Where To Find WPS PIN On HP Printer? Complete Guide

These days, especially in the modern era of technology, we are slowly becoming more dependent on the reliance on printers to do nearly all of our work. From merely printing bare cat pictures to detailed artwork from the Laserjet printers of lines that HP releases, we have gotten addicted to the idea that the printer can do all of our jobs without needing to bat an eye.

With so much help around, people still sometimes face a particular issue. When they bring a new printer in, it’s common knowledge that modern printers need to gain a proper connection these days before you can configure it with your laptop. So for that reason, some people face the issue of needing to locate the location of the WPS PIN on their printers, and this is where they get stuck.

For one reason or another, it can get tedious trying to flicker through the small LCD screens that locate on top of your printer to find the PWS PIN, and some people don’t even know that such a PIN exists! So they get stuck and sit there wondering what is the next possible best step to take so that they can get their printer running and print their favorite memories with their friends.

So worry not, as you came to the perfect place to get resourceful info about finding WPS PIN on HP printer. After completing this article, you will face nearly no issue trying to figure out the code, and your printer will be up and running. So without making you wait any further, let’s get the business on the road!

What Even is a WPS PIN?

Now, we know that you may already know the primary meaning behind the word WPS PIN, but you’d be surprised to know that many people search for WPS PIN codes to learn firsthand ** what the PIN name even means. So that’s why we are here to help them and you too.

The WPS PIN is a kind of secret code that HP develops to ensure security between the devices that seamlessly connect with any new or old HP printer model. It allows for extra provided security, as well as a sense of comfort that you won’t get hacked anytime soon, no matter what.

When you set up your new printer, be it an old model or a new model, HP will ask you to enter an eight-digit code on their website or a slate page. And for that, you will need to access the eight-digit code so that once you enter that, HP can recognize and verify that, yes, indeed, this printer belongs to you, and then you can get your printer up and running without needing to face any issues.

Where To Find WPS PIN On HP Printer?

We finally move on to the actual part of the article you’ve been waiting for, how to locate and where to find WPS PIN on HP printer? If you didn’t know, you need to fully access the pin to complete any form of task, such as the configuration of your printer with your connections in your laptop or computer.

Step 1: The first step may seem the most obvious, but it is the most necessary to gain proper control of the overall printer configurations. For this, you need to press the ON button on your printer so that it switches itself on and starts booting up. It will take a few seconds for the printer to boot, and once that is done, we can move on to the next important step.

Step 2: On any model of your HP printer, there should be present a control panel, which is either a button or a place on your screen if you have any of the new models, and you need to click on that.

Step 3: Through the control panel, click on the “Wireless” option that it will display; once you are in, it will prompt another command if you truly want to enter the wireless option. If you click yes, you will see in your clear view that there is a “Settings” option you can click on, so press that.

Step 4: Click on the WPS option, which stands for WiFi protected setup, and once that gets clicked, you will receive some instructions you’ll get told to follow to get a proper setup, so go ahead and follow whatever instruction HP tells you to follow the order.

Step 5: After completing the said instructions, you will get instant access to your WPS PIN because now HP will complete the verification process that, yes, indeed, the HP printer is your own and to get a secure connection between your devices.

Step 6: The next step is also just as important when it comes to any further connections; before you can enter any WPS PIN, you will need to head to the wireless router settings, and once you are in there, click on the configuration utility.

Step 7: This will give you a tiny pop screen through which you will now correctly enter the WPS PIN; that’s what it deems essential that you remember the eight-digit code you received earlier. So enter that, and once that gets done, we can move on to the next step.

Step 8: You have fully verified the connections of your printer. Presently, you should turn on your computer and head to the programs on windows, or in the case of using macOS software, you click on the “All my files” and then access the printer settings.

Step 9: Through this button, you can now click on the small + sign you will see; it is the same for both Windows and macOS systems. Once you click that, click on the “add a new printer,” and from there, you can select the name and model of your printer. If you can’t find it for some reason, you can also manually enter it by looking for the model of your printer in settings then entering the model on laptop settings.

Step 10: You’re done with the configuration of your printer! Congratulations.

Things to Keep in Mind

These are a few things that you should keep in mind when connecting the printer using the help of your WPS PIN.


Remember that each model of your HP printer will have a different code for the configuration. There is no universal code.

Why PIN:

To protect your printer from hackers, HP ensures your security and safety by giving a personalized password only you can access so that you can freely browse the settings and don’t get anxious about safety risks and issues.

Is this safe:

Yes! Since HP is a well-recognized brand, we can believe their word that they know the best for their customers.


HP printers are delicate, and electronic devices need to be handled with care. Therefore make sure not to press any wrong buttons that can either cause you damage or cost you the price of your HP printer going away. Therefore keep that in mind.


Wrapping this all up, it deems vital that you know where to find WPS PIN on HP printer. Otherwise, there is no purpose for connecting your printer since it won’t work.

So with that out of the way, we hope we helped you in this regard, and remember to stay safe and happy printing.

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