Ways to determine why the printer does not turn on

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The reasons why the printer suddenly does not turn on are many and very different: user carelessness, breakage of cords, cables, or failure of the device itself. The problem does not depend on the model. “Representatives” of Epson, Canon, HP, and all other brands break.

Ways to determine why the problem situation “happened” can be divided into two types: checking additional elements (sockets, carriers, cords, cables) and the printing device itself. It should be remembered that you are dealing with an electrical device, and therefore take safety measures against electric shock.

  • Color imbalances are eliminated. This method is suitable for different manufacturers of office equipment – Epson, HP, Canon.

Causes of the problem

Any equipment wears out over time, starts to “fail”, loses software settings – all this affects the stability of work. The printer will not turn on for one of the following reasons:

  • There is no power supply.
  • Broken connection wires or extension cord.
  • Damage to the device itself (paper jam, failure of the printer control board, clogged cartridges).

To troubleshoot, you need to figure out the cause of the failure in advance.

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Types of breakdowns

Breakdowns are: external – associated with external factors affecting the printer, internal – damage is localized in the case. Some of them are easily repaired by hand, while others cannot be dealt with without the help of a master.

  1. External  – caused by a lack of current supply, breakdowns of sockets, wiring, plugs and other circuit elements. Repair consists only in replacing a non-working element. After that, the printer starts to turn on and prints without errors.
  2. Internal  – the problem is in the equipment itself. For example, sometimes paper jams in printers (common for all models), preventing the next print from going through. The breakdown can be localized in the print head or other mechanisms. The owner will have to find the damaged node and fix it before the technician can continue to print.

What can you fix yourself

Checking the presence of current in the sockets, replacing the power cable, changing the carrier to a new one will not be difficult for the user. The main thing to remember about safety precautions when working.

When will you trust the specialists

If the board burns out, there is a malfunction in the multifunction printer control system, or the owner cannot even determine the cause of the malfunction – you need to contact the technical center. The foreman conducts diagnostics, advises the client, and announces the cost of the repair.

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Power problems

The current may not flow to the power supply for various reasons, so all sections of the circuit will have to be checked.

  • Fuses and stabilizer. In the apartments, the voltage is connected through the “automatic devices” on the site’s dashboard. In the event of an overvoltage or short circuit, they cut off the power supply to the entire floor or part of the apartments on it. In private homes, the use of current stabilizers has become more common in recent years. Therefore, it is worth checking whether yours is turned on for sure.
  • We check the outlet. It is recommended to disconnect the equipment and connect any other equipment to the connector (charger with a phone, computer, vacuum cleaner). If the current flows, then you need to look for another reason.
  • Connection wire. Checking a wire is more difficult than checking an outlet. You need to buy a new cable or take it to a diagnostic center for testing.
  • Extension. If the printer is not connected to the network directly, but through a tee or an extension cord, it may be because of them (the check is the same – turn on another device). And also note that such carriers for computer equipment are often equipped with a built-in overvoltage fuse. In the event of a power surge, this device automatically cuts off the power supply to the extension cord. It may burn out in case of strong vibrations. Replacement is made for a part of the same denomination. Unplug the cord before starting work. When active, the button is highlighted by an indicator, usually red.
  • Button on the printer body. If the power indicator on the printer does not light up, then pay attention to the power button on the case. It can be round, square, or a toggle switch. Over time, this element of technology fails due to frequent use. If you notice even minor changes in its “behavior” when pressed, then dismantle and check (“ring”) the device, if any. Or replace it immediately with a new one.
  • External or internal power supply. If the voltage is normal, but the power button continues to not respond to pressing, then the breakdown is localized in the power supply. It is worth contacting a service center for a full diagnosis and replacement of a part. The power supply unit in different models can be hidden inside the case or presented as a separate element. If the external unit is equipped with a status indicator, then it is easier to check its operability. If the lamp or backlight is on, then the unit is probably working properly.

Failure of individual units of equipment

In the process of wear, individual technical units could fail. They will have to be inspected manually.

  • Paper Jams  – Most of the time, printing stops due to the paper. We are talking about a paper jam while feeding. The reason may be the wrong position of the paper in the feeder, damage to the feed units. If the sheet is simply stuck, then you need to remove it and turn on the device again – it will start working. The tray mechanics are the same across all models. It is recommended to first study the technical instructions before “climbing” inside the printer body. In general, it is not difficult to remove the paper when a jam occurs .
  • Out of ink or toner  – modern models are equipped with an indicator that notifies the user about the amount of ink in the cartridge. However, not everyone sees them. The printer stops working when ink runs out because it has nothing to print with. Fixing a breakdown is simple: just replace or refill the cartridge. To see how much ink is left , and then, if necessary, refill the cartridge , first read our instructions and recommendations in this area.
  • Malfunction of microcircuits  – if a board, fuse or other element inside burns out, then it will be difficult to cope with the problem yourself. You need to go to a service center for diagnostics and professional repair.

Short circuit

Closing occurs at several nodes in the chain. To determine the cause of the malfunction, you will need to determine exactly where the failure occurred.

  • In the cartridge. You need to remove the ink tanks and cartridges, then turn on the printer again. If the equipment is working properly, then the current does not pass through this node. Inspect the cartridge to make sure the contacts are clean and free of dried ink residues. If contamination is found, it must be removed. Use a lint-free cloth and special cleaning solution. You can prepare the flushing liquid yourself.
  • Contacts in the carriage. Inspect the carriage. If some parts are filled with ink, it may cause a short circuit. You will have to clean the part and check the operation of the printer. And also pay attention to the condition of the contacts that are in contact with the cartridges, for mechanical damage (bends, breaks, incorrect position, missing parts).
  • In the print head. Some printers are designed to allow the printhead to be removed. Try to remove the PG. If, after disassembly, the device turns on, then the short circuit is localized in this node. You need to take the device to a workshop for repair.

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Features of HP laser products

HP lasers have one weak point in their design. This is a control board. Its failure is the main reason for the failure of the printer to turn on.

To recheck the part, you will have to disassemble the device and disconnect the cable. Then try printing a test page using the buttons on the device. For a versatile way to display the proof sheet, use the lid open and close five times in a row.

What else can you do:

  • Disconnect the device from the outlet.
  • We disassemble to “get” inside.
  • If necessary, disconnect the cables and cables that interfere. The main thing is to leave the power supply and the power button connected.
  • To diagnose the unit, disconnect its connector from the board, connect it to the mains and measure the incoming voltage with the device. Check the obtained values ​​with those indicated on the label.
  • Connect the printer to the power supply and check the operation by alternately connecting the cables of individual modules. In this way, you can find the “culprit” of the malfunction.
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