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If you are new to Sublimation or do not know what it is, then this might be your page. Direct transiting from solid to a gaseous state is not everyone’s piece of cake. Therefore, you need some guidelines to get started with it. 

We have collected all the detailed information about What Sublimation for Beginners is, How to start with it? and What Precautions you should take while moving on with the process.

If you want to know about Sublimation for beginners, you might have some questions in your mind. As it is a chemical process that needs specific precautionary measurements. So without waiting for more, let’s get started with it.

What Sublimation is?

The standard definition of Sublimation states is, “it is a direct transition from solid-state to the Vapor formâ€. However, the purpose of Sublimation which you are looking for, is to transfer dyes onto the clothes, shirts, fabrics, and other wearable materials. 

You start by creating a digital photo image on Photoshop or other image editing software. Then you print this digital image into the chemically coated piece of paper with sublimation ink

Although it may sound a little complex, Sublimation is just the process of transferring images on certain materials. That’s it. Nothing more. 

The process also involves Heat and Pressure to be applied while making the transfer as the process occurs at the molecular level. It is permanent, and you cannot remove it.

If you still wish to remove the sublimation image, you can wash it off or scrub the image. But trust me, it is not worth it.

There are some specific types of materials that you can use for the sublimation process. We will be talking about these materials later in our post.

Why sublimation printing?

You may have heard about screen printing, transfer vinyl, or embroidery printing, but what benefits Sublimation does have over methods? Well, Sublimation printing offers a wide variety of benefits like time-saving, cost, and quality. Let us explain how?

Less Costly

Other methods of printing are pretty costly to start with as compare to Sublimation printing. Let’s say you want to start with garment printing. You will need a large-scale DTG printer that will cost a lot of money. Plus, such printers can cost thousands of dollars in maintenance.  So, you can say that these printers are hard to maintain and use.

If you think about screen printing, keep in mind that is also a costly printing process. You will have to install large and open space ventilation systems for processing the screen printing. Apart from it, the method also needs a big screen that is costly also. 

However, Sublimation Process is another thing. You can start sublimation printing under a thousand-dollar printing budget. All you will ever need are your printer, ink, heat presser, and your designs. Voila. Why have you not printed your first sublimation design?

Superior Quality

Apart from costing less money, Sublimation Printing also has clear quality than the other printing methods. Let’s say you wanted to start with Screen Printing but do not know its limitations. Firstly, Screen Printers allow a limited number of colors and designs. If you love versatility, you will not want that limitation.

However, Sublimation Printing does not restrict to these limitations. Your images are directly transferred from your digital design to the specially coated paper and further to the material. Thus, the only thing that should worry you is the quality of the Sublimation printer.

If you have a high-quality Sublimation printer, you can print faces, places, photos, and other designs with ease. With the excellent quality of the sublimation printer, you get clear images of your material.

It saves time

Sublimation printing allows you to have your design printed faster than the other methods. When you start Sublimation printing on an industrial scale, it gives you the perfect combination of least cost and Time-Saving. 

You may think that Screen Printing will give you more shirts in an hour; however, when you consider the production cost of these printed shirts, You will opt for Sublimation Printing. Likewise, Direct to Garment Printing may allow you to have one T-shirt at a lower cast in an hour, but it will also take a lot of your time to set it up.

However, you can get low and medium-quantity orders with Sublimation printing. Not only is it less costly, but also it gives a clear quality with time-saving. 

Thus, starting with Sublimation printing will also save a lot of your time and large business bills. 

How to Start Sublimation?

To get started with Sublimation printing, you will need certain items. But, it is easy to begin with it. Here is the list of products that you should have before beginning with Sublimation printing.

  • Sublimation Ready Printer
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Heat Press
  • Designing software

So, this is it. When you have all these items with you, you can finally start with sublimation printing.


You can have Sublimation printed on any material that has good high polymer content. You can also do sublimation printing on polyester, nylon, and spandex. 

No, the fabrics should not have to be 100% polyester for Sublimation printings. A short coating of polyester will do enough.

No, you cannot sublimate onto the 100% cotton fabric. 

Yes, experts always recommend having a lint roller for Sublimation.


Sublimation is the process of printing your designs onto the materials. It is a less costly method of printing that gives us an unmistakable quality of printed designs, and it saves a lot of our time. 

However, you must have specific items to start with the sublimation printing. It would be best to consider the quality of these products stated above to have high-quality sublimation printing

With all the advantages stated above, it is good to start for you, to begin with, sublimation printing.

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