.

Step 2: This step will offer heat to infiltrate the apertures of the acrylic blanks. 

Step 3: The design will then be transmitted permanently on the acrylic blank, which will thicken. 

Step 4: ordinary ink can not be used for the sublimation process, so the particular ink should be used for it.

Tricks being used in acrylic printing

  • Keep in mind the factor of preservation in the process of sublimation.
  • The temperature range of the heat press machine should be kept up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Moisture and pressure in the sublimation process should be controlled to a greater extent.
  • The sublimation process should be completed and done once a week to make sure the ink should not be dried.
  • For the long and permanent designs and patterns, quality dyes should opt.
  • To get excellent results in acrylic sublimation, the perfect designs and patterns according to the acrylic blank should be used.
  • Keep the preventive measures in mind while doing the sublimation for acrylic.

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Best Site to Buy Acrylic Blanks


There is no denying that Amazon is the best-selling site for any product. Amazon has introduced extensive types of acrylic blanks with above 60000 shapes and sizes for acrylic sublimation. They offer an unlimited warranty for free packaging and delivery to shipment, which makes all processes convenient.

Best Sub

The best subs offer the best types of acrylic gifts at reasonable prices, as they come with a large inventory and offer in-house print services and facilitate the customers in the best way. The company also exports its products to more than 200 countries worldwide to promote its business. 


Etsy is the best marketplace to introduce the tiny minions to large LED frames for the acrylic sublimation to offer the best services to their customers in terms of shipment on time without being asked any questions for return policy. Etsy offers good quality products with good ratings at reasonable price ranges. 


The platform offers an in-depth study of the clients’ functional requirements and facilitates excellent practical services. The company is doing its best with research-based products and scientific contributions to introduce the 3D sublimation processes in all product displays. 


Heat presentation is a site introducing the products for the sublimation process for the polymer coating. The innovative and unique feature allows the material’s pores to open and lets the ink absorb and penetrate the acrylic blank to get a vibrant and permanent image of the end product. They offer sublimation on the 100% polyester product and keep an eye on the safety of the consignment.

Final Verdict

In ancient times acrylic sublimation was not very well known and used. But nowadays, it is gaining fame and popularity as people are getting the awareness to grow their businesses, institutes, and companies. 

So if you want to step into the sublimation business, you can get started from scratch and basic information. You can do the acrylic sublimation for your own and your business well by getting accurate materials and tips. 

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