Why is My Epson Printer Not Printing When the Ink is Full?

Epson is a famous brand worldwide due to its production of various electronic gadgets like watches, computers, and printers. These electronic products are reliable and of good quality and are used both for personal and business purposes. One of the best electronic gadgets is their Epson printers.

Electronic devices need calibration from time to time. As they are used to assist us in our work they may cause the problem in working from time to time. Today, we are reviewing one of the problems that are quite common with the printer uses that are printer stop printing when the ink is full. This is a common problem and can be removed with a simple and easy method.

Before we move towards the solution, first, we must look at the possible reasons that result in the development of printing problems.

What Are The Common Reasons Why Your Epson Printer Stops Working When The Ink Is Full?

Your printer can stop printing even when the ink is full because of many reasons. But some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • Your printer may have a paper jam or ghost jam that results in no printing.
  • There must be a problem with the printer drivers.
  • You must ensure that the new cartridge you have installed is compatible or not.
  • There can be a connectivity problem that results in no printing

What to do when your Epson printer stops working when the ink is full?

1. Check the inkjet printer’s head.

If the Epson printer is in use for a long period, the print head may become blocked and stop printing. Or your inkjet printers may be clogged with air bubbles that also stop printing.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to remove this problem:

  • Remove the ink cartridge with extreme care.
  • Clean the cartridge with damped clothes with soft hands.
  • From the PC, run the printer cleaning head process.
  • To remove air bubbles, 3 to 4 times cleaning processes must be done.

2. Clear the paper jams

Most printers have the specific capacity to hold a specific number of sheets; if this limit is crossed, it may lead to a jam. The problem arises when your papers are trapped between the rollers and printing stops here.

Here is the quick guideline that you can follow to remove paper jams:

  • Open the rear duplexer and see if any paper is here or not? If not, follow the next process.
  • Look at the plastic gear. They move freely or not? If not, do this.
  • Rotate the rubber roller until you see the paper pieces.
  • When the gears and rollers move freely, your printer is free from paper jams.

3. Check the availability of papers.

This can be fun but a real reason that stops the working of the printer. In-office we are always in a hurry and want to complete the product fast. This hurry may divert our attention, and all papers are used with no paper left behind in the printer. This may be the reason for your printer that it stops working. You must check the paper from time to time to avoid this situation.

4. Clogging in the print head

If you are not using your printer more often, it may lead to ink clogging in the print head. This clogging results in no printing.

Here is the method to clean clogging in print head:

  • Take a warm damped town and put your print head on the towel.
  • After some time, ink can be seen on the damped towel.
  • You can easily see the printing ink after 30 to 50 seconds
  • After this, place the cartridge in the printer and start a test print.

5. Connectivity problem

In-office or in business, a printer has many connections. If your connection is lost for many reasons, like if the PC turns off, then the connection may be lost, and printing stops. This problem can easily be solved by turning on the device again and turn on the connection.

Tips to avoid this printing problem in the future:

Now your Epson printer will not stop the printing when the ink is full. But prevention can be done to avoid this problem in the future and inconvenience.

1. Use printer more often:

One of the main reasons behind the problem in working of Epson printer is clogging. Clogging occurs when you don’t use your printer for a long time. To avoid this, you can use a printer more often whenever you have some time to print a sample page or other things to avoid this clogging that may arise due to no usage for a long time.

2. Driver update

Your printer needs a proper driver for easy printing. If you have installed the wrong driver, then it may cause discomfort in printing. Sometimes you have the right driver but are out of date, so you must update the driver from time to time. If you are busy and don’t have time to update the driver manually, you can do it with some other application.

3. Allow printing after a job.

The printing job is the command that you give to your printer. When you give a large number of commands, these commands get arrange in the queue. If some printing task gets stuck, then it may affect the printing of other tasks. You can avoid this problem by commanding jobs one by one. This can avoid printing problems.

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4. Temperature matters a lot.

Your printer will be working easily when the humidity and temperature are moderate. Overusing and running the printer for a long time may affect its performance. You must keep the printer in the area with proper ventilation, and if you are in someplace with some other gadgets, you must keep your printer away from them.

Finally, we have done our job by explaining the method and reason why your printer stops working when the ink is full. You can easily solve a problem related to printing with this guide and avoid the problem with precautions.

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