What is a Giclee Print vs Art Print?

Are you an artist or a printing freak that loves to show emotions and feelings through pictures? If yes, then we got something very exciting for you. You might be looking for an answer for What is a Giclee Print vs Art Print since you landed on our article. Well, we know how frustrating and annoying it gets when you do not get the exact answers to your thoughts or concerns. Even if you are an artist and do not have any relation with the knowledge about these prints or other explanations, it is better to learn and understand them because this understanding will lead you to better designs and printing.

To end your frustration and concerns about What is a Giclee Print vs Art print, we searched every bit on this topic, carefully analyzed it, and came forward with this guide that includes the most effective and efficient things to learn. This simple guide will help you learn crucial things and factors about Giclee print and Art print in the most convenient way for better understanding and to enhance your experience.

What is a Giclee Print vs Art Print?

Before we move to the main part of our guide which is differentiating factors of Giclee print and art print, it is crucial to learn their basic meanings first so you do not have to feel any complication while considering the factors that create a difference between them.

Let’s start with the basic explanation of Giclee print.

What is a Giclee Print?

The literal meaning of giclée is to spray. In the process of giclée printing, the inkjet printer uses several small spraying devices to create a print of the artist’s artwork on a large canvas. The technique was first created and used in the late 1980s. Giclee printing is mostly used by printing shops, galleries, and artists to display their work in high quality.

For more details, you can check this guide about the printer for giclee prints to choose the right one which has high demand in the market and can offer better results.

Now, let’s move to the basic explanation of art print.

What is an Art Print?

By the name, art print suggests printing of any type of art but it is not the actual meaning of art print. The basic meaning and explanation of art print are reproducing an artwork such as a picture, image, artwork, or any graphical thing. It is basically a copy of the original artwork or form of art. Art printing is massively used to create posters, brochures, canvas prints, and many others.

Differentiating factors

Since we learned the basic meaning and general explanation of both giclée print and art print, let’s move to the main target and take a look at the differentiating factors.


The first differentiating factor that we have in this list of giclée print vs art print is the origin. Printmaker Jack introduced his printing artwork with the name Giclee print in 1991 because he wanted a lavish name for his work. ‘Giclee’ is taken from the French word known as ‘Gicler’ which means to spray, squirt, or spout.

Whereas art print does not come with any lavish names or other language origins. Art printing began in China back in 220 A.D. Chinese people introduced these methods to print artwork on textiles and other materials such as wood etc. Since then, art printing has developed and became famous around the globe and now we can see numerous art prints examples.


The second factor we are going to consider in detail is the process, procedure, or working of both the prints so you can easily choose a method that suits you best according to accessibility. The steps for giclee prints are:

  • For a perfectly clear and crisp giclee print, it is very important to choose the right resolution.
  • Next, choose the right paper for your printing work. There are different printing paper or canvas available for giclee printing.
  • Now, pick a large-sized inkjet printer for giclee printing and go with a suitable ink to print the colors naturally.
  • Share the design or artwork with your inkjet printer, adjust the settings of the printer, and click the start button.

Art printing does not involve complex options of choosing the printer or paper type. The art print includes steps as follow:

  • Scan the artwork you want to copy from an original source.
  • Connect your laptop to the scanner and share the artwork.
  • Open it in the editing software and adjust it accordingly.
  • Set the proper size and resolution of the image.
  • Print the copied artwork from a good-quality printer with suitable paper and ink.
  • Match the printed copy with the original to check for differences.


The next factor that differentiates giclee prints from art prints is their applications. Giclee prints and art prints are widely used by millions of people around the world for displaying their artwork or to get high-quality prints. The applications of giclee printing include large printing of artwork on canvas to display in galleries and art museums around the globe. You can also use giclee printing to decorate your home, office, or any other place with high-quality and eye-catching designs or paintings.

Whereas art prints are more common than giclee prints and come with several applications such as copied or reproduced artwork to distribute a single art to a large mass of people. If art print was not introduced then a lot of people would miss out on amazing paintings and designs because of the only piece of a particular artwork. You can also use art printing on any type of object such as t-shirts, apparel, mug, keychains, and many other things for a personalized collection of merchandise.


The last factor of our differentiating list regarding giclee print vs art print is the cost that comes with both the printing style. Giclee printing and art printing does not cost you a lot however giclee printing is a little more expensive than art printing. It is also considered as a plus side of giclee printing because they are sold way more expensive than art printing.


As we are here to conclude our guide on “What is a giclée print vs art print?” we hope you must have gone through everything and understood all the crucial points and angles related to the giclée print and art print. Both the printing methods are very simple and are widely used around the globe for different purposes. You can easily learn and use Giclee printing or art printing according to the needs, requirements, or nature of your work. You can also buy top-quality giclée prints and art prints from many online stores as well as traditional stores.

The best way to remember everything is to revise them constantly so we prepared a small summary of the crucial factors we discussed so far so you can keep the guide in mind for a long time. First, we learned the basic meaning of both terms that giclée printing is printing on a large canvas with an inkjet printer while art print is reproducing the original work. Next, we looked at the differentiating factors that included origin, purpose, applications, and cost. That’s all for today, good luck!

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