Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing?

These days, a lot of people know the importance of owning a printer, from printing simple photographs of your favorite friends and family to excessively detailed articulate articles and documents that could have you signing a deal with your biggest client. We all know very well enough that printers have made our lives considerably easy. And we shouldn’t take them for granted at all. It takes a lot of energy off of us.

But sometimes the main issue arises when some people get lost in the epitome of different brands that want to sell their product to you the first time they can get their hands on you, or each company marketing their printer as the best, as the most technologically advanced. For this reason, it deems important to take into consideration what type to buy, or what kind of model to settle on as you don’t want to make mistakes.

So to avoid that, after you’ve done your thorough research, make sure that you keep a few essential tips such as the ink cartridge model, ensure that it is completely viable and that your product is completely forward-thinking. And combined with that, sometimes your printer may run into issues that might be out of your control, and at that point, you get panicked and don’t know what the next step to take is.

So for this reason, make sure that you leave every little thing to us, and make sure that you keep in mind that we are here to help you no matter what the situation withholds. We will disclose to you all that there is and all that you require to know with regards to addressing the issue of for what reason is my standard printer, not printing. The solutions lie right in front of your eyes as we guide you through it all. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing?

Now we all know very well that we expect a lot from a new printer if you think that if you buy a new printer and you bring it home that you’d get the perfect printer that you were sorely mistaken. As machines tend to mess up here and there, that’s why is my canon printer not printing will note some reasons why the printer may not work.


One of the simplest reasons that your printer may not work or print that goes over some people’s minds is that what if the power to your printer keeps changing. This is a genuine issue and you can resolve it easily with the help of reconnecting the power or changing an outlet.

Paper jam

Usually, whenever we reload a paper tray we put in a lot of paper to ensure that we don’t need to go through the hassle of needing to refill the tray every time, and for that reason, you may face the issue that the paper gets jammed sometimes. So keeping in mind to not full it so much that it jams is important.


There can very well be issues with the software of the printer that you buy and bring home that might cause issues with printing from here on out. The issues begin and end with faulty software or incorrect installation processes. This will leave you frustrated and annoyed. Therefore keeping in mind to correctly install the software deems important, therefore take in mind this.

Paper size

Usually, printers can only work and get compatibility with A4 sizes of paper, therefore inserting larger or smaller sizes of paper where only the A4 paper needs to fit in the paper tray may well stir up some issues with the process of printing. As the printer won’t recognize the paper, it won’t print at all.


Therefore it deems simple that if your WiFi connections are really weak then it will hinder the easy process of printing. Therefore keeping that process in mind deems important.

Network jam

Since a lot of people own their printers at home these days, it causes issues with the connections, as your computer may end up recognizing and connecting with let’s take the example of your neighbor’s printers. So make sure that it is indeed your printer that the computer connects to.


Over time, after several uses of the printer, and especially if you live in a climate that brings in a lot of dust, then you will know that the printer head scan tends to get dirty.


Usually, your printer assigns you a personal password whenever you either configure a new printer or bring in some new documents from an unprotected website. Therefore they may be issues with the passphrase that it assigns you and it might have gotten faulty, so looking into some of the issues with your passphrase may save you not only time but extra trips to the Canon outlet’s or headquarters.


Now that we have figured out some of the basic reasons why your printer may not respond to your commandments, therefore it is now time to move forward to the next steps and figure out rational solutions instead of sitting here and bumming yourself out. Therefore let’s get the show on the road about why is my canon printer not printing solutions.

Fix Paper jam

First and foremost the easiest way to fix an issue is that sometimes due to human error your paper can get stuck inside the paper tray, therefore follow the next listed steps to help yourself.

To clear that out, all you need to do is simply open up the paper tray, and then take out all the paper including any small shriveled up bits. After you’ve done that, reload the paper.

That should work instantaneously and your printer should start printing now. However, if you’ve tried that and it still does not work then move on to the next possible solution.

Network issues

Again as we previously discussed, let’s take the example of your home network, as issued, sometimes it may have problems connecting to the various wifi in your surrounding areas in your neighborhood. Therefore disconnect the wifi configurations from your printers and connect them again, this should help reboot the printer and get it started on the process of printing all over again with ease.

Reset printer

If nothing else works, then it may be time to bring out the big guns, and reset your printer overall. This may be your last resort or some of your last resort but since none of the other solutions worked out, this may be your lost cause.

First and foremost, go ahead and press the power button until your printer shuts off. This step is crucial if you don’t want to get electrocuted or face any issues. Then, in the next step, you may see that there is a data cable that connects your printer from your outlet to your computer, that data cable is what you need to unplug.

From that point forward, continuing onward to the following stage, the force line needs to get separated for nearly 5-10 minutes, after which you’ve done waiting and we can get back to the next step. This is, to replug the data cable back into the printer from your outlet to your computer, and then attempting to turn on the printer by pressing the aforementioned power button on your printer then waiting for it to boot.

At this point, your printer should be reset, and when you configure it again, you should face near to zero issues reconfiguring it to your home network and printing again. If this still does not work, then it may as well be time to call up Canon themselves and see what they can do in this situation.

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Maintenance of Canon Printers

Last but not least in the segment of this article, taking a look at the maintenance of your canon printer deems really necessary.

Regular cleaning

Make sure that you don’t let any dust collect on top or inside your printer, as in the long run that can become the main cause of causing issues with the process of printing to you. Therefore near everyday cleaning of the inside powerhead as well as the paper tray deems necessary if you want the printer to become your lifetime companion.


Make sure that your printer stays up to date with the firmware that it needs to work, therefore it won’t get outdated too easily and it will continue to work with you for years to come and here on out.

Paper tray

Make sure to not overload the printer paper tray with a lot of A4-sized sheets, as that can again cause a serious issue when it comes to printing. Also, don’t let your printer overheat.


All in all, we can truly say that canon printers make our lives not only easier but more accessible when it comes to getting our hands on new information and new documents.

With that said, we tried out best to tell you all that you need to know why is my canon printer not printing. So with that, have fun printing.

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