What Is Monochrome Printer? Their Features and Important FAQs

Many people misunderstand the term mono, which means that this printer will print separately in the monochrome printer. Monochrome printers are not such expensive devices, as you can often pick up the black ink for a fraction of the price of its color.

Monochrome printers say everything is best offered in terms of color, but it is not the case. Whether you want to use it for the home or the office, use a color printer will be the best option. In the workplace, the printers come with indispensable fixtures due to the great need for printing documents in different settings. These printers can print the text in black and white and graphics too, known as a monochrome printer, due to their overall efficiency features and advantages.

Monochrome printer

Any printer used to print the document using only black ink is called a monochrome printer. Monochrome is said to be more efficient than colored printers. Due to their fast printing speed, these are used in the office environment, have a low cost for one printed page.

It has superior text quality in the case of a monochrome laser printer. The monochrome printer is the best option for everyday use because it can print with the best quality output with nominal operational costs. It is not as versatile as the colored printer, but it can be a good device for office use because it does not need color as it is not the necessity of professional settings.

Features of Monochrome Printers

The features of the monochrome printers vary depending on the business needs. The following are the best features that you should consider in the monochrome printer.

Fast printing speed

Whether it is a laser or inkjet printer, monochrome printers are faster than colored printers. Efficiency is the important factor to consider when printing hundreds of documents in one day, which is mostly the case with office settings.

So when buying monochrome printers, printing speed is an essential factor, as you can check this factor by printing one page of the document per minute (ppm). Monochrome printers are faster and can print around 30ppm  on average, while faster printers can print up to 100 ppm.

High-Quality Output

The printer output’s quality is based on the printer’s dot per inch dpi resolution; the higher the dpi, the greater your printer’s output will be. Graphics and texts appear sharply on the page as compared to the blurry and fuzzy, that is, the quality of low-resolution printers. 

Another feature that contributes to the quality of the printer in terms of output is whether it is inkjet or laser, is how the color or pigment is applied to the paper, which results in a better end product and comes out when dry. The mid-range printers with a resolution of 600 dpi will be the best option like the Canon image CLASS LBP6780 is a good device for small offices and businesses. Moreover, the high-end monochrome laser-type printers with 1200dpi resolution and above are the best options for large-scale businesses with more printing requirements.

Flexible and Efficient Paper Handling

Paper Handling printer

The inexpensive business printers can print up to 150 pages input capacity, as these will work well for homes, offices, or small businesses and set-ups with fewer requirements.

But suitable, you should have a monochrome printer with an input capacity of 250 pages or more, like the Brother DCP –L2540DW, at an affordable price. Moreover, suppose you want to get a printer with a higher input capacity. In that case, you should opt for the printer that features expandable paper input options to offer you to increase the input capacity.

Capacity to Print labels, Envelopes, And More

Envelops and More

The monochrome printers used in offices should be flexible efficient to print all types of media documents, not just A4 size paper. To add versatility to your printer, you should opt for the printing option to print several media types. Most of the Brother printer models, for example, offer you to put the envelope, and print labels with the different sizes in the manual feed slot directly by following a few adjustments. 

You can print the envelopes by opening the back of the printer simply and pulling down the two gray levers so that each can correspond to the envelope icon. Then adjust the feed slot paper guides to match the envelope size and then insert the paper into the slot.

Automatic Duplexing

Duplexing is the quality of a printer that offers your printer to automatically print both sides of the paper. This feature is useful in large-scale businesses that want to save funds by decreasing their consumption to half. If you want to print the handbook to mass-produce automatic duplexing will be a good option to save paper consumption.

Frequently asked questions

The monochrome printer is a type of printer that can print the document in black and white color only. It is not as versatile as the colored printer.

A monochrome printer can print in only black and white color, while laser printers can print the high range and volume of the documents.

The same types of papers are used in monochrome printers to print images and pictures as in color printing.

Yes, monochrome printers are cheaper than colored printers because they can only print in black and white color.

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