How to do Sublimation on Cotton Shirts?

The first thing that is requested while a person learns about Sublimation is a way to sublimate to cotton. You can have the idea that Sublimation on cotton was not possible, but Sublimation onto cotton, light and dark, is now possible.

 Sublimation on garments has traditionally been restrained to 100% polyester or objects which are white or very light in color. However, did you recognize there are products available with the intention to assist you in using your sublimation equipment with colored and cotton garments? These unique transfer materials and ink systems have strategies, benefits, and limitations.

 So, in this informative guide, I will talk about all the vital facts about Sublimation in cotton.

How can you sublimate On Cotton products?

 A fantastic opportunity to use polyester fabrics is Siser Easysubli, Sublimation on Cotton with Glitter HTV, Sublimation with Glow in the dark HTV, or ordinary heat transfer paper.

 Siser Easysubli

 Sublimation onto cotton will quickly come to be a reality! Siser EasySubli, the new collaboration between Sawgrass & Siser, will now not restrict you to Sublimation onto white polyester.

This computing device sublimation solution will permit Sublimation onto colored polyester, cotton, rayon, etc. Siser EasySubli is designed to provide vibrant complete colored effects onto nearly whatever.

It brings together the richness of Sublimation with the softness of print and reduces substances. This heat transfer vinyl is designed to work flawlessly with the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 to let you suppose past sublimation onto white polyester clothes ultimately.

 Sublimation On Cotton With Glitter HTV

Glitter HTV is my move-to for Sublimation. The transfer is an excellent high switch with the complete first-class element on earth of glitter. The drawback of this approach is that there are folks that don’t need to wear glitter as remarkable as it is!

 Cotton transfer Papers or Printable HTV

 This is a unique form of paper that you print on along with your inkjet printers using ordinary pigment ink. This might be the handiest method to print on cotton; however, it isn’t the most lengthy-lasting.

 Sublimation with Glow in the dark HTV

 That is the best alternative to glitter HTV and sublimation transfer paper. The technique is similar to the glitter technique but without all the sparkle.

 The trick for sublimating on cotton

 Even as it’s actual that dye sublimation will not work immediately onto cotton, there’s an indirect repair. Through research (by research, I mean sorting out different wonderful creators on YouTube and Instagram) and a bit of experimentation, I found that I could upload Sublimation to glitter iron-on.

Properly that’s all I needed to know! I’m a glitter lover, so this answer worked awesome for me. I also observed that the identical become real with flock HTV. Those are excellent options because while adding Sublimation’s overall shade, you may add extra texture and interest to your designs.

How Does Sublimation Dye work?

You are taking a sublimation ink to sublimate the way to alternate forms within the dye sublimation process. With a heat press and sublimation paper turning it into a gas that will ultimately the life of your shirt, it locks into the polyester fibers.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Cotton shirt sublimation paper
  • Paper sublimation fabric
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Sublimation printer
  • Heat press or simple Press (home irons are not suggested)
  • Shirt design
  • Cricut or another cutting machine (optional)
  • Green or blue Cricut cutting mat
  • Teflon sheet and parchment paper
  • Lint roller

The benefit of Sublimation

 One of the most significant deterrents to Sublimation is that you have to have “unique” materials. You can’t transfer a sublimation print to a simple mug from your confined home store. Properly, you may; however, it would just rub off.

 In case you try and sublimate onto simply any phone grip, you’re just going to come to be melting the plastic grip and making a significant, spicy, sticky mess. You may pull out a shirt from your stash, press a stunning sublimation layout onto it, and get in touch with it in an afternoon. It desires to be a polyester shirt.


  • Pressing your layout
  • Set your heat press to 400 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Set the time for fifty seconds.
  • You can use heat-resistant tape to maintain your plan in the area.
  • Place your printed design face down onto the fabric side of the sublimation material.
  • Set the pieces on heat-press with the sublimated piece on the peak.

We’ve pressed transfers up to 14 months after being printed, and the consequences have been perfect. It’s well worth noting that we use high-quality sublimation paper, and we save our prints in a dry, cool, dark environment.

Sublimation printing is the most uncomplicated appropriate for garments that include polyester (100% polyester or polyester mixture). Although Sublimation is possible on other materials, including cotton, the image will now not be permanent as it miles on ‘guy made’ material and is not advocated.

 If you’re a sublimator, you’ve repeatedly heard that this decoration manner will no longer bond to cotton. Indeed, that hasn’t changed. Sublimation chemically relates to polyester and polymers, now not cotton, but that doesn’t suggest you cannot use it on cotton.


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