Why Does My Printer Keep Saying its Offline? Troubleshooting Guide

The best part of the turn of the 21st century is that we have indispensable technology at our fingertips. No matter the task, there is a device built specially to meet those needs! Printers are such devices that can be used for a range of important applications and yet we can use them within the comfort of our homes.

However, with all the technological advancements we see in today’s day and age, it is no wonder that we come across issues with devices. Even the best brand and model can run into malfunctions and technical difficulties that we need to figure a way around. With the corona situation as dire as it is, it becomes trickier to take our printers to the required personnel to fix them.

Therefore, to answer questions like, why does my printer keep saying it’s offline, you need online resources such as today’s article to get to the crux of the problem! The issue is simple enough; when you try to print something, you get no results! To address this, many times you will need to make sure your printer status is online! However, if you have an error that says your printer is offline, then you need to figure out why that is and how to fix it!

Reasons why my printer keeps saying it’s offline.

  • One of the main reasons why your printer keeps saying it’s offline has to do with an accidental paper jam! If papers are jammed or stuck in the tray, this can cause this problem.
  • Another reason might be that your printer is online. However, the PC thinks it is offline. So, if the connection between your printer and computer is not properly established, it can cause this error as well.
  • Another reason might be that your device’s wiring is either defective or it is not properly attached. This can also cause an error.
  • One final reason for this issue might be the fact that your printer’s driver or software has issues. If there are updates to install, you need to follow through with this.

Steps to fix the printer keeps saying its offline error:

1. Method 1 is to restart your printer

Your first step will be to check if your machine is online. However, if you find that your machine is connected and yet the printer is appearing offline, then the easiest method is to simply turn your device off and turn it back on. Restarting your printer can reboot its system and after that, it will not appear offline again.

2. Method 2 is to remove and then install the printer back

Removing your printer from the list of devices on your computer and then reinstalling it back is another method to fix the offline issue. If you’re still thinking why does my printer keep saying it’s offline, then go to the control panel and click on devices and printers. Select your specific printer, right-click on it and delete it.

Once it’s been removed, you can then add it back. Unless you have a wireless printer, you will accomplish this by attaching them both using a USB connection.  For a wireless machine, you will open your computer, go to PC settings and then click on PC and devices to choose devices. Then just choose the option to add a device and add your printer model there. It will then be installed.

3. Method 3 is to make sure the printer and computer are connected to the same network

It is important to make sure that your printer is connected to the same network that your computer or laptop is connected to! This might be why you get the message for your printer being offline.

To check whether this connection is established, you need to get to the integrated menu and this will let you know all the details you need. First, make sure that your device is not in offline mode.

Then, click on Start, go to Settings and click on Devices. Once there, you will select the option for Printers & scanners and select your printer to go to the Open queue option. You will see a few options under the printer. If the printer offline is selected, turn it back on by unselecting this.

4. Method 4 is to make sure your printer and computer are connected

You’ve already established that your computer and your printer are connected to the same network. Now, it is vital to make sure that the printer and device are connected properly. You need to make sure that the cable that is connected to your devices is not broken or defective. It needs to work properly to send the signals to and from your devices.

You can also look at the USB cable attached to either device. If there is nothing wrong with either of these cables, then you can try attaching them to different ports instead. Your problem might be intensified if you have a wireless printer since it is much harder to physically check if they are connected.

However, you can check if a connection is established via the user interface of your device. You can see all the network settings and status of your device through this. Once you are at these settings, you can also print out a complete list of information on this connection.

5. Method 5 is to clear out any memory or history

Finally, if you’re still wondering why does my printer keeps saying it’s offline and haven’t found a reason, then you might want to delete any memory left behind! You need to cancel and clear out any pending jobs that are in the queue. This will clear the queue and should fix any errors that might be making your device appear offline.


It can be frustrating when your printer keeps saying it is offline, but only when you don’t know how to fix it! Luckily, with today’s guide, you’ll now know exactly what to do if the issue arises again.

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