Where To Get Prints Made Of My Paintings?

Are you an artist? Do you want to sell your paintings’ prints? Do you have an idea where to get prints made of your painting?

Every artist contemplates selling their work at some time in their career. Some personal works will always remain in the artist’s custody, while others may be created for commercial purposes.

Well, let’s admit it, every piece of work you create is unique. Every work that the artist creates will contain a piece of themselves. For some, the idea of selling their art and “giving it away” to someone else is too much to endure. Putting a price on something you’ve literally poured your heart and soul into is unthinkable for these artists.

The good news is that you don’t have to lose control of your original work to share it with the world – and benefit from it. You can sell prints instead of the original artwork.

The print market is massive, and many artists have been unable to access it for years. Previously, you’d have to find a print factory to create, distribute, and sell your prints. But, now you can get these prints easily on the markets and online too.

So, where to get prints made of my paintings? Read this article till the end to get a comprehensive answer.

But, wait before exploring the places for prints, read the types of prints.

Types of prints

Before exploring the places for prints let’s get a quick look at the type of prints you are providing to your patrons. Prints are of many types as it can be screen printing, wood engraving, lithography, and most important and common nowadays Giclee prints.

Giclee prints actually refer to the spray paint which is quite common among the artist for making stunning photos. Although, this Giclee printing ensures high quality and long-lasting prints that in actuality look like the original paintings.

So, where to get prints made of my paintings?

Basically, prints of painting from any company quite you can get prints of your paintings from the following markets places that are

  • Inkifi
  • Moo
  • Boots Photo
  • Snapfish
  • Zazzle


Inkifi presents itself as the premier option for printing Instagram images and also Giclée printing up to 40 x 60 inches is available on FSC-certified, 240gsm archival fine art paper. Giclée printing on canvas is available in sizes up to 36 x 54 inches.

They create greeting cards and postcards in addition to giclée printing, which is something else that artists wishing to improve their revenue should consider. Inkifi, in short, looks beautiful and allows you to generate high-quality prints without having to order in bulk or pay the hefty prices that come with it.


Moo is fantastic for creating postcards and greeting cards from your artwork. Artists have long used cards to monetize their work, and they can enhance income from one-of-a-kind items.

Moo isn’t cheap, but their unique selling point is quality, so you can rest assured that you won’t be selling a premium product like your original art – as anything less than a premium product.

Boots Photo

Boots wasn’t really supposed to be associated with art printing, but it has partnered up with CEWE, which is “powered by CEWE”.

They provide a wide range of printing substrates, including wood, aluminum, acrylic, foam board, and, of course, canvas. It’s worth taking a look at the site because it includes a lot of unique items as well as framed prints. CEWE photobooks are well-received and come in a variety of formats and paperweights.


Snapfish, perhaps best known for its low-cost photo printing, now provides posters up to 100cm by 75cm. Because they’re produced with a gloss finish, they’ll work better for some purposes than others – for example, graphics or pop art prints rather than fine art prints.

Snapfish is more of a consumer-facing platform than a designer-facing one, thus it isn’t a place to sell print-on-demand items. Still, there are alternatives for printing on mugs, notebooks, and greeting cards, so there are plenty of options for making promotional goodies for your art business or developing designs before surplus products.


Zazzle isn’t a fine art printer, and it’s certainly not the cheapest. However, it does highlight that print-on-demand is really valuable in a variety of situations. Zazzle also features an incredibly large selection of goods on which you may print your designs, as well as the option of selling your designs directly on the marketplace.

It’s the place for you if you’re a designer who wants to sell your artwork on hoodies, playing cards, clocks, mugs, posters, and everything else in one spot without having to process any sales yourself. The disadvantage is that print-on-demand yields minuscule earnings because the printer receives the majority of the item expenses.

But, the only thing is that if you are going to print your artwork often then these above places are quite expensive for you. As you have to dig deep down your pockets to meet the expenses and you will be left with no profit.

So, what’s the other way of making prints?

Because the commercial prices are a bit high so artists choose to get their printers to save many with more profit. But the only thing you have to notice while buying a printer for your painting is the type of ink and printer.

It’s better to consider the quality of the printer, paper, ink, and print resolution. The other thing that is also considered is the printer’s scanning as the scan of any painting the printer will be able to produce the exact print like the original painting.


Now, you can easily find online or market places for your painting prints, so you don’t have to sell your original work and can sell the exact copy of your artwork. However, the price you pay will be determined by the purpose and style of your work, as well as the quantity you want to be printed.

We hope that you find this article where to get prints made of my paintings really helpful and informative. So, you can hopefully choose one of these options that will suit your needs.

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